If you are on Skopelos

or will be soon, CONTINUE READING:

APOLAFSIS is opened on the 25th of April


Across the street


MUSIC LUNCH AT MOLOS Sunday 6th of May


See you there!

170108 001c


Best photo

180423 050cFriday we were invited to the birthday of Kostas at Soulas,
I took some photos but just the one up here of his parents,
Kyr Philipas & Kyria Soula was BEST PHOTO!

We were treated with so much nice food, I love Kyria Soulas
balls and the lamb in the oven with lemon,
made by Kostas sister, was also great!

The cake from Kochillis;

180423 049c

Over to a town walk;

180423 045c180423 033c180423 044c

Walking down the old “sea-step-street»

Bee time …

180423 006c

Ending todays page with some glimpses from my home;

180423 007c180423 043c180423 041c180423 010c

– the “dot” is to protect the legs of the chairs from humidity, like a «buffer» between the leg and the ground.

Have a wonderful rest of the week,
new page on Friday,
and BE KIND!

170108 001c


Ζειμπεκικο – Ο χορος του αετου


Ζεϊμπέκικο – Ο Χορός του Αετού
The Dance of the Eagle

More on Zeibekiko a bit down on this page.

What would life be without music?
I think I would die without!

I can remember my mom playing The Four Aces in the 60-ies,
Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and and …
The good old classics! «Strangers on the night»
with Franky Boy is still one of my favorites.


Oh yes, I can promise you that that is true!

Mom bought me a small gramophone and I did all small jobs
for her and grandma to afford to buy records.
I was through Cliff, Rolling Stones, Bob Dyland, Jimi Hendrix
and many more, but The Beatles changed my life.

Don’t bother me, one of Georges first songs was
the first to fascinated my a lot,
– I was in love with him for many years.
All you need is love and many many many more.
No space to mention them all.

«One good thing about music, when it hits you,
you feel no pain.» Bob Marley



When I moved to Greece and was invited to lovely parties with
«The Greek Connection» in Skiathos, the Sarris family,
Gullivers agents, – my music life changed!
They had some instruments, like guitar, violin, clarinet, and …
but I do not think any of them really was a musician!
They just loved their music, and played it!
I learned to love the Greek music too.
Those days we were mostly into Yiannis Parios,
here is a cut from Wikipedia;

He is quoted as saying
“Whenever a song is born and wherever it is sung,
it belongs to everyone.
That, really, is the reason why music exists:
so that it cannot be fenced in by frontiers”.



One late evening of the Easter in ca 1985 we were walking up
the Papadiamantis street in Skiathos
playing music and singing, arms in arms
– a memory for a lifetime!

Those were the days – we were young, and all alive!


All I knew about Greek music was Nana Mouskouri,
Theodorakis and Zorbas.
Actually our music teacher, Børre, I think was his name,
at Fagerborg School in Oslo, thought us to dance Zorbas,
fantastic, and that must have been around 1966!


A fantastic movie, I can always watch it again, – the book is even better!
That I read nearly every spring, and learns new things every time.

Zorba is a character from the most famous novel that the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis ever wrote – Zorba The Greek.

Alan Bates in the movie says to Zorba “teach me to dance
as if he is sayingteach me to live”. …


Zorba also said;

“Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα,
δε φοβάμαι τίποτα,
είμαι ελεύθερος.”
Nikos Kazantzakis

“I hope for nothing
I fear nothing
I am free”
Nikos Kazantzakis

And that is written on Kazantzakis grave.



I mostly listen to Greek music now, I have Melodia Radio
and Love Radio, on my TV, and they go all day.
Specially the first, because it plays mostly Greek music.


I also learned to buy music onto my iPad!


I have for a long time wanted the song

Δεν πάω πουθενά

– a song with good memories for me, – do you know the meaning?
“I am not going anywhere”, – followed by «edw tha minw», “here I stay” (on Skopelos, of course!).
So I searched and found it on a «big» CD
(or whatever we call it when we just download it to the pad).

