Καλο τριημερο!

170428 010top
Καλο τριήμερο! – Good 3 days (holiday)!

Have a good three days holiday –
I used Googles translation;
Απολαύστε τις καλοκαιρινές σας διακοπές
and if I translate that back with Google;
Enjoy your summer holidays

Anyway the Greeks are having a “Treemerå”
and on our afternoon walk up here at Pefkias
yesterday, Friday,
we saw what I call Greek tourists in
2 houses that has been empty all winter.
They have a three days holiday!

170428 007cMaria is here for the summer,
looking forward to nice time together.
Maria was the agent of Lilleput Skiathos
when we started there in 2011.
170428 006c

How well do you know our town?
170428 021c170428 022c170428 023c170428 025c170428 026c
More town, this time newly pained;
170428 029c

What did you eat yesterday, here is some of my food;

Fried veggies with a dash of sausage!
I have been on a 10 days diet due to diverticulitis!
Problems with the intestines, – so only soft, easy food,
no vegetables – the worst for me, no meat, no fruits,
no cereals, and and … BORING!
So to start to eat “green” again was a big pleasure!

Over to nature, our beautiful nature!

170428 038c170428 039cSo amazing, in the middle of “nowhere” there was
a lot of them smiling to me ;o)


170428 001

Where was I?
There is a narrow “street” kind of behind the Amalia Hotel,
going up from the townbeach by Ammos.

Have a lovely “treemerå”!
The Norwegian å is like the Greek omega!


Another walk – another day …

170425 042
An old photo from Agnondas,
isn’t it beautiful?

From Sundays walk who ended up in

170425 026c

The doggies and I walked from home via Diakopi, Skliri & Mortero

170425 023

On the asphalt a bit down to Diakopi, onto the short path, crossing the Potami road, and then over Agios Ioannis to Skliri, so beautiful and peaceful. Did not see a single person.

Heather P & her team has cleared so many of the paths,
and I guess the one up from Diakopi via Skliri to Mortero as well, thanks a lot.
Lots of damages after the snow in January.
Here are some of the scenery;

170425 015c
Had to put this kalivi again from Skliri, – I am always looking
at it when I pass. So sad to see it more and more falling apart.

170425 024c

After a lovely cup of tea we drove down to Panormos,
only 2 persons at the taverna;

170425 029c

“The other” Heather D and her husband

170425 032c

Η παρέα μου – my friends, my company

What a lovely day, what a lovely lunch at Asterias,
then came
170425 030c

luckily it did not stop, we had such a peaceful time!

170425 034c

The excursion boat came to town,
it came from the mainland and had a lot of East Europeans onboard,
Good work for the cafees!
Elisabet Cruises are stationed on Amaliàpoli and
makes excursions to Skiathos, Skopelos & Alonnisos.
They write; With us metaxa, sun, dance and having good time are guaranteed!

Amaliàpoli is on the mainland, outside of Volos,
not very fare from the airport there.

More pics from the last days;

I work on old a HP PC to fix photos, make pages here, for some account things,
– I prefer to have a big keyboard and see all big!!!
But the other day this came up;
170425 055

Oh me of my!!! I switched off, on and …
This has never happened to me before,
and how many years have I worked with Windows …
It was this “icon” and nothing else!
Thanks a lot Stratos at Electrorama
who fixed it ;o)

Here are some good ones from FaceBook,
– you know all does not have FaceBook,
and that I understand very well,
FaceBook is good – FaceBook is bad
and it takes to much time!

170425 043
170425 053
170425 054

170425 041


All the best for the rest of the week
from sunny beautiful Skopelos & me


Sunday sunny morning

170422 017topThe very best island I know of!

170422 034cSkopelos is so much, so difficult to describe,
I believe photos is the best way to “talk”!
This is the door of Spyros the blacksmith,
– very rough and not like most other walls here –
just around the corner of the postoffice,
here is one more;

170422 033cI can`t help it but old walls, building and more
kind of talks to me, and I wonder:
What has happened here?

170422 032c

One more time the field just before the cemetery;

170422 023C

Just fantastic, who will not be in a good mood looking at this?

We have some fantastic photographers on the island,
these photos I “stole” from FaceBook yesterday;

170422 004
Easter midnight
170422 005
Fantastic town!
170422 006
Alonnisos in the back
170422 007
170422 008
The lady & the cat

170422 009


I am now to lazy to go daily with me big camera,
I have 2 doggies always on the lead,
so most photos are shot with my phone.
But here is my 1st big shot with my 1st digital
camera an Olympus with 1,7 pixels;
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACan you imagine out on the boat,
sitting in the front,
I just went cratzy,
and when I saw the result, påh påh påh!

πω, πω, πω!

oh, oh, oh!

