Skyros Apokreas 2018

1802Skyros 069c1802Skyros 071c

What a suuuuper long weekend we have had!
We left here Friday at 12.00 from Loutraki going Mathoudi on Evia.

1802Skyros 012c
Bus to Chalkida, lunchstop, then bus to Kimi
and the Skyros ferry Axilleas out to Linaria.

1802Skyros 020c

There taxidriver Georgios waited us and he became “our” private driver.
I asked him until what time of night he was driving, and he said 24 hours a day!!!
I wish the Skopelos drivers could say the same!

He took us to the 

a very. very nice apartment complex down at the beach of Molos.

Photo from the net, not that many flowers out yet!

My 1st mornings walk, mostly to the loooong beach of Molos:

1802Skyros 027c1802Skyros 034c1802Skyros 036c1802Skyros 038c1802Skyros 032cThe wild flowers of Skyros had got further than here, even the poppies are out.

The main reason for our longweekend was the «Apokreas» alias carnavalli, so Saturday around 16.00 it started up at the monastery of Agios Georgios,
and the most interesting, fraightening was «Oi Geroi» and they look like this:

1802Skyros 084c1802Skyros 089c1802Skyros 125c1802Skyros 122c1802Skyros 141c1802Skyros 172c1802Skyros 293c1802Skyros 299

I was told that they are between 8 and 80 years of age, the bells around their waste can waight up to 50 kilos and the maskes are made of stillborn kids (goats). The costumes are a kind of family treasure. 

These guys were running through town all the time, very noisy, and since they did not see much through the mask, one had to be very carefull when one heard them coming! Some run alone, other had a “bride” behind them or other “creatures”!

1802Skyros 177c1802Skyros 142c1802Skyros 130c1802Skyros 328c1802Skyros 323c1802Skyros 326c

The sandales are very spesial with a sole of old car tires.

It was so nice to see that many of the Skyrian people was dressed up, mostly in their islands costumes. People were very happy and everybody had fun.
Some was dancing all night!!!

The people of Skyros were very friendly and the prices for meals were cheap.
We never paid more than 15,- euros pr person for a big meal with lots of wine.

I have a lot of more photos but they will come siga siga!
We had lots of fun and dressed up a bit,
just wait and see tomorrow!

Bravo, Norway seams to lead the Olympics!

Wish you the very best and LOL from Skopelos!



Pavlos Agnondas is open, bravo!

1802Skyros 274c1802Skyros 276c1802Skyros 270c

Walked my doggies around Amarondas and was so happy to see that Thanassis has opened, we just need a bit of sunshine and we will be there!

SKYROS was fantastic!!!

Home after 5 days and 4 nights away!
More on that tomorrow, maybe a bit late due to me too busy today!

On the way to Skyros;

1802Skyros 005c
in Mortero, Ira was at my moms

1802Skyros c

1802Skyros 007c

Very quiet in Loutraki!

1802Skyros 009c

Take care and be nice!


Halkida 20/2

Waiting for the bus, to take us to Mathoudi on Evia, and then Home Sweat Home, Skopelos! We have had a fantastic time on



Here we are



Eddie, Silje, Marie & Lesley

Here you can see also the Lagana bread who is only made this day of the year



The group of 5 went to Skyros from Friday to Tuesday for the fantatstic «Apokreas» – and for once I could surprise my X boss of Gulliver and Lilleput who was on a trip by himself:


He was so surprised to see us!

What is this?



Thassos from International Café had his birthday the other day!

I have taken lots of photos and on Thursday morning you can see a lot more here, but I have to say that these guys are just stunning, «The Bell Boys»


All the best and be kind to oneanother




Rainy day …

Kalimera sas!
I am writing this on Thursday because tomorrow I go
for a small trip and I am not sure if I can send anything
from where I am going, – also it would be good to relax!!!
I have learned to pre-post so this will be published Saturday morning!

I can promise you that when I can send again, you will get
fantastic photos from a beautiful place!

Rain outside all day, so no new photos,
but I have plenty to take from,
here comes mostly Agnondas April 2016,
one of my favorite places on Skopelos;

 020416_31c050416_76c050416_74c050416_73c050416_78c020416_43C020416_39C030416_56c050416_65c020416_44c160405 015160405 003

The wooden jetty was detroyed by the heavy rain in 2015, but has been redone.

