Agnondas is open!!!

170326 110cA table always waits for you …

When Agnondas open it is really a highlight!
Thanassis at Pavlos opens normally on the 25th
of March, Greece’s nameday!
170213 040c
This year it was on a beautiful sunny day,
here are some of my pics from
Saturday lunch with mom and
Sundays with friends;

170326 032c170326 026c170326 022c170326 036c170326 034c

We always eat the shrimp saganaki;

The squash slices were great but we had forgotten
to order tzatziki with them,
that is a must!!!

170326 118c170326 113c170326 029c170326 112c170326 021c

I did not put up the Norwegian flag,
but it made me haooy!

From FaceBook;
170326 063

This flag has history
This flag is culture
This flag is heroism
We were born Greek
… and we will die Greek!

170326 107cThis also makes me happy!
Saturday I was moms driver, so only water,
but Sunday it was retsina on the rocks time ;o)

Every day I see “new” of the year flowers,
nature is just so fantastic!

170326 082c

May you have a wonderful week!

Μπορεί να έχετε μια υπέροχη εβδομάδα!


What a beautiful day!

140324 002c140324 004c140324 005c140324 024c
Amazing view just walking down from my home!
The redish tree is a Judas tree, one of the Greek names
I have been told is Kåtsika/Kotsika!

Sorry for not many updates here, but I have problem with my old HP oldfashioned PC. Now I have downloded a new app for WordPress on here on my iPad and lets hope that is better!

More from my walk to and in town;

170321 110c170321 106c170322 007c170322 006c170322 009c170322 013c170321 080c170321 078c170321 021c

And the last one “My Kalivi”
one of the many I have made, I love doing ceramics!

170321 012c170321 013c

They will open at the end of April, I love to sit at the café there with my frappé and watching life go by!

Ta Kymata alias Angelos in the old harbor, bravo sas!

Time for some of the many flowers showing up now:

Oups, the tulippa is not wild!

170321 006c

This I was served at Soulas house, very nice!

Γλυκό του κουταλιού

“Sweet of the spoon” – a traditional greeting when coming to visit, with a glass of water, of course!

Walking home:

170321 114c170321 120c170321 121c140324 029c

As you might know, Ira was new up here in October, and she has setteled in very well. She also loves to look out …

Have a wonderful weekend, here is the national day tomorrow!




FaceBook viewers, please click on link to see full page!

170316 068c

Μια μικρή καλύβα, ή ήταν δύο μικρές καλύβες;
One small hut, or was it two small huts?

Singular for hut in Skopelos Greek is KALIVI,
but most dictionaries says KALIVA!

Skopelos is full of “kalivia” – small huts,
normally used during the olive-harvest
and when doing works on their land.
In modern days many are modernized and
the families used them as a holiday retreat
and/or rented it out.

I feel sad when I see a neglected kalivi,
and would like to “read it`s story off the walls”!
Here is the view from this one;
170316 069c

down to Kambos, Skopelos town to the left.

I was for a lunch yesterdays at some friends
who has a lovely house a bit up in Kambos.
We were served an excellent meal, as usual,
here are a few glimpzesz;

Doggies and me walked and we saw so
many wild flowers;
170316 047c170316 028c170316 021c170316 003c

The other day we were for lunch at Mortero,
here are the birthday boy & some of the lovely food;
170316 009c170316 013c170316 010c
We brought the fish, Norwegian “rotten” fish,
(old-fashioned way of preserving food),
very nice and no feel of rotten at all!
A present from good Norwegian friends!

Here are some glimpses from Mortero.
the garden of Skopelos – just before Panormos;

Some more glimpses from my life;
170316 039c170316 033c

At the “ceramic-class:

Only the small houses – ta kalivia – are my work.
Do you know what the blue “thing” to the right is for?
Here is the answer;

170316 036c

Time for a FaceBook cut;

170316 045

Να έχεις ένα υπέροχο Σαββατοκύριακο!



one of my favorite places;

170313 075c170313 064c170313 065c170313 068c170313 070c170313 072c170313 077c170313 083cIt was sunshine yesterday so we walked from
the ctossroad town-HelioPort-Panormos-Pefkia.
A great walk of about 8 km and all we saw
was the beautiful nature
and plenty of goats!

Love to Roffen i Norge fra Agnondas!

Skopelos is beautiful, I woke up to this today;

170314 001cJust magical!

170313 061c170313 059c

170313 058c
More houses – my work – I am having fun ;o)

170313 003


Have a lovely rest of the week!




This is the most viewed photo on Skopelitissa in 2016!
From an island just outside of Skiathos town.

The most looked at page was also from Skiathos;
Once upon a time …

And here is where the Skiathos photo is;

I am happy that you look at pages here but that the best one
is about Skiathos has made me wonder!

More than one week since last page and finally
yesterday one friend asked me if all is ok!
(Due to no new pages!)

Over to my last photos;


No water shortages on Skopelos this summer!

IMG_8632cBeautiful and so quiet, and soon summer starts!
I do not swim now but they say it is about 16C in the sea!


IMG_8659cIMG_8619cThe Judas trees has started to blossom, they are so
beautiful, but they take over in the garden,
if you let them!


When a “new” cat comes around, I can not refuse it food,
so how many cats am I feeding now?
I don’t know! 20? 25?