More of my pics from yesterday;

170422 029c170422 023C170422 016c

170422 018c
Both had their Easter haircut!

170422 003c170422 002c170422 031cFlowerphotos from my garden,
and the last one is one of many pomegranates
growing on the bush I replanted last year,
– I am so happy it survived the winter!

Το ρόδι – The pomegranate – Granateple

Some quotes and pics from FaceBook
that touched me;

170422 027
Tilegnet Lille Rumpe!
170422 026

170422 014

170422 012
170422 011
170422 010

170422 013
My translation;
Remember you are only rich
when you have you (Good) health!


The sun is shining, I will walk with my doggies
to Panormos and have lunch with good friends.

Have a lovely Sunday!


After Easter

170420 039cYears ago this field was fantastic with flowers,
but they never came back – but this year they did!
It looks better in sunshine,
so I shot it then!

170418 009Photo from ANT TV, the Holy Flame came from Jerusalem
on Easter Saturday and was spread all over Greece,
to every church! Amazing!

Google translate it to THE SAINT LIGHT
– I use Google translate as a help
keeping in mind that all might not be correct!

Kati allo:

4 Norwegian friends who was on holiday on Skiathos
came over for lunch, and they wanted to go to
Ta Kimata alias Angelos.
We had
 a great meal and a wonderful time.
It is so nice that they have “opened the kitchen”
so we can look at all the tempting dishes.
This was Easterfood;
170418 014c

Back to nature;

170420 026c170420 001c170420 004cThe last photo of the area of Glossa, was sent me by some friends and they were wondering if we got snow! But it was only fog/clouds – we do not want any more snow!


The moth fell down when I opened my door,
I thought it was dead and lifted it up,
took many photos but then I saw that it moved,
I slided it over to a paper and carried it out

I got jealous!!! This Danish boat was in the harbor
and the next day I saw it was heading for
Kyra Panagia, fare out in the National Park.
Hope they had a good time!
I want to go, have not been for many years,
– with Oceanis we went every weekend!!!

Nature is soooo beautiful now, take a look;

Many places on Skopelos you find a spring
with very nice fresh water.

170420 045top170413 007top170409 043c

All the best from Skopelitissa

Καλό Πάσχα

Easter – the biggest holiday and celebration in Greece
(some might say that the 15th of August is bigger)
– a must for all “GrekoFile” – friends of Greece,
but most of all a celebration where
more or less all Greeks participate.

170422 004

I just had to borrow Costa Andreos Easterphoto 2017!

Do you know that here in Greece there is great fireworks at midningt on Easter eve, just like NewYearsEve in Norway? It came to a surprise to a Norwegian friend at her first Easter here, she thought it distroyed the athmosphere! But it is a tradition, – ti na kanoume?

Looking back to Good Friday 2007;

Anybody recognize the two boys in white more or less in the middle? Xristos and Themis, sons of Mado and Lambros “Finikas”


Sorry I do not have any photos from last night,
I stayed home ;o(

Here is one of, for me, the best Easterphotos
I have taken;

Easter Saturday night outside the Panagia tou Papameletiou church
in Giftorema in 2004. A magic moment!


At Eastertime the blossom is at its best,
and this year I feel it is better than ever!

Tonight, Saturday, we will eat our easter soup
at Ta Kimata, as usual and all night we will say;

150429 053

Καλή Ανάσταση!
Kali Anastasi!
Kalee Anastasee!
God oppstandelse!
(Hilser man hverandre med frem til Påskeaften kveld)
Good resurrection!
(Is the greeting the days before Saturday night!)
Χριστός Ανέστη!
Xristås anesti!
Hreestos anestee!
Xristus er oppstanden!
(Sier man ved midnatt påskeaften)
Xristos is risen!
(one says after midnight at Easter Saturday)
Αληθώς Ανέστη!
Alithås anesti!
Aleethos anestee!
Virkelig oppstanden!
(er svaret)
Really/true risen!
(is the answer)

1PHave to get a new photo where Ira is with us as well!


Sunday the biggest day of the year where
thousands of kids and lambs will be grilled;

Photo from 2015 from the house in the OliveGrove!

The big lent is over and time to celebrate!

If you like you can see and read all my “old” Easters here

p_egg logo


170413 134top170413 135top
The decoration of the eggs should be made on Thursday,
and we did! It is always so funny,
and exciting, one never  knows how good the eggs will look!
But mostly we are lucky!
Thanks to Silje for the inspiration and guiding.
Thanks to Mimi who learned me to use the outside of red onions on the eggs, then rap them in foil and boil them. They get a kind of marble pattern.
All eggs in the end was polished with olive oil.

