Dance Festival “Diamantis Palaiologos”

Xristos Palaioloos is so engaged in the festival,
dedicated to his father!
It is normally in the end of August,
keep an eye on

to know when the 5th Festival will be in 2017.

The Folklore Dance Festival “Diamantis Palaiologos” is organized by the non-profit organization “Plegma”, in the island of Skopelos, in honour of our teacher, Diamantis Palaiologos.
Dedicated to tradition, dancing, volunteering and contribution, we are inviting you to take hold of our hand and dance with us on the beautiful island of Skopelos, bringing all of Greece together with traditional melodies and rhythms.


Link to this years festival


Skopelos – lots to offer

2 new pages today, due to a misstake, anyway remember to skroll down,
and have a wonderful day.
The sun is back on Skopelos, still a bit cold but very very clear and beautiful ;o)

Kalimera, Kalimera!
When looking through all my photos I realize that Skopelos
has much more than sun and beaches.
Beautiful villages, so many small and picturesque churches.
Have you tried the honey? Gorgeous!
The prunes? and and  …
They do grow a lot of different things her,
but not really a lot of anything except
plenty of olive-trees.
Unfortunately this year most of the olives
were not good, bad season!

img_2260Forgot to mention we have very many nice visitors and hosts.

All the empty/left places,
I always wonder who lived here?

How to know if a street cat is sterilized?
The top of one ear is cut off!
More animals;

Years back long before Mamma Mia;


Some from FaceBook

Have a wonderful time and SMILE!
I read that if you smile you make the brain
think that you are happy even if you are not
– it will make you feel better!!!
Why not try!


This was my 1st of December

To wake up and then see the sun,
The doggies & me needed to get out
– no cat lives inside by us –
so we picked up mom & Agapi and went to Limnonari;


I passed by Madro Travel and Machi showed me a lovely surprise;
img_4911cThe blue are always later that the white ones,
and I have not seen a white yet!!!

‘Later we went for a walk Pefkias, Potami, Diakopi,
so we made more than 9 km today,
soooo good with a long walk.
Beautiful views we had;
Now early evening the wood fire is burning, some candles are on,
the house smells nice, the bread-mashine is making a bread and
I put in a dash of oregano which gives a great smell ;o)

Back to Ustaoset 1979;

I was a bit younger!!!

img_4959As you might know, I love Christmas, so today we
took our photos. Thanks to Frode A for doing that!
Making a selfie with 2 doggies would be very difficult!

Καλές Γιορτές

means Happy Holidays!


Welcome December

Tuesday 29th today, and we are more or less
locked up inside, it is raining too much!
No complain, but we get a bit restless
without not one proper walk!
The doggies do not want to be out,
but by obvious reasons they have to
– and that is very quick ;o)

I love old photos;


Ustaoset, Norway 1969


Skopelos 1980 – my 1st visit!!!
Over to more resent;

At the end some lesson or something to think about;

Have you got the Ouzo spirit?

Have a very good December month ;o)



Since I have had a page on Alonnisos,
I think it is time for the other most famous Sporade!
I first came to Skiathos in September 1980
and fell in love with the island.
I asked for work there for Gulliver 1983,
they sent me to open Skopelos and
I am very happy about that ;o)
All photos are from my gallery, 2015/6


I think these are from a Norwegian house!

I love these beautiful doors.
to take a “sergianni”/stroll in the old town
gives so much to photograph!

No garbage here, is written on the wall

I used to love Tzougria, have not been there for many years!

Ending todays page with another “selfie like”,
I love to play with my photos


Ta Kimata – Angelos

In the old harbor is Skopelos oldest taverna,
opened in 1896;
A place I really feel well and eat often.
They are closed now but will open again ca 15th of December,
I am looking forward to that.

2 time I have been so lucky to be served a real international gourmet meal there made by;
Here are some of the dishes,
sorry I do not remember their names,
but the taste was just gorgeous;

I enjoyed the great meal with old friends,
they were also very good friends with the late Angelos,
father of the 4 boys who are running th3 taverna now.

Rigas & Tore,  sorry Solveig you were not on any photo!

Skopelos is good on food, a lot of traditional food but
more “modern” dishes are showing up as well



160914-170160914-179160921-144img_2204img_2136160729-021It is raining outside, it has been raining for hours,
50 mm since last night, that`s a lot!
Windy too, so no boats today, no tomorrow!

