some Greek boats

As you might know, I am having a break here on Skopelitissa,

but today I copied something that I kind of knew,

and think thay you might have wondred about, here is some of my pics and what I found online:

170628 012c

You know that ENA is my favorite boat, and she is a trihantiri;


170628 050c170628 065c

Evy & Lykourgos takes very good care of their passenges, both mom, Agapi, Ira and me loves to be out with them, on Ena, the Mythical Boat ❣️🇬🇷❣️

You might have heard the word kaiiki – probably the most used boat in our waters, here is more about it:


Lets see if I have a photo of a kaiiki – I spell it with double i so you will know where the stress on the word is!

170812 058

Yes here it is, the boats mostly used for fishing.

Next and last out is the Karavoskaros:


Thanks Richard Shrubb for this interesting reading!

I borowed a photo:


Do you remember Okeanis, the boat of Vassilies and his dog Odysseas? Unfortunately they left us years ago, but I still dream of all the trips we took, spesially the overnight stays at Planitis on Kyra Panagia, – those were the days … I will end with some more photos from last weeks trip out on Ena:


Agapi & Ira was also out with us, but they get tired of so much fresh sea air and the bath they had when we missed getting on board again, – after a trip on shore to do “bussiness” ⁉️

I just have to put on what I found when seraching for Okeanis;


Have a lovely rest of September, we have wonderful warm weather and it was 26,5C in the sea last week. I be back i  October!


Next pic is from another trip with Ena, wonderful, isent it?

170812 087cIMG_0846 logo




I am having a break from making new pages here, sorry! My HP PC is not working well, and on my iPad the WordPress program does not work well.

I will post sometimes on Skopelitissa on FaceBook!

News for thouse who are on our island on the 3rd of September:


13 fantatsic shortfilms from Skopelos, – welcome!

❣️🇬🇷❣️All is fine with mom, cats, dogs and me ❣️🇬🇷❣️

Just to prove it, here is what we did the other day:


❣️🐬❣️ We were out with Ena, the Mythical Boat ❣️🐬❣️

I will be back here in October, if not before!

You might follow Skopelitissa on FaceBook, I will put out some pics!

All the best from Skopelos

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A day at sea & …

170812 087c170812 092c170812 082c170812 081c
We were out with Ena the other day,
what a fantastic day!
The funny thing was when we dived in the sea
at a bay at Peristera, and island next to Alonnisos,
suddenly came this retriever out of nowhere!
He swam up to whoever dived in and when he saw they came up,
ha was happy and went away!
Suddenly I saw this big head and he had climbed up our ladder,
and he was so happy to be served food and water!

He belonged to a small boat a bit away from us!!!

If you are on Skopelos you should try to get a day out with
ENA, the Mythical Boat!

170711 128c

I also had a short daytrip to Skiathos;

Skiathos House was where we stayed in our holidays
in 1980, 81 & 82, fantastic!
In 1983 I moved to Skopelos and never looked back!

Ending with August full moon – PANSELINOS;

170812 042

170812 040
The August moon, moves you … that was Google translation, but I think the August moon intoxicates you!!!
170812 003
Every history hides a Malamatina – PS a great RETSINA!!!

170812 004



Remember 15th of August is a big holiday,
Virgin Maries Day!
If I remember right on the evening of the 14th it will be a church parade
passing the waterfront in Skopelos town,
well worth seeing!


170729 059cN


SIFFY 2017 ended last night,
SIFFY 2018 starts today!

PLEASE keep in mind that YOU can sponsor it,
I will find out how!

SIFFY started in 2009.

SIFFY 2017 included 117 children, mostly from Skopelos,
16 filmmakers from all over the world,
X? helpers also from many different nations
– here are 2 of them;
170729 060c
The 2 of us had fun, many thought we were a couple,
but we are just good old friends,
since 1985 I think! We met in Skopelos,
and we live in Skopelos!

We all were divided in 13 groups,
ca 10 children, for sure 1 filmmaker &
one or more helper in each.

The 2 first days was mostly educational,
but it was needed to learn about fire, farming & beekeeping!!!

This year SIFFY was dedicated to Mother Earth

Μητέρα γη


Every team was going to make a 5 minutes movie
with the help of “their own” filmmaker,
and last night all was shown to us.

170801 007c

Soooo many nice films, I was glad that I was not any of
the judges! Anyway every team, every participant, got a medal,
a ceramic medal made here in the winter.

Our team won for the best costumes. bravo!

As we got to know each other we had more fun!

Our story was about 2 girls buying a land with grapes,
thiefs came and stole the grapes.
The girls put a trap, caught the thiefs,
police came, and then to prisons.
BUT the thiefs asked SORRY so the next day the girls
went to the prison and gave some grapes to the boys!!!
NO wedding, as some of the other movies had!

170729 122c170729 124c170729 126c170729 128c

Riginos alias Rigas was not actually a part of our team,
but his sister was, – so we made space for him.
Finally he got the part of the “big” police chief!

This was my 1st year with SIFFY,
and I would love to continue!
This is soooo great, can you imagine
living on a small island,
and then every year be taken
into “another” world?

Είμαι τόσο υπερήφανος που είμαι μέλος της SIFFY!

I am so proud to be a member of SIFFY!

Some more photos;

170731 037c
Nice team!

170731 033c2170731 033c170731 032c

170731 031C
Maria Maria

170731 030c170731 027C

PS these cute trees were not on our team!

170729 136c170729 120c170729 116c170729 108c170729 104c170729 103c170801 029c170801 028c

I must say BIG THANK YOU to sooo many,
so where to start?

Well, first “our” children, this was a fantastic group;

170730 046

Me, Ioanis, Nikos, Valantis, small Riginos, Maria, Leah,
Ourania, Alexandra, Roxani & