The Trata of Skopelos

170220-073cThe most beautiful Trata was the one of the youngest boys, bravo!

Anyway here is more;

TRATA is a kind of vessel/boat made mostly of bamboo and fishing/nets, one use all one can find! Use the fantasy!
It should have a kind of engine, the more it sots the better,
it does not get the Trata moving,
manpover is used!

The tratas, it could be 2 – 7,
is dragged around the narrow streets of town,
the more noise, the more fun.
The ladies in town gives them “something”,
and the mood is rising!
The tratas ends up at the town beach
where they are put on the water,
– they never gets fare!

The young boys have their tratas the second last Sunday
of the
apokries and the “big bad” boys
has their after the Wedding parade the last Sunday.


Next day is Katharo Defthera and then the 40 days of lent starts.
All waits for the big Easter celebration!


Town, Metochi & Limnonari

– once it was a nice taverna!
We passed it on our way up “the Monastery Hill”

The monastery was closed, why?

It was a beautiful day and I think photos turns very nice out
when there are some clouds.

Next day I took mammy and the doggies to



That`s life!

170217-069c170217-070c170217-061c170217-068c170217-067cάγριο δυόσμο – άγρια μέντα

They have this plant in the yard of Bardon,
do you know anything about it?
One guy I asked said it was “growing wild” –
I want to plant some in a pot and use it for cooking!
The smell is great!

Some more town with amazing colors;

Ira upside down!!!



Do you want peace?
Make love!


Am I half goat?

I took a stroll on a new (to me) path the other day,
up from Kambos, at the end of the “middle” road.
Started well but then we hade to climb over and under
broken trees an bushes.
The first path ends at the red dot you see up here.

Finally out we visited these guys and their parents;


I did not want to take the same path home,
because that would be more or less impossible to climb up!
So we took the path straight up, the one I always walk
when I visit my friends. BUT …


It was terrible!!! I let the doggies free and followed them.
There were broken trees and bushes all over,
but obviously the goats had made their way.
I really crawled thru the bushes, luckily I was dressed
in rain-gear so I slipped thru!!!
Some moment I thought that I would not make it,
I wondered if I could manage to return.
I took the phone out in order to call for help,
if necessary, that’s why all the selfies!!!
I was so happy when I finally got up to the dirt road!
Home sweet home -Kalivi, kalevaki mou!


I saw blue flowres and much more …
I was even singing! It was daylight so I knew I could be found!!!!

The day started nicely;


I love the sun! So happy to see her/it!

Over to some FB clips that I like;


If you do not know what m@l@k@ in Greek means,
try to find it out!!!
I will tell you; m@trubator, w@nker, yerk!!!


means make/become soft …

Sunshine at our beautiful island at the moment,
6,3C and it was down to 4,3 in the night.

Giannis Parios sings a happy song in the radio;
Kalimera, ti kanis … Listen to it;


11/2 2017 Mom 89


Mom Kate says “Euxaristo poli” to all of you for greetings and presents. She will not write you all, she gets very tired from writing letters, so by this we thank you! I have read her all the greetings, the last ones this morning when she called as usuall at nine! She was so impressed by all of it, thanks a lot❣❣❣


Chef Reginos at Ta Kimata alias Angelos made this fantastic gourmet meal for us, sorry I forgot to shoot the maindish, that was great too with tender beef slices on a smal pasta bed. It was a great meal and with so many excuting tastes, quiet different from the normal Greek cusine! Thanks a lot!

I had made a glutenfree “Sucsess cake”  – yes thats the name. Cake made of calory bombs as almonds, cream, butter, vanilla, sugar, butter and eggs. Mom loved it, and took the rest home!

If you will have a cellebration on Skopelos, chef Reginos will be happy to make you an exciting meal, – you have to book some days in advance.

I am lucky to have my mom alive at 89, she already started to think of what to do on the next big birthday!

Xronia Polla Mamma mou❣


8/2 Kastani – Milia

I just had to put this first!
Most of us does not think of Greece as a a ski country,
but there is skiing in Greece, many resorts
also ski-lifts and and …
The girl up here is from Rhodes, as fare as I know,
but her mom is Norwegian and the great thing
is that she will do cross country skiing in
The World Championships in Lachti for Greece,
so look out for Melina Magulas.
Kali tixhi!!!


Over to a nice walk you can do when you are here!
I love Kastani, but not when it is full of people and high music!
In the summer it is great to visit Kastani in the morning
and take a good swim before having breakfast at the cafè.
If you want more quiet time walk over to Milias;

If you look at the map to the right
you may make a longer round-walk.
To walk Kastani – Milias took me 7 minutes, only 0,41 km
with photo stops.
The roundtrip to the right one hour, 3,57 km, but with many stops.
1 – means start at Kastani, from the beach over the rocks
or at the first big bend up from the beach.
There is a nice, narrow path true the forest.
2 – is where you get on up from Milias,
do not try to get down there, somebody tries to close it;
Slowly you get on to a small dirt road and soon at 3 you can get onto Milias.

I love walking Kastani – Milias, this day all we met was some
seagulls, 2 shags and a male dog (has owner), who lives there.
I love listening to the nature and just enjoy …

New to me is;


Check it out at

Here are some of the things we made;

None is ready yet!