An old summer memory,
I think my boss Frode S took it;


I am not publishing this early morning,
I just pre-book publishing, I am learning more and more
here at WordPress, but I DO miss FrontPage!

Marius & much more …

I got my birthday present today, I am so happy!
I think I look like I can join the Norwegian skiing team!
Marius is the name of the sweather,
very traditional Norwegian!
Present from my mom :o)
In my hand I have the very best Kvikk Lunch,
a must of a chocolate when you are out skiing!
Great when good friends sends packages ;o)

We know it is early, not December yet,
but IRA is so much looking forward to her
1st Xmas with us!

Shopping today;

160827-dans-005cShe will go Agios Konatsntinos 3 days a week, bravo!

They are and have been working a lot on the roads lately,
very good!

I had to put this photo mix again, I love it!

Summer memories;



The Greek kaiikis – boats – fascinates me soooo much!

On the sign; My best years I live with drachmes


End of page, have I nice rest of the week ;o)


Now and then …

Onboard Myrtidiotissa in the summer,
on my way to Skopelos, of course!

We have had stormy weather, no boats,
down to +5,7C.
A friend in Salonika said they have snow.
The thing is to be ready for the winter,
wood, gas, food, drinks –
I have it all, and of course warm clothes
and proper boots!

Fun to see that I photographed this gate even
before the bougainvillea, you know why?
It is blue!

Talking about colors;

Her shop is uptown across from To Rodi, before Alexander.
Skopelos has lots of nice ceramics,
– but I do not have space for more!!!


Views are changing all the time …


Tina, my best friend!
She has grown up, maybe, she was 50 the other day!
Xronia Polla Lille Rumpe!

As I often sings; “Those were the days, my friend …”

Here comes my very good friend;
Some more people;

Me with Thanassis, the great dancer!

I also LOVE Greek music and dance ;o)

As I have mentioned, I am cleaning up in my photo-file,
and gosh do I have lots of photos!
Here are some more;


Greek lessons


Enjoy life as much as possible!

Walk & Molos music

1st Sunday of Advent

It is written “Remember the Christmas ham”! It has to be turned while in the brine.

img_4800I love when I start turning my home “red”!
It always starts at the 1st advent Sunday.
The tablecloth I started in 1993,
before PC & TV time!


Sundays walk;


Over to Molos;
Always Panagiotis friends comes joining in.
Have a wonderfull time off DespIna & Panagiotis & all your staff,
you deserve it.
Many people here work every day for many, many months,
all day to late at night, not one say off! Have you ever tried?
I have and it is killing you slowly …

Danny & Lesley


Ending today with some more food;
In the summertime I do not think so much about food,
but wintertime I get more happy every time I see some “new” food.
This reminds me of what I often got in Cyprus, lounza,
which is so great grilled with haloumi cheese.

I love SKIING on TV and the Norwegians
did well this weekend! Bravo!

Heia Marit, Bjørndalen & co ;o)

Have a good lent!
Καλη Ελευση!


Alonnisos in September

What a lovely day we had;

We learned something delicious;

I am so sorry that I do not remember the nave of the café/taverna,
but it is the last one when you walk in the “big” main street,
facing Skopelos. – great view!
You maybe know Skopelos Cheese pie?
I will not get into who is the best,
or the first!!!!
It is lovely, but onion pie is my favorite!


I always have to visit “Gallery 5” of the nice Danish lady,
this time she was getting ready for Christmas!!!
Her shop is just up behind the taverna,
sorry I have no photo of it,
it looks very colorful from the outside.
She has so many nice things in her shop,
her own akvarells, calendar and …
– this is what I just had to buy;


She also have made some books,
here is one of them;

I always enjoy the old village, it is colorful,
it is beautiful, it has great views,
nice shopping and …

Then we took some taxi`s to the nice bay
Here we had ice creams and coffee and then we took
the Sporades Queen home
What a great day!

Anyway I feel I have to give you some Skopelos pics as well,
these are from Lilleputs special Skopelos excursion;

160914-128160914-126160914-140160914-142Spilia is a beautiful bay we often visits when out with ENA,
the great old-fashioned wooden boat.



Smak & Behag

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