Here it is


I gladly paid 13.99€ for 80 great songs with many different singers.

I still have that exciting feeling when I play a new CD,
or whatever I can call it, some songs are ok,
while others just hits me!



Μία Ζωή Ζεϊμπέκικο

A Life of Zeibekiko

Wikipedia: «Zeibekiko (Greek: Ζεϊμπέκικο) is a Greek folk dance. It takes its name from the Zeybeks, an irregular militia living in the Aegean Region of the Ottoman Empire from late 17th to early 20th centuries. It was first seen at the end of the 17th century in cities such as Constantinople and Smyrni.
Evliya Çelebi mentions in his writings that it was danced in Magnesia
(my coment: Our islands are a part of Magnesia)
and in Aydın at local feasts.
Originally a dance for two armed people facing one another,
it developed into an improvised dance for a single male.» https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeibekiko 


When I was painting my chairs (Tuesdays page here)
I was listening to this music and every now and then
I just had to take some dance steps!

180319 071c

In the winter that just left us, we had many fantastic music sessions at Karidia, a big thank you to Nikos, Elena & Thanassis for the music, another big thank you to the owners Ioanna & Nikos, and waiters Nikos & Adonis.

Just a small cut on Zeybekiko from a book called Greek Dances by Ted Petrides: «Because of the lonely power and concentration of the dance,
and the sweeping turns and movements all done with outstretched arms,
this dance has often been called The Dance of the Eagle.»

Ο Χορός του Αετού


I know many Greek dances, and the spesial feeling when I let my self free alone on the dancing floor in a zeibekiko while friends sitts down around me clapping, is a fantatstic feeling of «kefi»!!!

Do you know kefi? Hope you are lucky to know it!

How to translate it??? 

What is life without Greek music and dance?


I just love it!!!

There are many different Greek dances, Zorbas was made for the movie, and is more or less a mix of older songs. Anyway it put Greece on the map.

I have been to many a so called «Greek Night» in my life, helped arranging many of them, and I am sure we have made many people happy by doing so!

Here is from a great Greek Night:


One of my very best dancing photos up here, from Souals House, with a Norwegian couple first, Tangens, and then Kostas, åpha åpha!



That’s all for now, for sure much more to tell but …

In the meantime you can go to YouTube and ask for

A fantanstic vidaki where a soldier just happens
to get up on stage and dance with Xaroulla!
Arranged or not, it is great!

Here is another YouTube with many Zeibekiko songs;


For sure life is nothing without music!

I have to fix two more old chairs outside today, for sure it will be
with my Zeibekiko music and I will dance …

Have a lovely weekend,
new page here on Tuesday!



Gray Tuesday

180416 100c180416 105c180416 106c180416 108cLovely lunch at Molos with mom. PASTITSIO, I wanted to write!

Gray and only around 15C today,
yesterday it was up to 18,8, all in 100% shadow,
and mostly sunny.

180416 023c

Saturday we had sun up here,
but foggy in town, as you can see.

180416 003c

Ira enjoys the flowers and the view,
actually she is looking out for cats!

You can see this program from Skyros if you have BBC Four;

180416 156180416 158

Very special for some of us, since we were there
when they made the program,
we talked with some of the crew!

Old shop – all new;

180416 093c

The bakery at the corner by the ferry office,
opposite the ferry harbor. Also called «The French Baker».
Very very posh!


Kaloríziko! – meaning Good luck!, but my dictionary says only «lucky», while Google says «Good-buy» – anyway it was what we said to the bakery owners and staff!


They had a lot in there, also nice presents.

Kochillias had their shop and bakery in the «Disco-street»/now post-office street, in my young days in Skopelos, and many a morning we passed by to buy some warm, nice pies, bread or … before going home!

More flowers;


The last photo is of a big tistle, but what are the white flowers on it?
I have never see it like that!!!

180416 076c

The flowers comes from the tree behind!