Here are some of what I love to eat in Agnondas:

020416_33C160405 005

– not to mention the Αστακό/Astakå Makaronada, you should try!

Here comes one of my best photos:


I just love it!

Here is one of my few famous people photos:


Can you see who it is? Bjørn Ulvaeus from ABBA, this was when the Mamma Mia was made here. Here he is with his grand daughter.

Some cuttings:

BBDE987E-0240-4D76-8650-7264CB407328This is just fantastic!!!



Nalla Nøff says: When you are sad and sorry – Think of those who loves you –

Are you ready for the Apokreas? We are:


180209 046c

The Trata who was …

Last Sundays Trata – photos from the Sporades Newspaper


Several photos of Xristos who works in the Skopelos Supermarked, he is such a nice guy. Last photo is of another Xristis, cute as well.

I am sorry that I was not there to see the parade, if you can call it that, but moms 90 years old day was more important!

Some cuttings:

575DB2EC-3BC3-4B52-8037-CF9BCEF42C0614ED0C40-DA06-4B5B-BD70-ABC845B4EE59This inspired me to go out and see how my «paskalitses» are doing:

The blue is lavender
Enter a caption


This last one has been amazing, in blossom since I get it as a present in the summer. Do not know the name, do you?

Last 24 hours it has been between 8,1 and 13,6c plus, of course, outside. The rain started ca nine this Thursday morning, nice soft rain. All rain we gets now is so good for the summer, when the consumption of water is so big!

PS Friday morning, last 24 hours 75 mm of rain!!!

Greek lesson:


My translation: «Can you remembåer how we were jumping the line  when we were children?»

And this was all for today, have a nice Friday and get ready for the big «Apokreas» carnaval weekend in Greece!


180209 046c

Short Monastery Hill walk

180214 007c180214 008c

180214 009c
The Monastery Hill is to the left opposite here, you can see the 2 monasteries I will mention further down here, as kind of white spots in the greenery!

180214 010c
180214 c
What is the best view?
Impossible to answer!!!
I love my view!
I loved the one from the house I stayed in in town 1984-2005!
I love the ones up on the photos here!
For me the main thing is to see the SEA ;O)

For sure in Skopelos you find many wonderful views …
The last one up here was from todays walk in
what I call the Monastery Hill.

Here are some from our walk;

180214 020c180214 021c

Old Skopelos travelers remembers the nice taverna of Delina and Nina,
miss you! But what will it be up there, I do not know!

180214 032c180214 030c180214 034c

When I came here I was told that the name of this monastery
was Metemorfosis, but later the Sotira sign came up!
It is closed wintertime, but open for visitors all summer.

180214 026c180214 028c180214 022c

This flower I see only in the Monstary Hill,
it is in the family of Norwegian”Hvitveis”.
It is so nice and BLUE!!!

This cut I love too;

180214 001

Here is a GReek Norwegian word;
με / med – both meaning with


Translaton of με
με, μαζί, μετά, συν
με, υπό
μου, με, εμένα, εγώ

Hope you had a lovely Valentines day,
– mine was a wonderful day,
lots of love from my 4-legged friends,
but no sweetheart!!!

180209 046c

From todays walk & …

180213 020c180213 022c180213 005c180213 006c180213 009c180213 010c180213 012c180213 019c180213 017c180213 038c180213 042c180213 025c

I shot these doves just at they took off, not bad!!!

Skopelos Trata was on Sunday,
I could not see the parade, because it was moms birthday.

Here is a borrowed photo, just to give you an idea:


A trata is a kind of a boat as you see it up here. It will naver travel on Sea …

If you want to see my old vidaki about it, go here

These are the leftovers of the total of 7 tratas;

180213 030c180213 032c


Take care and try to be good!

180209 046c


Next day …

180212 027c180212 025c180212 026c

I left the bucket on the left hand side as you walk on to the beach.
Lots more to pick up, but it is easy and there are garbage containers.

180212 030c180212 031c

I think the flower was big a my fingernail!

Final photos of MOMS big day;

180212 021c180212 019c180212 022c

180212 017c

It was maybe OK, but not half as good I had thought it to be!