The SUN has been here and one of the results is this;

and some more;

We have done a lot of walking and the views are always beautiful;


Walking home from a lunch in the sun;

Some mostly blue pics from my life;

Just a box of paint!




From FaceBook;
IMG_8070170309 005

Να έχεις ένα υπέροχο Σαββατοκύριακο!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kalo Mina


I love my life in Skopelos!
I love the Greek way of greeting eachother,
all the time something to be happy about –
more or less!
Like today we all say Kalo Mina to eachother,
Good MOnth!

More and more flowers showing up day by day!
This must be spring!!!

170228-017cI have never see wild tulippes here;
But we can not have it all!!!

We have just had a “treemero” –
a tree days holidays. Saturday it was
A public holiday only in Skopelos,
like other islands and places has their saints day!
Agios Reginos` monastery is on the “new” road to Panormos,
passing though Kambos.

Sunday was supposed to be


the big fake wedding parade and many parties,
but due to a tragic death due to leukemia of a 4,5 year old child
all was cancelled! RIP to the child and
condolences to the family, what a tragedy.


And Monday καθαρά Δευτέρα / Kathara Deftera / Clean Monday
– the start of the 40 days lent, – next party is Easter!


The good thing this time of the year is that we can be
more and more outside.
We had the only table outside at Dimitrakis,
and it was all so lovely.

My first ceramics are ready, and as tradition
my first work was for mom ;o)
Signs on our wooden gates.


Καλό μήνα


The Trata of Skopelos

170220-073cThe most beautiful Trata was the one of the youngest boys, bravo!

Anyway here is more;

TRATA is a kind of vessel/boat made mostly of bamboo and fishing/nets, one use all one can find! Use the fantasy!
It should have a kind of engine, the more it sots the better,
it does not get the Trata moving,
manpover is used!

The tratas, it could be 2 – 7,
is dragged around the narrow streets of town,
the more noise, the more fun.
The ladies in town gives them “something”,
and the mood is rising!
The tratas ends up at the town beach
where they are put on the water,
– they never gets fare!

The young boys have their tratas the second last Sunday
of the
apokries and the “big bad” boys
has their after the Wedding parade the last Sunday.


Next day is Katharo Defthera and then the 40 days of lent starts.
All waits for the big Easter celebration!


Town, Metochi & Limnonari

– once it was a nice taverna!
We passed it on our way up “the Monastery Hill”

The monastery was closed, why?

It was a beautiful day and I think photos turns very nice out
when there are some clouds.

Next day I took mammy and the doggies to



That`s life!

170217-069c170217-070c170217-061c170217-068c170217-067cάγριο δυόσμο – άγρια μέντα

They have this plant in the yard of Bardon,
do you know anything about it?
One guy I asked said it was “growing wild” –
I want to plant some in a pot and use it for cooking!
The smell is great!

Some more town with amazing colors;

Ira upside down!!!



Do you want peace?
Make love!


Am I half goat?

I took a stroll on a new (to me) path the other day,
up from Kambos, at the end of the “middle” road.
Started well but then we hade to climb over and under
broken trees an bushes.
The first path ends at the red dot you see up here.

Finally out we visited these guys and their parents;


I did not want to take the same path home,
because that would be more or less impossible to climb up!
So we took the path straight up, the one I always walk
when I visit my friends. BUT …


It was terrible!!! I let the doggies free and followed them.
There were broken trees and bushes all over,
but obviously the goats had made their way.
I really crawled thru the bushes, luckily I was dressed
in rain-gear so I slipped thru!!!
Some moment I thought that I would not make it,
I wondered if I could manage to return.
I took the phone out in order to call for help,
if necessary, that’s why all the selfies!!!
I was so happy when I finally got up to the dirt road!
Home sweet home -Kalivi, kalevaki mou!


I saw blue flowres and much more …
I was even singing! It was daylight so I knew I could be found!!!!

The day started nicely;


I love the sun! So happy to see her/it!

Over to some FB clips that I like;


If you do not know what m@l@k@ in Greek means,
try to find it out!!!
I will tell you; m@trubator, w@nker, yerk!!!


means make/become soft …

Sunshine at our beautiful island at the moment,
6,3C and it was down to 4,3 in the night.

Giannis Parios sings a happy song in the radio;
Kalimera, ti kanis … Listen to it;


11/2 2017 Mom 89


Mom Kate says “Euxaristo poli” to all of you for greetings and presents. She will not write you all, she gets very tired from writing letters, so by this we thank you! I have read her all the greetings, the last ones this morning when she called as usuall at nine! She was so impressed by all of it, thanks a lot❣❣❣


Chef Reginos at Ta Kimata alias Angelos made this fantastic gourmet meal for us, sorry I forgot to shoot the maindish, that was great too with tender beef slices on a smal pasta bed. It was a great meal and with so many excuting tastes, quiet different from the normal Greek cusine! Thanks a lot!

I had made a glutenfree “Sucsess cake”  – yes thats the name. Cake made of calory bombs as almonds, cream, butter, vanilla, sugar, butter and eggs. Mom loved it, and took the rest home!

If you will have a cellebration on Skopelos, chef Reginos will be happy to make you an exciting meal, – you have to book some days in advance.

I am lucky to have my mom alive at 89, she already started to think of what to do on the next big birthday!

Xronia Polla Mamma mou❣


Smak & Behag

Tinas mat - og annet snadder

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