Agnondas, Skopelos

Wednesday 29th of July 2020
All is well on Skopelos, but sorry
not in the mood for writing here!

My Sunday walk went to Agnondas


Wonderful dish, 1st time I tried.

I walked from home ca 7 km in 1 hour & 15 minutes,
very fast and sooo good.

Some nature

It is starting for getting dry now, but the thyme is amazing.
I picked it along the road.

Rumors says we have a case of virus on the island,
but until now I have not heard it

All for today.

Have a lovely week coming!


Rebetika music & Skopelos

ERT1 – the biggest national TV station in Greece
was sending Sunday noon a great music program
including the Xintaris family  from Skopelos
who has

The Ouzeri up at Kastro anno 1982.
I do not go there much because I am not
a “nightbird”, but the times I have been there
it has been great.
PS Georgios Anagnostos was also playing bouzouki.

When I pass at daytime I always finds photo motifs;

Sooo much BLUE …


Skopelos is famous for its good musicians and
at the moment full of places with live music,
I will try to mention them all in town;
Anatoli, Mylos, Karidia, Molos, Kyratsos Kitchen,
Apolafsis and


In all/most music places in Skopelos
other musicians are welcome to
join in,
so you never know what will happen!
I love it!
The photos are from Wednesday afternoon,
perfect with lunch-music!
Plenty of time to get early to bed!!!

We got to taste the very nice Skopelos white wine

Life is not all music, but I could not live without it!
Skopelos is beauty and;

Axilleas connects us with Kimi on Evia and Skyros.
More at

She left after Wednesdays live music happening.
Safe journey! – She is back in quarantine in Nesodden
outside Oslo. But one day soon she will be back!


Some cuttings & Greek lessons







I am scared!

BE SAFE & very careful!!!

Skopelos is still virus free …


6th of July 2020


A bit late for “Kalo Mina” but the photo from Panormos is so nice!


Both mom, doggies and me 
Keep on walking …
Best you can do to yourselves!


Skopelos is so ALIVE!
Most places open and many with live music.
Karidia has changed music and we love that too!

Walking Pefkia-Potami I saw this

I heard a small noise, and saw the kid, it looked lots,
I could not get to it, so what to do?
Mostly there is a floc there, but …
I went back the nest day to see if it was still there!
Luckily not!

Back to May;


Alonnisos or Alonissos?
My friend Pakis of the blue boat Gorgona,
born and living on Alonnisos,
told me ALONNISIS!


We had a 2 night very nice days at Liadromia,
we got downstairs studios so I could easily walk out with Ira.
We had a great time and we will be back!

All the best to you from a still virus free island, I hope!


27th of June 2020

This photo is an illusion, I think, – or whatever to call it!
Panorama photos are often not what you really see!!!
Anyway, I like it!
I like these boys as well;


Nikos in the middle, “our” bouzouki player, his son “O Mikros”/Marios to the left and “our” guitar player Thanassis. The boys normally plays for us all winter at Karidia and in the summer at Ammos.
(Ammos will open soon).


Karidia on the RingRoad is opening tonight,
and the new thing is the door to the beautiful garden.
LIVE music every night!

I have been out many evening lately, it is soooo nice!!!
I have borrowed a friends basement so Ira & I can sleep there, – there are no taxies in the night! Andreas, taxi driver, said he might be able to wait for me, but how can I know what time I want to go home???
I am never late late, do not go to bars after my meal,
but I like to sit and see the view and people passing by.



Sorry we did not visit the Veranda, but the music was loud and I had Ira with me. Their front veranda has view of the Paralia.


No people on the Paralia and the time was about 10!!!

Prodromos name day, Xronia Polla


I just LOVE it! There are shrimps in there too!
Does it remind me of Johnny Depp?

The famous Ouzeri of Georgios Sidaris & family
up at the top is open, LIVE music every night



Mylos has opened, also with live music every night.

Daytime Skopelos town;


There are many more places open, also amazing, hope for a good season, but …
I wish you all good luck!

Time for lovely flowers:


Skopelos is amazing, we have beaches too!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend!


21st of June 2020


We went to the Taxiarchis Monastery,
up behind the hill of Palouki,
view to Skyros and more south-east.