We were lots of girls, 5 dogs and only 2 men ;o)

170413 119c170413 132c170413 116c170413 112c170413 110c170413 129c170413 120c170413 117c170413 130c

Thanks friends for joining me on this beautiful day!

Some other pics from the last days;
170413 011c170413 052c170413 039c170413 035c170413 014c170413 034c170413 033c

“The traditional customary gift for Easter is the “Lambada” (Easter candle) which is lit on the midnight service of Easter Saturday. The exquisitely unique Lambada is a gift given by  godparents to their godchildren.”
from http://www.zayiana.com/greek-easter-the-lambada-easter-candle/

My Norwegian friend Tine always gives me a Lambada,
tuuusen takk!

Friday night for the epitafios parade one has just very plain candles.

170413 120c



160502 052

Great happy drawing by Berit J

170409 109c
I know many of you love Panormos!!!
Tina LR are you there?
Or are you as most Norwegians up in the cottage in the mountains?
Ski, good food and SUN – hopefully!


Anyway back to Panormos;
170409 112c170409 110c170409 113c170409 141c170409 114c170409 116c170409 118c

170409 127c
What are all these poles? “Foot” for the umbrellas!

170409 136c170409 144c170409 150c
Both Nikos and Asterias was open,
but not many people, and I must say;
I love Panormos when it is quiet like this ;o)


170409 106c170409 095c

What happens in town;

170409 173c170409 168c

170409 069c
Gia sou Ioanis and our Swedish friends!

170409 071c

170409 073c
3 Norwegian girls

170409 076c


170409 097c
It is a happy feeling to see Skopelos wake up
after a long and snowy winter ;o)

Ending up with some more recently shot pics;
170409 166c170409 164c170409 161c170409 160c170409 155c

170409 152c
I am so happy!!! The “ceramics” should be finished for the season, but every time we just have to do this or that, and we have to meet again! I love it! Today my houses became mostly BLUE!!!

170409 060cThere are so many photos I take again and again,
and I am very happy with the last Lazarusses!
Of course with a dash of blue!
The Greek Easter color is RED!!!


We are now in the

Η μεγάλη εβδομάδα

The big week – of Easter, of course.
And I believe there is no better place to be than in Greece
and follow the Greek traditions and see it all!

160502 053

Καλό Πάσχα

160429 påske 010
Thursday is the day we color our eggs, it is so fun!!! Photos from last year.

160429 påske 008


Καλό Πάσχα


Lazarus Saturday

Xronia Polla Lazarus

Here is from the old Skopelitissa.com;

170401 068cIMG_0428IMG_0429IMG_0430IMG_0431


Here is 2017 and Lazarus Saturday! A friend tried to by Lazarus bread in Skiathos, but they had no idea about it. So it is very special for Skopelos!

My 3 Lazarusses was just delivered by a good friend, and they will decorate my home. I love them ❣❣❣ Here is one of them;


🐣 Have a lovely Saturday, the sun is shining on Skopelos 🐣


Τσαρούχι – Tsarouhi

170404 017Do you know what it is?
I learned it from;

170401 051

Thank you Greek Reporter for putting the Tsarouhi up on FaceBook!

My grandmother was in Athens and at Rhodes in the sixties,
during the “huntha” – and she brought home to me
a pair of funny colorful “pantofles” –
I did not learn their name, – but I enjoyed them and loved them!

The name I learn a few days ago;

170401 039170401 040170401 041170401 042170401 043170401 044170401 045170401 046170401 047170401 050170401 051

Wikipedia; A tsarouhi (Greek: τσαρούχι; plural: τσαρούχια; from Turkish çarık) is a type of shoe, which is typically known nowadays as part of the traditional uniform worn by the Greek guards known as Evzones.

 More interesting reading on Tsarouhi from Greek Reporter

Amazing to learn this after soon 34 years in Greece!!!

Wear your Greek tsarouhi and be a Greek for a while!

170404 017

Now it is a very popular charm as well;

170401 049

Interested in more Tsarouhi things, have a look;


Welcome April

170401 003170401 101c
– cheers to Skopelos!!!

My Sunday started like this;

Every morning, more or less, all winter
the Flying Dolphin Erato came from Alonnisos,
but today it was The Flying Cat 6,
welcome back!

Some of what we ate at Pavlos yesterday;

Photo to the right; Thanasis is training the branches,
in order to make the tree as an umbrella!

Nature yesterday;

Every day I think;
Can it be more beautiful?

From my garden;

My new hobby and what the others produced;

170401 009c

I was just going to put up my latest photos,
and realized it is a lot, –
so here is the rest;

I saw this flower, I saw many of them,
sooo beautiful, so I picked one!!!

Have a great Sunday and if you are not here,
dream of Skopelos!


Smak & Behag

Tinas mat - og annet snadder

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