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I love Greek music, I love the sea, I 💙 …

This one “spoke” to me on FaceBook today. I love the photo and I recognized the lyrics, I have heard it many time before, from my favorite CD with Georgios Dalaras & Pix Lax, – so I had to go to;


Påh påh, what romantic & sad lyrics!!!

This is the translation on what is written on the photo; 

να μου φανερώνεις του Αιγαίου τα μυστικά, να μου τραγουδήσεις πράγματα γνωστά, και να νιώθω πως σε ξέρω από παλιά

for you to reveal to me the secrets of the Aegean sea, for you to singing to me things everbody knows, for me to feel I have known you for a long time

If you want to listen to it, with my favorite singer Georgios Dalaras, here it is on YouTube – Τι ´ναι αυτό που μας ενώνει – what is this thing that makes us one

Well, Georgios is the one in black who plays a baklama – kind of small bouzouki – in the begining, he sings as no two, the first one is Babis Stokas, and the band is Pix Lax, just great!

Since we were “on the sea” today, look what the sea  brought in last night;

Most boat pics are from the excelent app MarineTraffic


Lucky people on board, they came from the paradise of Kyra Panagia in the National Marine Park, I have not been there for some years!!! One day I will be back!

I wonder who is on board? For sure somebody rich, hope the have a good time!

I do not know any of them, but one day … I might sail away, but for sure I will be back on Skopelos – more or less, forever!

I once read this slogan, or whatever it is called;

Give yourself time to DREAM …

Dream of Skopelos I say to those who had to leave;


Here are some more of last nights arrivals;

One more beautiful cruise-boat some days ago, Sea Cloud, who I see from my terrasse every time it is here;


Over to


I think they got 325,- €, very good! I liked that we were collecting to the Health Centre here, with mom I used it a lot over the years, and the service is free, and and

You get help immediately!

Over to blue, flowers & food;


We need some art as well;


Sorry the colors came out too BLUE! 


and more art;


The summer has arrived on Skopelos, finally, so what about a lunch in Agnondas today! Wish you all a great time!

IMG_0846 logo

A kiss … and much more!

150112 027

“You will close your eyes and
you will send me a kiss.
This will come and lead
me to where you are.

Kisses never lose their way!”
Alkyone Papadaki

I just had to put this up first on todays page,
so watch out, I sent you a kiss!

In my view today;

170616 042c

A big modern ship built in 2013.

170616 021cYesterday having lunch at Ta Kimata the Skyros ferry came,
so keep in mind you can visit Skyros from here now,
you find the timetable here;
Or you may fly to Athens, then to Skyros and take the boat here.
Skyros is really worth a good visit!
The return could be from Skiathos airport,
or Thessaloniki, – you can DO Greece ;o)
For instance some days a week Achilleas sails like this;
170616 183 (2)


Kymi is on Evia, the long island closer to the mainland,
actually Greeces 2nd largest island, 3.670 km2,
only Crete is bigger with 8.336
Skyros is the 19th biggest island in Greece with 209 km2,
the other Sporades are fare down on the list;
Skopelos 96,3, Alonnisos 64,5 and Skiathos only 49,9 km2.
(Numbers according to Wikipedia)

170616 170cThe big cat connects us with Thessaloniki,
so now in the summertime,
many sea-roads can bring you here!

So this was todays Greek lesson with “filià” and
boats. You can find a rather good boat time table at
And keep in mind now all ferry offices sells to all ferries!
That is great, and makes life more easy ;o)

Over to our town;

I love waling the streets of Skopelos …

I also love walking anywhere on Skopelos!
I was happy today because the morning was not sunny,
the doggies and I walked Pefkia, Potami and Diakopi,
over 8 km we made, good girls!
From our walk;

Still we have many wild flowers in blossom,
and I picked a lot of ρίγανη/”rigani” – Oregano.
We do not grow rigani, we pick it in the nature.
Here they are drying in my kitchen;
170616 190c

But we do grow “vasilikå”
Ο βασιλικός, ο βασιλιάς των βοτάνων
Basil, the king of herbs;

I love them too …

Some cuts from FaceBook

170605 079
Bravo Clooney, – Melina Mercouri started this!!!
170616 008
Remember Lesvos is as beautiful as it always was!
170616 009
Come back to where you were found!
170616 168 (2)
I saw it too, but as many of us, I just got the sea when I was trying to photograph it with my phone!

