Mail from Frode Lilleput

Sorry this page is only in Norwegian – it is a very nice mail from
my before Gulliver, latey Lilleput boss.
Thanks a lot Frode :o)

Kjære Nana,

Du er jo en av de som fulgte meg aller lengst, du. Bortsett fra en pause

Derfor er det jo også at hilsenen din betyr så mye for meg


Det ble en heftig avslutning må jeg trygt kunne si, da jeg satt i flyet fra Kalamata og tok til tårene. Det gikk ikke upåaktet hen, og flere kom bort til meg, klemte og tok til tårene. Da rant det flere fra meg. Purser om bord skulle si (og sa) noen ord på vegne av SAS og da hun så at passasjerene begynte å grine måtte hun gjemme seg bak gardinen for at folk ikke skulle se henne det samme. Fortalte hun meg etterpå.

Og. Jeg tillot meg å stå ved utgangen da folk gikk i land og det vanker håndtrykk og klemmer og takker fra passasjerene…. De to andre flyvertinnene tok sannelig til tårene de også.

Ganske sprøtt det og jeg lurer jo på hva er det egentlig jeg har gjort  ? . .

Tenk så mange som har takket meg fordi jeg og dere sammen med meg har lært dem om Hellas !!

Du har vel fulgt Lilleput Reisers venner facebook har du ikke det ?

Akk ja alt har en slutt og tiden går og jeg har bare nyder det som har vært de siste par månedene. Da jeg var på takk og farvel tur til Chios og Lesvos, Skiathos og Skopelos og nå til slutt Peloponnes. Huseiere som tok til tårene. Huseiere som jeg aller minst ventet noe sånt fra. Bevares.

Du har sikkert hørt fra gjester mye mer enn det jeg har visst eller forstått. Det er jo slik at den jobben min har vært med på spre glede i den viktigste perioden i hver enkeltes liv, ferie tid med sine nærmeste

Og så har jeg vært så heldig å ha hatt reiseledere som har vært en del av familien og jobbet med det for øyet. Mange, mange er de som har nevnt dere reiseledere. Jeg husker for mange år siden da de store, for å spare penger gikk over til yngre årganger (reiseledere). Jeg var også med i en «offentlig» (aviser) debatt om dette. Jeg har jo som du vet holdt ved «de gamle årgangene». Det har vært riktig valg og det har gjort at folk har hatt det fint med Lilleput.

Hilsen og mange gode klemmer til deg Nana, også med hilsener til Kate,

med ønsker at du/dere fortsatt får et godt liv

fra Frode



Glisteri walk

Dagen er din … eller Grip dagen …

The day is yours … or Carpe diem

The feeling of being free is so great!
Today is my 1st transfer free Saturday,
no alarm in the morning only the sun sneaking in
to tease my eyes, – it was a fantastic light and
then came the rain!
We walked a bit after the rain, but no photos.

Here are photos from yesterday;

Glisteri is a beautiful bay but the surrounding are not
so nice. Here are some of the pics again;
But there is so nice and quiet,
only the sound from the nature!

Walking back up home;

Time for lunch;

For me the best kaneloni I get at Molos,
and the stuffed mushrooms poh poh!
Quince sweet was also very nice.

Do you collect anything?
I do, a lot, blue bottles …
I started with this back in the 60s;

It was sold through a Norwegian youth magazine “Det Nye”
and I ordered some teacups and and
– when I got it I even loved it more.
Many years later I was on an education trip for Tor Line to London, and one evening from a taxi I saw Calico at the Conran Shop. Next day I dropped out of the group and walked to find the shop, I did, and bought some more.
Many years later I found it in Oslo,
I bought dinner plates and lately I have ordered online.
I still love my CALICO!!!

The “new” Skopelitissa is getting close to 100 000 hits,
much less that I was used to on the old one,
but that is my fault mostly, – I do not publish every day,
and this summer I did not publish much at all.

But now I feel for it again –
Very strange, also sad!

Keep on having a great weekend!


What do you do in the winter?

A question I often get!
Here are some of my answers;
# I go to the beach with my doggies

and often we have the beach to ourselves,
so nice and peaceful.


# You might know that we go Molos every Sunday lunch
and have a wonderful food, wine & music-time!
# I walk a lot with my doggies
# I read, watch TV, listen to music and …
# I love to work in my garden, I never had a garden before
I moved up here to Raches in 2010.
# FOOD is an important part of the winter,
friends cook, I cook and we all eat!
# and as you know I photograph,
here are some pics from the nature just now;

# every winter I try to tidy up my home,
just found a box with old photos,
here are some;

— those were the day, we thought they never end …
and who know when is the end?
The photo with Ivan is great, and the story is fun, a Norwegian TV team came to film me with Toppen Bech, a famous TV journalist – and I suggested that we contacted Ivan. He had a house here and lived here most of the summer.

Do you know this place?

It is really worth to visit.

Other places on the island;

Cut from a magazine;

I did not know about this, do you?

Weather on Skopelos has been OK today,
but now we get a few drops of rain,
– and I do not care!!!
I can put the central heating on but even better is my wood-fire,
– have a lovely weekend!


A page for animal lovers …

Who are my darlings?
Just guess!