180416 065c

Lots of bees and other “flyings” around,
very good sign!!!
This one was in the cats water-bowl, but I managed to get it out,
and a bit later it flew away!

A walk in town;


I always looks at the garbage places when passing them,
and look what I found up at the crossroad
before the helio-port;

180412 004c

A bit old chairs, not maintained and with broken seats,
but nothing wrong with the wood.
So I fixed them with another chair I found earlier;


180416 216c
Nearly ready, only proper seats are missing, and they will be of wood, cats destroys all hemp seats, unfortunately.


180416 024cDo you know I LOVE BLUE!!!!

Some cuttings from GTP Headlines;

180416 170

We had some Greek tourists here too.

Over to;

180416 186180412 012c180416 208180412 015c

180416 212

180416 192


I was looking at the first photo down here,
I know this place, I thought, do you?

More GTP news:

180416 172180416 174The photo is from Alonnisos, the cave by Votsi,
the 3rd port after Patitiri.

Do you want to go to Denmark for the 1st of May?
Check out Cosmorama;

180416 176

“Long” page today, I have too many photos and things
to show you. I do enjoy that, and I enjoy to do new pages
Tues- & Fridays only.

Wish you a good rest of the week,
try to be good ;o)



Kalimera everybody

180412 007c
This was my view a few days ago,
today I can hardly see Alonnisos.

At 08.45 here is quiet, 14,8C outside,
last 24 hours between 13,7 and 18.

Page ready, took me nearly one hour!
Have a lovely day!

180412 043c

There are a few small fields behind my home who are full
of these Lupines. The funny thing is, you hardly see them,
it is all so green and the flower itself is kind
of drowning in all the greens.

180409 128

I have to show you flowers!
So many now, so beautiful!

180412 009c180412 001c

I found out that the best photos are if I pick the flower,
and holds it up against the sky, so I pick those there are
many of, but like the orchids and other more rare flowers,
I just have to shoot them where they are!

The staff had a good time yesterday;

180412 032c

In the back you see “Imerå” a kind of squid with lots of ink,
the ink is really a delicatessen!

Do you know the app Marine Traffic ?
I saw an unknown boat, to me, 2 days ago.
Found it on Marine Traffic and found out that it had been to Skiathos, was here, passed by Skyros and is now in the harbor of Lavrion, south of Athens, close to Sunion.

I find it amusing to see these things!!!

More nature;

It is just amazing!

Kati allo:

180409 134

Click here to “go” there!

180412 031c

What is a Pillar`s card and even how can they “sale” ice!!!

Time for some cuttings;

180409 123

180409 147

180412 017c

Time for a quote;
Philosopher of the 5th century BC

“One thing I know, that I know nothing.
This is the source of my wisdom.”

That’s all, except for;


 Take care, be nice and here are some old photos:


End of Easter 2018

180409 172

180409 173

I borrowed these super photos from Costas Andreou,
the beauty of Easter night!
There are always lots of fireworks at midnight on Easter Saturday,
but here hardly none at New Years Eve!


180409 167

Fun to see famous people celebrating Greek Easter!

Over to Skopelos;

180409 168

Some friends were at Rigas House and had a great time,
they were the only foreigners.
25,- E for plenty food, drinks, live music
and then one had to dance!
By the way, they did not grill the lamp, but the lamb!!!

180409 153

Very, very typical!
I prefer when we have to help “rolling” the spit,
not when engines does it.

180409 155
180409 143

180409 151180409 149

Easter is beauty!

180409 157

Cuts salads, fixes mezedakia, clean plates, make the table,
welcomes visitors, goes to and from the kitchen,
chases the children to feed them, puts 2,5 bites in her mouth

Sits next to the spit for 9 and a half hours and drinks tsipoura


Some of my photos;

180409 081c180409 096c180409 063c180409 083c180409 099c180409 122c180409 092c

Red is the color of Easter, but soon “my” BLUE will be back again!

