Do you know that you easily can find the Greek namedays at ❓

You can get it in English and you can check month by month or every day.

You know namedays are a big thing here, more like we in Norway cellebrates birthdays

Some namedays of the spring are movable, they are postponed untill after Easter.

Here is for the rest for November:


It is very nice to send a «Xronia Polla» to Greek friends on their nameday!

Kati allo, beautiful Skopelos on our walk today:


And a few «cut»


I never thought or heard about this! But tonight I will be on my left side! And actually when I have had my stomac attacks, I have tured left, that helps!

One more:


Πω, πω, πω!

Above all safety❗️❗️❗️



❣️ Kalimera ❣️


Can I tempt you with a Xoriatiki?



Very good moods at Karidia at Sundays lunch!

Yesterday I got my wood, nice, dry, «wild» wood, my «woodman» cuts it from areas where he has to clean off roads or other land. This will last me all winter. I got the same last year before Christmas and still I have a good lot left.


Skopelos Tuesday morning at 08.15 – sunny with some clouds, windy and only 9,9C, the last 24 hours it was between 14,3 and 9,7, not really warm. I had a hat and glowes on while doggywalking, mostly because the wind was so cold.

Lets dream of:

Stafilos Beach

P150517 045

Some cuts again:



DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE TRANSLATE, but use it as a helper who is not perfect! Anyway the greeting «na ta ekatostisis» is very difficult to pronounce! It is a great greeting, – but do we want to be a hundred?


We are not afraid of anything, we love our country and we are ready to do everything for it!



(THE PEOPLE OF) TRIKALA STOPS SMOKING  – is a matter of culture




We love dogs, we love cats, yes we love animals! If you do not, leave them in peace, do not harm them!


A dog will ruin your shoes but it will  not break your heart! — Lovely dog on the photo, by the way, what about the man?  😍


Cuts that might interest you:


I did not see this when we were at IKEA Wednesday!!!
ΒΡΟΧΕΣ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΤΙ ΓΙΔΕΣ – Goggle translates this to FROGS AND FATS – so this is another typical example of how easy it is to get fu…. up by Google! The meaning is RAIN AND SOME GOATS! BUT καταιγίδα ΚΑΤΑΙΓΙΔΑ means storm! Did you get it?


ΓΙΓΑΝΤΕΣ are big beans!!!


We have had some few small earthquakes lately, and that is good. They say if we have a long time with no movements «down there», a big earthquake might come! Last big one was in 1965, if I remember correct, and then some very notiseable in the summer of 2001!


As fare as I know, only Adrina has the Blue Flag on Skopelos. We used to have more, and in those days neither Skiathos nor Alonnisos had any, now both has several!



So nice to see that somebody does something to wake up Loutraki, it is a lovely spot but with very little overnight tourism!


Very nice place in Plaka Athens



Memories can be made by music!

This might be why many places get flooded, but also because the drenation is not good enough, and the gutters and pipes not kept clean!


A Greek lesson from the «lucky coockies» at Noodle Bar


No comments




NOT from the view you have



RIP to Melina, she died in 1994, the biggest funeral I had ever seen on TV back then!


The Greeks are so great on cellebrations, on nearly every day somebody has their nameday. You can follow that on

This is all from me this Saturday afternoon. It has been drisseling today, rather wet outside, but we made a nice walk. So green here now and still some flowers around.

It is 15,4C outside, I have lit the fire and will make a soup, just take whatever I have in the fridge, in Norwegain we call it «making soup on a nail»!!!

I be back with a new page on Monday, have a great rest of the weekend❣️

171015 007c

Volos 16th of November

PS 1 NEXT NEW PAGE will be here on MONDAY.

PS 2 Friday 17th afternoon; Mom and I safe home, 55 mm of rain here this week. Sorry for terrible flood problems elsewhere in Greece.

We passed Athens, Volos and Larissa where we just had moderate rain, no problem at all. Very lucky!

Σπίτι μου, σπιτάκι μου

Over to Volos


«A museum in the port city of Volos in eastern Greece will host the replica of Argo, the legendary ship propelled by 50 oars-men and sail on which according to Greek mythology, Jason and the Argonauts sailed from Iolcos to the Black Sea to retrieve the Golden Fleece.» this was from

where you can find more of this amazing ship, I always love to admire it when I am in Volos. Winter time it is on land, but I have seen it in use in the summertime.

A look back to my darling Skopelos:

46F99F54-8F59-41A2-B869-F17EC2AC63060181ABAD-6AE0-4B4A-961B-539DCF4D4719Kyr Phillipos had his nameday on the 14th,  Xronia Polla. So did his granddaughter Pillipia.