170616 180c2170616 180cA BLUE wine, that must be something for me!!!

Here comes a cute one;
170616 018


Translation? Well, something like this;
Do me a little bit of MMM …

Have a lovely weekend :o)

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Sunday thunder & rain


From my walk home last night!

Do you ever have problem to find a taxi at night in Skopelos?

Please tell me, because I have had for years! I try to be a good girl and walk to town when I know I will have some retsina, – and leave the car at home. Nice to get a taxi home, but can I find one after midnight?

Put up a big sign at the taxi station with a taxi-night-number, and give us some good service, please!

I do not drive and drink!!!

What I do when I do not get a taxi? I walk but sometimes the taverna people offers to drive me home, thanks for that. Last night no taxi answered after midninght, so I walked home, over 2 km and rather straight up. Great, – and I slept so well. But if you are a tourist and stays at Stafilos, you want a taxi, and can not find one! You might even not know the way home!!!

I went to the police and talked to the about my problem!!!

So I wounder what will happen now? I DID NOT MAKE A REPORT! It is not right in a town witb 8 taxies that I can not find a taxi around midnight! Why cant’t they have one night number? This is a tourist island, we all have to give good service to visitors!!!

Over to something more beautiful, the color of the sea …


What about some flowers passing on my way?

This bougainvillea was so hard destroyed by the snow, we cut it drastically and now it is growing  perfecktly! It never gets water, just drinks from whetever it finds down in the ground. Most bougainvilleas I see has recovered, mine too, but they do not flower yet!


Last one a swallow at Stellas Taverna Glifoner, where we had a good meal  the other day. The rabitt stifado is great, also the meatballs and and …

Nightlife at Apolafsis is always good, and there were a group of Greek pensioners, so happy and all the time up dancing!


Next time I woke up by a big bang, a thunderstorm!

Rainy day in Skopelos, I can hardly see over the bay!

❣️🇬🇷❣️Have agreat Sunday and the coming week❣️🇬🇷❣️

170425 043170420 016cSign

That’s what friends are for …


My best friend is here and she’s had her first beer at the OuzoBar/International Café, of course! She always make me laugh and we have so much fun❣️❣️❣️


Dimitros is where Tina is staying!

Over to a Skopelitiki window in town


I love walking the streets of Skopelos because I always find beauty!

Another nice view:


This lovely boat came in last night and I said “I wish” – that I could take my friends, get onboard and go …. Go for a lovely seavoiage with no plans, just good company and …


An Italian girlfriend brought me delishious oliveoil from her farm in Italy


… in my flowerpot, I mean!

The evening meal was at Ta Kimata and as always we had a great time


That’s what friends are for …

Take good care of your friends you do not know how long you have them!

Trutt & Tina

All the Norwegian choir was there as well and they really impressed all when they started to sing  Στρώσε το στρώμα σου για δυο – Make your bed for two, by Theodorakis, in Greek!κ/watch?v=icyew_BwvaEλ

Later came some international songs, all great and happy! This choir is also a kind of  That’s what friends are for … They have fun, the most important thing!

Hope you have good time, if not COME TO SKOPELOS!



170605 089c
Finally waking up early and feeling not to bad after my stomach problems ;o)
Yesterday we had the

Mamma Mia – the 1st boat trip of the season
170605 022c170605 024c170605 001c

Last photo from another day, with blue sky!
Yesterday when we started the boat trip we could not go
to The Mamma Mia Church, the weather came from north
we needed the shelter of the island,
so we went the way around to the Velanio & Stafilos
side of the island, 34 Norwegian women and 2 Greek men!
Some clouds in the morning but it turned out a lovely sunny day!