They are also very much involved in SIFFY
Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY)

SIFFY would not mind if you made a donation!

What is Skopelitissa without an animal photo or two;

Have lovely weekend – we will watch Biathlon!!!
At the moment we have very gray weather, rain in the air
and up here only 7,5C.
And celebrate mom Kates 89 on Saturday!


5/2 Happening

170206-008c170206-013c170206-016c170206-028cThe 3 musicians was playing great at Ta Kimata,
alias Angelos, down in the Old Harbor.
Then came Kostas Kalafatis, as a guest,
but soon he was up playing with the guys!
He has a voice that is just sooo fantastic,
and it became even greater!
As you might know, I love Greek music,
and LIVE it is always better!

You can listen to a vidaki on YouTube that I made years ago, if you like;

170206-007cWe ate different dishes but I only photographed this delicious one.
Spicy Greek Sausages with Peppers and Tomato sauce
– receipt at

Walking down picking flowers;


I think this comments on the catfood was very funny!
20 kilo 22,50€ – I need to buy cheap food,
because I feed ca 20 cats.
“My homecats” gets better food!



We are getting into the carnival periode.

Yesterday, Sunday, we saw young children dressed up.

Thanks to internet and, here are the dates:


For us grown ups, the first I use to dress up to is “tziknopemti” – a day of eating meat, lots of grilled meat and patying! The smell of grilled meat is everywhere. Next grilled meat should be for Easter, the big lent starts on Clean Monday.

The highlight is mostly the last Sunday. Here we have a fake weding parade where some are dressed up in the beautiful folklore custums, others as whatever they want. But for sure the bride is a big man and the groom a small woman.

Why not come? Welcome!


5/2 Sedoukia


Alonnisos in the background

170105-088c170105-080cEvery time I visit Sedoukia I like to know more!
Who made these graves? When? Why? and and …
Who found them first and what did they contain?
I am told that they are roman graves,
but what else?
They are situated ca 500 meters above sealevel,
in the middle of the mountain,
no ruins around, just beautiful view.

More flowers shows up every day;

Spring will be here soon!
The weather is nice and we have seen the sun every day :o)
The temperature up here in 100% shadow between 8,5 and 16C.


Some FaceBook clips;


As mostly ending this page with my best 4 legged friends;
Sorry the cat and Ira are getting better friends,
they are both neutered girls ;o)

Thanks to all of you who have subscribed to Skopelitissa!

Sunday today, what a great day!


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Rolf, a Norwegian friend, wrote this note to me;
“Hi. Nice day and I was at Bardon when the sun came out
and all the customers clapped!”
That I have never experiences, so this tells you about
how we feel here, so little sunshine this year!!!

170130-068c170130-063c170130-064v170130-065cWe are Norwegians and the weather never stops us!
Mom said “Please can we go to Kastani so the doggies can run!”
There is a haven for them in the winter,
no other animals and they really runs!


The ice shows how cold it is here!
I love my woodfire!


Unbelievable! But also;

Over to some cuts from FaceBook;


At your school do you have foreigners?
No, at our school are only children


We sell ladotiri
A great warning!


The difference between a woman with “gripi” / influencea and a man with the same!





A friend of mine wrote;
Today is “Burns” night!
And I am Scottish!
So what food do we have?
Haggis? No!
We do not have! We have tail!

This is the best way to be when you live abroad,
when you can not find what you want, improvise!
Bravo Heather!

Ending with some animals!

Kali evdomada!


27/1 Cheese and Greece


When I was out walking the doggies late afternoon yesterday I really saw snow up from us! Who wants that? A Norwegian friend Rolf, who has been here more or less permanently for one year, said: When I came a year ago it was fantastic weather, but now …  (He has been a summer visitor for many years). Anyway we just have to accsept it! Up here it was only down to +4,1 in the night, so that is better than if it had gone below C! I am still using two digital therometres placed in different very shady places outside. Anyway no need for shade, where is the sun? Although the weather seams lighter today, bravo! I hope for a long walks with my doggies. My tummy is better after a trip to Doc Pavlos Tzantikos 👨🏻‍🔬 yesterday and I got medisine. No dangerous problem so I am lucky!

Look what I found today;



As you know I am Norwegian, even if I am Skopelitissa, – and it makes me proud to read this. Tingvoll is a small place with only 1000 inhabitants and the small cheese factory is a family thing where they really look after the animals. The farm is from ca 1300, long traditions!

Over to Greece and some finds on FaceBook:

Living on a Greek island, you have to see the sea ;@)
This is the Greece we love!


A real Greek world, and you find in all Greek communities! Have you visited the kafenieon alias “The Old Mens Café” in Skopelos town?
Do I need to say anything more?
It used to be a Cutty Sark commersial: Follow your heart!


And the translation:


As you can see to translate Greek is not easy and it can be done in different ways, or?


I will try to translate this! “Hi my name Ari! I am a politician and I am honest!” She asweres: “I am a whωre and I am a virgin!”

Since I have been at home looking after my painful tummy I do not have many new photos, so I will give you some more FaceBook, worth a though;


🌞 Lets dream of sunny, lovely, great, exciting, wonderful days in Greece 🌞



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