180409 118c

Agnondas one of the most beautiful places of Skopelos!

180409 005

More and more poppies are showing up, lovely!

T-shirt time;

180409 169

180409 095I love dogs and wine!
My heart Doc says 2 small glasses of red wine
in the evening does all good!

I like cats more and more, I never had a cat before I moved to Skopelos,
now here are about 20 around. 4 can come in,
10 hangs around outside and the rest comes for food.
Good thing is that I have not seen any snakes
outside here since 2010, bravo cats!


180409 045c

Easter Monday now, so tomorrow my home,
my life goes back to BLUE!
180409 009c
I love BLUE!


Have a lovely week, try to be kind!




Kalimera sas kai Kalo Paska!

The biggest day of the year! Sunny on Skopelos today, but windy.

My photo is from some years back, – this is what happens all over Greece today, grilling of the lamb, or most of all here, the goat kid.

Borrowed one great photo from The Sporades Newspaper of Good Friday:


Next new page Tuesday.

❣️🇬🇷❣️ Xronia sas polla ❣️🇬🇷❣️


Christmas comes to us all once a year

– but this year Easter came twice!

Thursday we colored the eggs as usual, I love it!

The sun was out, the wind had a break and
we had a good time!
We were a good mix of Norwegians – of course – Greeks,
a “little” French and British.

180405 042c180405 061c180405 060c180405 031c180405 030c180405 029c180405 058c

This year we also learned that we could draw on the eggs with an acrylic pen, but your hands had to be very steady!

180405 035c180405 009c180405 068c180405 089c180405 023c180405 021c180405 077

A nice Easter greeting – Googles translation;
“Happy Easter! (Good Resurrection – I would say!)
The Holy Light of Resurrection,
let us illuminate the souls and lives of us all.”

180405 006c180405 007180405 008c180405 014c180405 016c180405 017cJust passed the church and there was music lessons,
so wonderful to hear!

180405 092c

Ioannis at Diethnes alias the OuzoBar,
a very good chef and friend.

180405pad 017Another of my Easter greetings; “Happy Easter Nana mou
More Greek than all of us.
We will come tomorrow.”
Thanks a lot Rania mou.

Kati allo;

180405pad 006180405pad 009First time I saw the Acropolis was in the movie
Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard,
many many years ago. Oh was I in love with Cliff!!!

Wish you all the very best!

Next new page on Tuesday!


Megali Evdomada

180331 009c
Lovely weather, lovely to be more outside!
Blue sky and sunshine, – perfect Easter weather!

More lovely is that more and more places are opening,
we had lunch today at;


We ate

180402 044c180402 045c

Due to the big lent, there are all this lovely dishes without meet.

We had tea and coffee today at;

180331 026c

It is nice to see that they are working and getting ready at so many places.
But all do not choose to open for Easter, since it is very early,
and after Easter it will be very quiet.

180331 029c

Some glimpses from my day;

180331 041c180331 042c180331 022c180331 025c

Saturday was PalmSaturday and my mom bought this for me;

180331 046c

The only place in the world, I have been told,
that they make these rolls, I love them too!

180331 045c

Time for some flowers;

180331 032c180402 040c180402 035c

That kind of string you see in the middle are the asparagus,
small and so delicious.

Sunday we had to pass by Karidia to listen to music
and have some nice parea;

180402 010c180402 011c

We got a kind of problem! Silje and me ordered 1 small retsina,
oh yes very good, and had some cheese crocettes,
but then one more bottle came on the table,
then one more and then one more …
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You know this is a Greek kind of tradition,
that you order drinks for friends sitting on an other table,
or the musicians or …

Kati allo;
Some friends had bought an ouzo and I love the label;

180402 007c

This is all for now, we are in the “Megalo Evdomada”
the big week of Easter.

You take care and have a nice time!

New page on Friday!


skopelos churches greece


Smak & Behag

Tinas mat - og annet snadder

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