First stop Amarondas;
170605 027c170605 029c170605 026cThese two girls belongs to the Gullrekka,
old reps working with me in the end of the 80-ies!
Most of the other girls belong in the choir “TorskeTruten”
– translated “The Mouth of the Cod” !!!

μια χορωδία – a choir
ο χορός – the dance

Μια γοργόνα ή πολλές γοργόνες;
One mermaid or many mermaids?

170605 062c170605 066c170605 065c170605 063c170605 056c

170605 021

2nd stop was between

170605 033c

170605 068c170605 039c


The girls where more or less singing and dancing all the time,
we all had a great time;
170605 055c170605 054c170605 042c170605 030c

At the 3rd and last stop we “woke” up
170605 069c
Can you imagine, you are on a beach where there is nobody else and then comes a noice boat and moors up? Luckily we knew them and told them we will soon leave!

The trip ended up as agreed in Elios;

170605 074c

– balsam for sjelen,
– balm for the soul

Kati allo;

170605 078
I agree! – and after a boattrip with so many great girls I agree even more!
170605 081c
Still there are lots of wild flowers to see!

170605 087c


I have to tell something more from my trip to Volos;
The day I left from here with the ferry, we were delayed and
I called my new Doc and said I could not make it for
the appointment at eight that evening, sorry!
I WAIT FOR YOU, he answered!
He had to wait nearly one hour,
and did not charge me for that!
Would that be possible in Norway?
Thanks a lot Doc!

170425 043
Do you agree?



Going home …


Bye bye Volos, I am sailing home to Skopelos on the Proteus.

Who is Proteus? Wikipedia says:


What a “shity-trip”❣️❣️❣️

Why? I like Volos but due to some intestines problem I had to take  a test and in order to do that I had to empty my stomac ….

36 hours I spent alone in my room close to the WC!!! Such a great stay!!!

After the test I was half dead but yesterday afternoon I went for a walk and a very nice meal, here are some Volos glimpzes!


Lot’s of swimmers out when I walked the 1st morning
Noodle Bar


Last one is a comersial for Fix and they have Mitropanos (maybe I am wrong) singing it, just a beautiful song, you can here it here with Thanos Petrelis:

What is life without music?

Here is the romantic lyrics, I find learning lyrics is a great way to learn Greek:



The first bus stop-library in Greece is in Thessaloniki!  Bravo!

Talking about music, Ta Kimata alias Angelos taverna in the old harbor starts their music program tonite, I hope I will be there!


Do you remember the next one? It’s Friday and time for some Malamatina! Giamas/Jamas/Iamas!!!

ΓΙΑ ΜΑΣ – to us

161120 062


Simply love …


Last photo shows the  area where the fire was in 2008, the new pine trees and many shrubs are growing well. Only the more not so earhy places are bare.

Gullrekka 2017

Mildrid, Kari Anne, Inger, A, Trutt & me

I am so lucky, that so many of the Gulliver girls I worked with are visiting.

One night we had a 


We had bakaljaros me skordalja, potatosalata and much more. We also did a lot of Greek dancing, great evening.



What a fantastic week we have had, with old Gulliver collages, old guests and boyfriend. The last night were at Gorgones, where we had the “big” room inside just to us selves. So muxh fun and laughter, it gave me power!

I end up with some cuts from the FaceBook



All the best and take  are!


The Golden Row 2017


170523 077c

    We all worked for the good old Norwegian Tour Company Gulliver here in Skopelos in the good old days of the eighties! Gull in Norwegian means gold in English!    PS no 2 is Kari Anne, not KarimAnne!!!

170523 073cThey were welcomed by Mom and me, me in a Lilleput t-shirt
and with a Gulliver umbrella ;o)
So nice that these girls I worked with are coming back,
and I know more are to come!