171030 006c171030 007c

We are lucky, we have good friends looking after our 3 doggies, Pasxa & Agapi are in Mortero and Ira stays with our Norwgeian friend Silje. I am so happy for the help, and so happy to see that they sent us photos:


Pasxa and Agapi with Ektor at Trachilli, close to Panormos.

Back to Volos:


We had a great meal there too, but now mom have some stomac pain, and I have a cold, so we will be happy to travel home tomorrow, that means Friday the 17th!


Being in Volos, we had to pop up to IKEA in Larissa, for mostly herring for Christmas and candles for the dark winter evenings. When I paid our small lunch, they gave me 5,- discount because it was my borthday!



Fantatsic service from KTEL, I ordered and paid our tickets on line from – could even choose seat number. Had to change the printout with the ticket up here at the Losios station in Athens. No problem. The ride took 4 hours included a 20 minuttes stop at a very clean kafé in Agios Konatsntionos.

«KTEL is the main intercity public transport bus service in Greece. It is a cooperation of 62 regional bus companies, usually named after the regional unit they serve, e.g. KTEL Imathias for Imathia. KTEL was founded in 1952.» Wikipedia


«Kyknos»: The legendary ship that wrote history in Volos – It was completed 70 years since its first tr… 

Old photo from Volos, I can see the place it was moored from our hotel balcony. Kyknos was one of the first modern ferries connecting the Sporades with the mainland, sorry I do not have the years here, but I found what Michal Caroll wrothe in his book Gates of the Winds : «The deep blast of a ship’s siren signalled the approach from Skopelos of the Kyknos, the steamer that plies … Volos and the Sporades, and as the long white shape slid between the outer islands into Skiathos bay, the last …»

New edition called An island in Greece  On the shores of Skopelos



I did not know that kefir excisted in Greece, but I found the kefyr Olympos in Volos, so I had to investigate. I have never every seen kefir in Greece!

Back to Møller/Moller, they sell it in all farmasias, and I was told that this is not a new product in Greece, it exsists grandfathers who remembers it! Here is what we bought:


Έχετε ένα υπέροχο Σαββατοκύριακο, επιστρέφω εδώ τη Δευτέρα!


Møllers Tran

Just had to put a nice summer photo first!

Over to “Mollers”


I used to hate this bottle when I was a kid!
It tasted terrible and my parents forced me to drink a spoonful
every morning!

Why I mention this on my Greek Skopelos site?
Because all the time now on Greek TV and radio
there is commercials for “Moller”.
In the beginning I did not understand what they were talking about,
because the pronunciation was absolute not correct!
It is MØLLER not MOLLER!!!
There are not many foreigners who can pronounce an Ø correct

Wikipedia; “Ø is a vowel and a letter used in the Danish, Norwegian, Faroese, and Southern Sami languages. Ø is frequently replaced with the digraph “oe”.”

There are 29 letters in the Norwegian alphabet,
Æ & Å too!
The Sweedes has Ä ä & Ö ö instead of Æ & Ø.

So what is Møllers Tran?

“The best path to a healthy life!

Since the pharmacist Peter J Möller established the Möller’s company in 1854 its aim has been to provide Norwegian consumers with healthy, natural products and give accurate information about health topics. Cod liver oil contains important nutritional components such as omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins, which help maintain good health. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to the proper functioning of the organism throughout a person’s life. Their beneficial influence on the heart, brain and eyesight has been proven.
Much more at

Back to the Greek Moller, they said in the commercial that:
μουρουνόλαδο is cod liver oil but

codfish is μπακαλάος:


μουρούνα is sturgeon (Norwegian stør):

as you can see they are two very different fishes and not in the same family!

Norwegian Wikipedia; (Alminnelig stør eller europeisk stør er en art i gruppen stører. Det er en truet art.
Torsk (Gadus morhua), eller mer nøyaktig atlanterhavstorsk, er en fiskeart i torskefamilien.)

Sturgeon is the common name for the 27 species of fish belonging to the family Acipenseridae.
Cod is the common name for the genus Gadus of demersal fishes, belonging to the family Gadidae  From

This was todays confusing Greek!!!
Anyway today the Møllers tran does not taste terrible
because they have added nice tastes to it, like lemon!
For sure it is very, very healthy!


They have many other products as well.
I will have a look in a big pharmacy if I go to the mainland!