180212 016c
Thanks to Beatriki who had picked the cloudberries!


180209 074c

It is good old Proteus who is passing the entrance to the beach.

180212 033c

Yes, this makes me happy! My whole driveway is full of almond flower petals!

My Pekki boy;

180212 015c180212 001c

FANTASTIC it should be! – No wonder it was great, it broke the pipes from my bathroom so …
You see it to the right down here, photo from May 2016;

160603 015c

That`s life!

180209 005

“At some point we have to stop being proud of our ancestors
and make our ancestors to be proud of us.”

Have good day and night!

180209 046c


Mom 90


As you know mom Kate was 90 on Feb 11! But I wrote this before:

Now it is Saturday late afternoon, and I do some preparations for the big lunch up here tomorrow. We had a small present-session at moms today, dogs, cats & I gave her books and


By chance I found them via FaceBook. It is not easy to find her owls that she does not have from before. I think she has close to 1000!

While I prepare things I watch the Olympics and it is a good day for Norwegian skiers.

Here is what I done so fare:


I started today, because it is raining and the doggies did not want a long walk.

Now I will prepare the turkey so I can put it in the oven tomorrow morning.

It was 11,2 in the morning with light rain but now heavy rain and some wind.

Cats has been fed, two sleeps in here and the others have different boxes around outside, but these two can not come in, they do not know how to behave inside:

I am preparing this page now because tomorrow I will be so busy and maybe no time to make a Mondays page! 

Thanks, more on Tuesday ❣️🇬🇷❣️


Kate Kobro 90 years 11/2-2018

Xronia sou Polla “Mamma Nana”

A page only about my mom and a bit of her life!

Photo from last summer, at my home up in the hills of Raches,
behind Skopelos town.
Some of my Greek friends used to call my mom “Mamma Nana”
because they did not know her name; Kate!

Look how young and beautiful she was,
photo from the beginning of the 50-is!



As you have noticed my mom Kate Kobro will be 90 years old today!
Amazing! She still walks Agapi an hour every morning, weather permitted.
And compared to Norway we have very few days where she can not walk!

I think the last photo composition over here is from the Olympic Games in Norway 1952. My parents was both working there, mom was helping in the slalom slopes, putting the long, heavy, wooden markers back to place, and my father was a sports-journalist for Aftenposten, Norways biggest newspaper – then, I do not know about now!

More from moms life;



With my great grandfather Isak Kobro and my «Besse» Alf Gunnar Jervel Kobro, my grandfather, who was more or less acting as my father,
and thought me many things. 

Here is


4-5 islands on the south cost of Norway, between Risør and Tvedestrand.



My Besse bought this house in ca 1948 and I spent all my Easter and summer holidays there, often other times as well. Fantatsic!

Very fun when mom sometimes came down for the weekend in a small seaplane, kind of taxi, very posh thouse days?


Still photos from Norway:


Very nice for me to have my father and his very nice wife Lilleba, visiting in Grimstad, and to see my parents together without fighting!!!

Just a few days befor we knew we were moving to Skopelos:



We left Grimstad in my small Fiat 127 with my German Shepard dog and moms Cocker Spaniel puppy, and lots of things. After ten days through Europe we just missed the ferry out, so we had to sleep in the car. No hotel wanted two dirty girls (Yougoslavia was so dirty then, so we did not want to use the bathroom!)
Guess if we were happy when we next day was well greated by Kosta and 
Georgios – The Greek Connection – and their lovely family in Skiathos.

After two days, I think it was the 29th of April, we went to



We were so lucky to stay the first 5 weeks in then Skopelos Villas, now Village, befor we found an appartment who suited us.

Up here you see mom with Pantelis, who then was as new as we were on Skopelos, and a barman at the hotel. Now he is the manager.

A glimpse from Agnondas:



We were in Volos again last summer, a town we learned to like more and more, here we eat at the Noddle Bar, sooo great and different food!


1984, I think, – we were celebrating something at Agios Ioannis


Mom had to get 2 stiches on her chin after she tipped over,
that’s why she looks like Santa. She was so lucky, she did not brake anything!



skopelos churches greece


Smak & Behag

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