170523 045c170523 044c

Shall we go? – said mom, she still loves going to the sea!

Over to Sunday nights 15 mm of rain at
The International Cafè alias OuzoBaren;

Ira is coming with me out at night,
she has to get used to a bit more noisy life,
she is scared of so much,
but she feels safe with me,
also with my good friend Sian, on the photo.

Outside Soulas House, – and here is;

14aug73photo from last summer.
Soula makes so great food, so I have to go
there soon and have some breakfast.

170523 030c170523 049c170523 048c170523 072c170523 046c

Over to our beautiful flowers

Rolling Stones has a song that I was hooked on for a long time,
released in 1966!!!

Now my logo is


Next; from my bedroom, so sorry I forgot to take a photo before I started,
again – then suddenly I remembered it;


I love food too, specially when it looks nice!

170409 100c170409 099c170409 084c170409 087c

I think I have walked all the small streets of Skopelos,
so much beauty to see, I try to walk different street
whenever I walk down and up from town. Such a pleasure!

Next photo: My view, my ever changing view,
I love that too :o)

170523 002c

170523 001c

Seeking inside when the rain came!

170105 051161120 062


This is for tomorrow;
So it is FRIDAY, and it is a reason to celebrate with a glass of

μια ζωή – a life

Have a wonderful end of the week!


Bravo Cat!


Many UK flights to and from Skiathos today, so it was great that there was the Cat, othervise it would be transport to Loutraki/Glossa and taxiboats from there, a much more expenceive travel. There is a ferry strike, you know!

Just to give you an idea, here are todays arrivals at Skiathos:


Some more from the net:


Yes I know many of you have seen much of this on FaceBook, but not everybody has FB!


Hope you took a good look at this photo, so true! It reminds me of the hospitality I have seen in Greece and on Cyprus!

The last days has really not been warm, down to 14,5C here, so this is what I had to do the last two evenings:


I am happy that I have a fireplace and plenty of wood! Everybody on Skopelos should have wood now, the heavy snow in January destroyed so many trees so it is easy to pick from the nature.

I was happy to be waken up by the sun today 🌞🌞🌞

170516 005c
Just had to out up this photo one more time, it is so beautiful! Spring is beautiful! Skopelos is beautiful and life should also be!!!!



Ferries, busses & …

170516 126
More at

170516 136c


Kalispera and Xronia Polla to Norway who has it`s
National Day today.
I stay home because the weather is not for walking
up and down to town.

Here are some clips from FaceBook;

170516 117170516 110170516 111170516 112170516 116

Best friends are always good to have!
I am looking forward to several “old” collages
from Gulliver to come soon!

Here are some of my pics;

170516 024c170516 005c170516 023c170516 010c170516 012c170516 018c

Some from my garden;

I have 3 hortensias, they get the same treatment with lemon and iron, that should give them blue flowers but only one gat that!

I have planted some small basils, I just love them!

O βασιλικός
Ο Βασιλιάς των Βοτάνων

Basil – the king of herbs!

Finally something I am very proud of;

170516 106c170516 123c

This cupboard was of oiled light tree, it was given to me,
– I did not like it at all, but it was very practical and has space for a lot.
When I moved here in 2010 I was to tired to fix it, and then time just passed …
So finally I started to clean it down, working with my Bosch, orbital sander, for many hours. In the end I felt I was shaking all over!!! Then I put on “velatura” (sealer or grounder) that I made light blue. Next day put on a layer of paint, color Santorini, but I added some white, did not want a dark color. Then the next day again, I sanded it slightly down by hand, and my surprise was great when I understood that it would look great like that! I am so happy, it is just beautiful!
So now I have more things to renew, I have time,
there is no more Lilleput to work for!

No work today, it is blowing, rain in the air and only 15,6 outside.

I might light a fire tonite!

170516 037170516 033c

All the best from Skopelitissa !


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