Time for Skopelos photos;
170907 116
Amarondas outside Agnondas

170907 095cLeifen
Mom & Leifen, breakfast at Soulas summer 2017

170907 110
So strange to see it, so many good memories!
That terrace could not be used in the sunny daytime,
but so nice and sheltered in the late afternoon and evening.
Often I slept out.

Back to the 80ies at 52, I think,
Georgios “Faros”, but we, the reps, used to call him
ISKREMEN – the Icecream!

170824 003
Why Icecream, because the first time one of the girls notised him,
he was licking on an icecream. Later we learned his name.

170824 001
Those were the days!!! Sorry I do not remember who took the photos!

Sorry again this “thing” in here are “painting in black”
– I want all I write in blue and all I copy in black!!!
Hope you get it anyway ;o)

161226 043 XX

November 15❣️

32FEC40F-799A-4D3F-8C06-918CE9845F3EReunion of two moms and two daughetrs! Tina came to work with me as a rep in Paphos on Cyprus ca 1986, and we have been very good friends since then. Tina new that we were coming, but Mathilde not! I am so sorry that we did not take any photo at the first moment, she was so surpriced so her tears was dripping down her cheek!

Anyway we had two great days together, here are some few of my photos:



The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation popularly known as the “Mētrópolis”, is the cathedral church of the Archbishopric of Athens and all Greece. Wikipedia

  Next not my photos, but just fantatsic!





Special day today, so this is to me from ….



So nice to have found all this November «things»!!!

As you might know, today I officially retirer from work! What work? I lost my work with Lilleput October 2016. But as a Norwegian citicen who has paid tax to Norway for some years, I am in title to a pension, only problem nobody know what the pension will  be… So I just have to have a lot of «ipåmåni» / υπομονή / patience and one day some money will come my way every month for the rest of my life! This has not happened to me since 1982!!!

Anyway mom and I just reached Volos, after two days in Athens in order to renew our Norwegian passports. And soon, after some shopping and …  we will enter the boat, which will be the best moment of the trip (in a way). «Borte bra, hjemme best» / «Μακριά καλά, αλα στο σπίτι καλύτερα» / «Gone good, at home best» !!! I do not like to leave Skopelos ❣️🇬🇷❣️



Το μπούκοβο είναι …

On a beautiful summers day …

on the great Mythical Boat of Ena we were served
a delicious meze lunch, and the salad had this,
for me, unusual twist, – what was it?
We got the name, Boukowo/μπούκοβο/boukovå
but I did not find it in the shop!

Suddenly the other day I found two different ones;
171110 001c
Γλυκό – Sweet and καυτερ
ό – hot

“Το δεύτερο όνομά του είναι «μεσογειακό τσίλι»”
Its second name is “Mediterranean chili”

Το μπούκοβο είναι ένα μπαχαρικό  … – Bukowo is a spice …

“Chilly flakes is a spice that comes from the Mediterranean and consists of dried pepper flakes that highlight food, especially meat dishes, soups and salads, when we want to give them a distinctive, powerful taste. Its second name is “Mediterranean chili”, but can also be found processed to its sweet version. At “APOSTOLOU SPICES” you can find hot and sweet chilly flakes, both with strong and full flavor.”
Much more you can find at

Did you know? I did not,
only lived here for 34 years, but I am not a very “Chili” person.
I started now, yesterday I had some sweet “bokowå”
in my soup, great taste!


Happy Movember!
Last  time I showed this great photo,
I did not know that is should say Movember,
– I thought it was a printing mistake –
but it was due to a prostrate cancer campaign!
M for moustaki!!!
Bravo Malamatina,
thanks to SK for telling me this!

150611 015

Do you remember To Karavi?
On the seaway to the monasteries,
before Aeolos Hotel.
It is long gone now, so is the Akti Panorama Taverna
who was there before, I miss it and specially Despina/Debby!

170706 080

Present time;

171109 001

As usual Costas has taken a great photo,
of the roadwork after Skopelos Village Hotel Complex,
were the road was damaged by the flood and snow
in 2015 and 2017.
It is good to see that the traces of the disasters
starts to really disappear now!

Yesterdays walk in the sunshine,
to the sound of the waves and the singing birds;

171109 003c

Vice words;

170731 002

One more:

171109 002

What did Pierce Brosnan say, – actually it was ANT TV;

170703 120

– so said ANT TV, but is that true?
Yes, Skopelos is the Diamond, but —
I believe that Skiathos has had much more
benefits from the movie than us!
In my eyes that is good, Skopelos is a beauty
and it has to keep its a bit lazy style!


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