Kayaking & Molos

170711 004c170711 016cFor sure once every summer I have to go kayaking with Neal, it is so great.

170711 005c
One of the most beautiful beaches of Skopelos, difficult to reach, but you can from Elios.

170711 001c170711 047c170711 084c170711 062c170711 012c

This time we had lovely weather and we could go also on the back side of the island of Dassia where there is a tunnel/cave we went through, great, but lots of seaurgines.

170711 068c170711 067c170711 083c

What a lovely afternoon, from 18.00 to 21.00 – that will change, because all is acording to what time the sunset is! You should try it!

Thursday last week, we had a great night at Molos, and there is the always smiling, happy Magda to meet us:

The highlight of the evening was the 3 boys (the Molos twins and their cousin) playing and singing with Georgios and Kostas:


Sorry not good quality of the photo, but just to give you an idea!


I love Greek food, you know that, but to have something else, every now and then, is wonderful!

Mom and I have been to Volos for 3 days, it started with mom getting a terribly allergic shock to some medisin due to a scan, ending up at the hospital, oh me oh my, I was so worried. But we ended up with icecream on the paralia, and The Flying Cat home on the 3rd day. All is fine, I am so happy for that!!!!! More on this next time!

Have a great rest of the week!

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Monastery night

Skopelos has many monasteries,
most of then un-inhabited, so why not
try to spend a night in one of them?
I invited 3 of my friends, who did not know
“the back side of the Monastery Hill”
– the one facing Skyros –
to come with me.


We drowe up, because of all the things we had to bring,
and then we walked the blue line I have marked.

Here we are;

170711 251c
Selfie; me, Tina, Roger & Ingrid
170711 242c
Fully “packed”
170711 243c
We needed many rests, even if we only walked down the hill!
170711 244c
I am having a wonderful rest!!!


I think the walk took us 45 minutes,
we had a lot to carry; food, drinks, cutlery,
sleepingbags, dogfood and and ..
But not water, there are lovely springs at;

170711 312c170711 315c170711 320c

Then it was time to wait for the full moon
around nine o`clock;

I think it is always magic to see the moon
coming up!

170711 316c
Back in the monastery getting ready for dinner;

170711 259c170711 294c170711 296c170711 297c170711 303c

We all were trying to sleep in what I call
“The Last Supper Room”
– because there is a print of the last supper
on the wall.
I believe nobody slept well,
but it was worth it!

Roger was first up and slowly we all got ready
to meet the sun;
170711 310c

Back down to the monastery,
it lays a kind of in the end corner of a valley,
so not a good view from there,
– we had breakfast & packed our bags.

But first we wrote in the guestbook,
and there I found some old “memories”;

The drawing is not mine, but I had to copy it,
it is so very nice!
Then we started on the climb up before 8 o`clock,
– it was a hard walk up, up & up, and very hot.
We used more than one hour,
many stops and old Pasxa got very tired.

It was a wonderful 26 hours monastery-panselinos-sunrise-experience!

All my photos are taken with my phone,
Tina & Roger had proper cameras,
but Tina said the ones she took with her
phone was better!

170711 235
Being single, having 2 dogs, many cats and good friends is great!
170711 239
I wait 4 U!!!


Later that day I went sunset kayaking with some other friends,
so I am a sun worshipper!!!
Even more Panselinos worshipper ;o)

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In the sea …

170711 131c

Kalispera sas!
I have been soooo busy; overnight stay in a deserted monastery,
with the full moon, and the sun rising,
sunset kayaking – so in the same day I saw the
sun getting up behind Alonnisos
and down over Skiathos!
More on that another time!

“My” new toy I borrowed on Ena,
the very modern, fancy Italian diving mask!
So now I can see what I am shooting!
I love it!

170711 143c170711 138c170711 147c

We have been out with ENA – the Mythical boat –
again. Mom says; I do not smoke, I do not drink,
so I can afford some luxury in life!
She is only 89 years old, you know!

170711 352

Photo of Mom at my home,
she will be 90 in February!!!
Back to our lovely day on ENA
and the magic colors of the sea;

What fantastic colors!
I love the sea!

170711 175c

In the bay of Glaros on the island of Peristera,
there is this cave that you can, maybe should not,
dive into. It is about 30 m deep!
I did not dare!!! Of course our Kapatanios did!
Also there is fresh water coming from somewhere and that is cold!
The sea yesterday was around +27C,
wonderful, if you ask me!!!