The monastery is so beautiful and peaceful.
Nobody lives there, but many people visits.
There are springs there, with freshwater,
so no need to bring water.
We brought lots of things and I brought candles
and even a string of fairy-lights.



It is now possible to walk an ca 5 km round walk
to the monastery,

earlier we opened the old path from close to
the 2 tall masts and down. It is marked with orange ribbons
from SkopelosTrails by  Heather.
BUT keep in mind this is a walk for very fit people.
The last part down to the monastery is very steep.
There is said to be another path, but we did not find it.
The “normal” path down is ok for everybody,
but it is a bit rough to get uphill again!


We had a peaceful evening
and we saw soooo many stars.

We saw a few but they did not come close to us.


I have named the room The Last Supper
“Ο Μυστικóς Δεíπνος”

– because that hangs on the wall.


The sunrise came, we were up for it, but clouds in the east!


The view a bit up from the monastery is so great.

Time for breakfast. I had a small laugh when I got this


“Rekeost” is a very typical spread in Norway. Silje had brought fantastic homemade “Knekkebrød” – hard bread/crackers.
BUT no coffee or tea, we should have brought
a small “gas-cooker” – next time.

Later we started to climb up to the car,
we drove up because we had to carry with us everything!
End of a very relaxing stay.

Forgot to mention all the goats who came to drink,
and looked curiously at us!

Back in town

IMG_20200618_131743cIMG_20200618_131606_1cManolis was so happy to see us, they are getting ready.

There are people on the town-beaches every day,
not many, and I guess all are locals.

A white visitor in my garden;


My favorite Norwegian food is what you see on the photo,
and due to good friends I have had all winter,
but now I have only 8 sausages left.
Soon 6, I will have two for lunch today.
So I hope that one day friends will come back
and maybe bring me some …

Wish you all the very best, BE SAFE & CAREFUL!
Skopelos is still virus free, as fare as I know …


Another day …


Very nice dinner at Pavlos in Agnondas Friday night,
celebration of 21 years since the boys met,
congratulations to Kjell & Frode!
The light was a bit bright so the photo is not perfect!
Who is?


I am so happy that my Skopelitissa is up working,
and for the nice messages I have got from some of you.
Always good with feed back, thanks! 

I never get tired of my view,
I can not believe that I am so lucky to live up here!
I always go outside in the morning,
feeding cats and checking flowers, but most of all looking out!!!
Very quiet on the sea, mostly a few fishing boats,
a sailing boat or two, and some fast small ones. 


Sorry I did not take any photos from Dimitrakis.
We had a very nice meal there the other day.
Giannis promised to have also a gluten free menu next time.

As you have seen we are out eating a lot!
We need a change, been cooking at home too much!

The salad is sooooo gooood!

Papou Madro Travel proudly out waking with “Jårgakis”!


2 pics from my garden;

I have had the “Rådi” / pomegranate tree some years,
every year it lost the fruits due to wind,
last year I moved it to a bit shelter,
and now I have ca 10 fruits!

Hope you are doing well!
Be safe!


Problem solved!!!

I used to be quick,
fixed problems …
So irritating that it takes longer time now,
I am getting older!!!
This time, in a strange way, Window managed to fu.. up my downloading of photos. I did not want to renew, – did I need Windows? I have all on my phone, without any Windows! Anyway I bought a month of Windows and then things are working … I do need my laptop for making Skopelitissa, the phone is too small for me to use. I have ordered a “pad” for it, then we will see if thats all I need!!!

The rainbows were nice but the light was difficult!
View from upstairs where I live!

Here are some new photos;


She was 70 years old, so we made a surprise party.

LIVE “finally” at Molos – LOVE it!


So lovely that we can go out and eat,
we enjoy it a lot, guess you can see that!!!

Flower time;

The island is so beautiful now,
but so strangely quiet!

2 more photos;
3 boats arriving most days, these 2 car ferries and the faster passenger ship Erato, the Flying Dolpin. They connect us with Skiathos, Alonnisos, Volos & Manthoudi (on Evia island, short way to Athens). Maybe Agios Konstantinos later. You can see the schedules at

Life is good on Skopelos, no virus at all,
but new people are arriving every day …




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