Pasxa is my no 1, she was born early spring 2005
and has been with me since the 1st of May then.
Found her left in the bed of the road just opposite
Agios Reginos. Tried to give her away, but …


Do I like cats? I have to, because they just come to me!!!
In 2008 I found Mikris mother half dead in the street,
I knew her and had been feeding her,
so I took her home, and nursed her to life.
Suddenly one morning I heard a week mjau, mjau –
Mikri was born. Ti na kano?
She and her mom was moved up to the OliveGrove
and lived there together, the mother disappeared,
but Mikri managed to live by herself.
I fed her every day!
When I move up to Raches in 2010 I took Mikri
with me, – she lives alone outside somewhere,
but knocks the window nearly every day for food!

So how did I get more cats?
They just showed up!!!
1 year up here came 2 small kittens, so cute;

They live outside my home, but comes in a lot,
– and stays the night if it is very cold or wet.
Very nice clean cats.
Then came and came and came;


At the moment October 2016 I am feeding about
20 cats around the house, just take a look;:

– but I got a new dog;

We do have some friends, here they are;

Here in red is small Agapi, moms terrier,
and a very good friend.
Pasxa boyfriend is;

From me and my animals is only to say
“Kalo Chimona” – Good Winter


Autumn but still …


Monday 17th of October and here is a bit windy and we had some rain,
really an autumns day!
Lilleput “gave up” on Saturday, no more charters from Norway ever!
So sad, – but I must say Gulliver and Lilleput have given me so much.
Some glimpses;

More on the end of Lilleput charters another day,


Now I will make my soup and enjoy my lunch,
so here are a lot of photos for you;

The nature is very beautiful now too,
and more flowers showing up all the time.

Now I do enjoy Skopelos even more!
Yesterdays music lunch at Molos was just great.

Asterias will keep open till the end of the month,
if the weather behaves!

Boats are always coming and going …
It is a very important way of life for us islanders!

161015-039Do you know where I took this photo from?
Here is the answer;

Close to the end, – my soup is ready,
so just some FaceBook cuts;


Last one was my photo of course,
and then a happy friend of mine;

Silje alias Silja

161015-004Apolafsis closed, so see you next year, Dimitri and his team says!
Kalo chimonas – Good winter
Kali evdomada – Good week



More faces

img_3145csKalimera sas from Soulas House with a wonderful photo of how to “kick” walnuts!

Photo taken by Eva, – photo of her is at the bottom, am not able to fit it in here, – sorry Eva!




That’s all for today, I am in a hurry to go for another
End of Season session ;o)

I am so sorry!


Sorry, why?

Because I have not been in the mood to put up something here!

Today I have good news,
we got another dog;

Why we got another dog?
Good question!
Pasxa does not like long walks any more,
– she is 11,5 and still going strong –
but I need company for my long walks too!!!
Is Ira good for long walks?
We will see!
But I got a good “deal”; a clean, “ready” doggy,
and she can stay with the X-owner
whenever I need to leave the island.


Over to some resent island photos;

While being at the vet there was a sooo great smell of food,
the butcher next door was BBQing chickens,
we bought one, more than a kilo, for 9 Euros and some cents,
brought it out to our friends in Mortero and enjoyed that and
their salads outside in the sunny day;


For eating is open in town now, as fare as I know;
in the old harbor; Molos, Klimataria & Kyratsos Kitchen,
all open for lunch & dinner
– while Ta Kimata will soon close.
A bit further on the waterfront Gialos.
Inside town Finikas
– while Gorgones is open every night from 19.00.
Magali for gyros and more just up from the ferry harbor.
I think also Stergios is open close to the bus station.
Apolafsis open for some days more too!
On the “outside” waterfront – road to the monasteries –
Dimitrakis and Ambeliki,
– while Muses will close soon.

Asteria in Panormos is open every day ;o)

Sorry I do not know of Elios and Glossa,
anybody knows?

Many cafes are open in town;
Dokos and Karavia are open 365 days a year
and often to the “small” hours at night.
Still open is also Avgo, Gekas, Kochilis, Barramares
& International alias OuzoBaren!

Sorry if I have forgotten some!

Here are some FaceBook “things” that I think are great;
Sorry, the last one is from a magazine!
Had to add it, I simply love BLUE!!!

We need some more “doggy-stuff” today;


The end is near …
Just a few more pics;


People at Skopelos


I have been nicely criticized;
I do not put up enough photos of people,
so todays page is dedicated to all the nice people I know!!!
Here are some of them;


It is very nice when old friends and
acquaintances shows up unexpected;
160914-191c160914-192cLots of family visiting this summer,
4 of mums cousins – one with her husband,
here we are;

and the entertainment;

I can not have only people here,
I am very fond of animals;

Ending up at Skiathos;
160914-115c160914-110cMom cousin Ingebjørg is younger then me,
so great to get to know her better!


Friday & yesterday

160903 014
“Honey-Balls” at Soulas, just delisious,
they serve them every Friday!

We still have many ferries coming and going to Thessaloniki, Skyros, Evia, Volos and Agios Konstantinos;

160903 015c
and also Achileas, Express Skiathos, Flying Cat 4 and 5
and as mention The Flying Dolphin “Erato”.
For timetable go to
There are several ferry-offices and unfortunately
they do not always tell you about the other companies ferries.
Arriving Skiathos in the morning?
Myrtidiotissa at 13.00 is perfect, going direct to Skopelos!
Ticket office between the Hellenic Seaways and the Old port,
on a “small” corner.

Welcome to Skopelos anytime!

Smak & Behag

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