170711 156c170711 158c170711 342c170711 344c

We were 8 Norwegian friends and family,
and we got to know this very nice couple who came
from Australia. Every time we are on Ena
we meet nice people!

Time to end this page with a pic from this mornings walk;

170711 350c

Take care, dream of Skopelos and
have a wonderful time!

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That`s what friends are for!

170708 022c

I am lucky! I have so many good friends visiting and
we have sooo good time together,
here are some glimpses, but a good Greek photo first;

170706 019c

170708 064c
Tine came back yesterday, she always puts me in very good mood!

170708 089c170708 070c170708 051c170708 058c


Who is not in a good mood when visiting Agnondas?

It was the first night of the season at Pavlos
with live music;

170708 093c
Welcome back from France. They both have the last name Syros, and are from Skopelos. Actually Nikos is Kostas uncle.

170708 096c170708 097c


Agnondas is sooo lovely!
But back to some of my friends;

170708 023c
with Maria M & Venke B

170708 017c


Here are so many nice places for eating,
and so many nice views!

And I must say the quality of food and the variety is
getting better and better!
I think Skopelos is best on Greek traditional food,
– many only with vegetables.
Due to wishes from customers many places serves
schnitzel and that kind of food too!

Birthday party for Per M;

170706 048c170706 049c170706 053c170706 055c170706 058c170706 059c

Such a great night!

Now it is time for some town pics and flowers;

Over to our neighbor island;

170706 065

Bravo sas! And now from the one island
to the other, Skiathos;

When I worked the last 6 years for Lilleput
I started to use the app Flightradar24 and found it very helpful.
Yesterday many charters landed in Skiathos and amongst them
2 from KTW – Katowice, and I started to wonder
where is that? In Poland, – so I learned something new.
Another from Lubljana in Slovenia and
of course 2 flight from Oslo, Norway!
But I think Friday is the most busy day at the airport
with so many flight coming from the UK.

170706 078
I do not know anything of this poster, but I liked the look of it! One should always celebrate the full moon, the Panselinos!

170706 083


FaceBook – I always finds something there!

Have a lovely full moon evening,
+ it was full this morning, as fare as I know!

170706 020c

If you want to listen to a great fullmoon song
go on YouTube and ask for

Εχει πανσεληνο αποψε Χαρις Αλεξιου

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Νυχτα λουλουδι – a fascinating flower

170706 034c

Νύχτα λουλούδι – Night flower
Τα δειλινά – the sunset

Mirabilis jalapa, the 4 o`clock flower

This flower fascinates me so much every year.
Yesterday walking in town and a bit outside
I saw a lot of them, just have a look;

This is what I found on the net;

Mirabilis jalapa, the marvel of Peruor four o’clock flower, is the most commonly grown ornamental species of Mirabilis plant, and is available in a range of colours. Mirabilis in Latin means wonderful and Jalapa is the capital of Veracruz. Mirabilis jalapa was cultivated by the Aztecs for medicinal and ornamental purposes. It is also said to have been exported from the Peruvian Andes in 1540 A.D.”

Family Caryopylallis & Genus Mirabilis

– from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirabilis_jalapa

170706 036c170706 035c
Their mix of colors are amazing!

Wikidedia again; “The flowers are used in food coloring.
The leaves may be eaten cooked as well, but only as an emergency food.
An edible crimson dye is obtained from the flowers to colour cakes and jellies.
In herbal medicine, parts of the plant may be used as a diuretic, purgative, and for vulnerary (wound healing) purposes. The root is believed an aphrodisiac as well as diuretic and purgative. It is used in the treatment of dropsy.
The leaves are used to reduce inflammation. A decoction of them (mashing and boiling) is used to treat abscesses. Leaf juice may be used to treat wounds.
Powdered, the seed of some varieties is used as a cosmetic and a dye.

The seeds are considered poisonous.”

170706 041c170706 043c

So you may easily take seeds, but they need many hours
of sun every day to survive. Here in Greece they
may really be a big problem because their seed
spreads every where.
But still I have not made them grow in my garden,
maybe not enough sun!!!

You may read a lot about them and how to grow them on

Hope this inspired you?

Some Norwegian;
“Gi meg et smil mens jeg lever, kom mot meg forstående mild.
Når jeg er blitt senket i graven da trenger jeg ikke ditt smil.”
– dette er litt av en dansk skillingvise, – herlig, spør du meg!
Translated to something like this;
“Give me a smile while I am alive, come to me mildly.
When I’m lowered into the grave, I do not need your smile.”

All the best from Skopelos
and have a lovely weekend!

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Agnondas walk & …

170703 029top

The look of Agnondas has changed!



Corali Taverna to the right will open very soon
in a more or less brad new building,
best wishes for a good season!

My “parèa” wanted lunch in Agnondas on Sunday,
and I decided to walk the 7,5 km!!!
Started off from home
in +32C, – so I left the doggies at home!
It took 1,5 hours and it was lovely!

170703 014c

Here are some of my pics from the walk on
the top road over Raches;

170703 007c170703 008c170703 010c170703 013c


170703 016c
Thymbra common name Mediterranean thyme,[3] is a genus of plants in the family Lamiaceae. – from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thymbra_(plant)

170703 041c
Μεσογειακό θυμάρι (timian)

I had to pick a bit, – then I read this now while
looking up the name of the plant;

Looters strip Greek mountains of wild tea, rare plants

From http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/wireStory/looters-strip-greek-mountains-wild-tea-rare-plants-48399670

A cut from the article;
“It’s illegal in Greece to pick more than a tiny quantity of wild herbs for personal use in traditional infusions. That ban doesn’t exist in Albania, one of Europe’s poorest nations. But, more significantly, the plants are usually uprooted in the looters’ haste to pick as much as possible and be off undetected. This stops natural regeneration, threatens delicate ecosystems and leaves entire mountainsides denuded.

Albanians contend the herbs are there and the Greeks don’t pick them, so why shouldn’t somebody profit?”

I was so thirsty when I got there and I can promise
you that the Mythos tasted fantastic!
We ate at Thanasis place Pavlos, as usual!
I forgot to take pics of the tasty food,
only the end;
170703 033c

I got a lift up the hills, to the crossroad
to the Heliopad and walked back home;

170703 039c170703 042c170703 045c170703 049c

— and then a short walk with the doggies,
made 14 km, I did!

I was at Soulas House the other morning;

He is soooo qute!!!

From my home;

170703 126c170701 013c170703 063c170703 060c170703 001c

Kati allo,
Norwegian lesson;

170703 124

Your telephone has already replaces your camera,
your alarm clock, your calendar,

Greek lesson,
and I always feel it difficult to translate,
here it comes;

170630 007

Google says;
“Will this happen again!”

As fare as I know
δεν θα ξαναπιω
means I will not drink again!
So the whole thing means something like:
“”So this “I will not drink again”
has anybody made it?”
In other words this is what one says after a hangover
I will never drink again!!!

Good advice from me, drink RETSINA
and you never get a hangover!!!

170703 160

Retsina – pinjens tårer

Skopelos is great as usuall, but now with only  +26C
I love it more! 35 is too much!

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Bus & …

170701 007c
Very short page today as it is HOT!
33,6 C up here in 100% shade,
in the night it was “down” to 29,5!
I do not have air-con,
not even a fan, I have a draft through the house
and I feel fine!

AND what do I love now?

170701 009c

The name was Banatoffee or something,
just gorgeous!
I am trying out a lot of ice-creams lately,
there are soooo many to choose from!

Who makes the most noise?

170701 001c

Τα τζιτζίκια

The cicadas (/sɪˈkɑːdə/ or /sɪˈkdə/) are a superfamily, the Cicadoidea,
of insects in the order Hemiptera (true bugs).
More at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cicada

Have a lovely Sunday!

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Καλό μήνα

170630 163
A day out with ENA – it could not be better!!!

170628 050c170628 065c
ENA, the mythical boat is back,
the old-fashioned wooden boat,
where there is plenty of space for all!


Sailing out of the harbor I always have to take this photo;
170630 119top
We had a lovely day on sea,
here are some more pics;

170628 018c+28 in the sea, what to do?
It was great, – the air was about 33!

Some few more from a fantastic day;
170628 067c170630 134c170630 142c170630 139c

I lost my WiFi at home, got it back today!
Strange without it for a few days,
I have 20000 MB a month, normally enough,
but the iPhone-pad chairing takes a lot!
So I closed that now, I like to store my
photos in my old HP PC!!!

I have lots of photos for you,
but they will come another day!

170614 112c

Καλό μήνα

170630 006


A breath with a kiss
a kiss of mint …

Since I am all the time trying to learn more Greek,
here is another one;

Ένα φιλί από έναν φίλο –
A kiss from a friend

All the best from +32,5C now at 09.15,
I have not seen more than 35,2 up here
the last days, but it might happen today!
Keep it warm, baby
– and have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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Smak & Behag

Tinas mat - og annet snadder

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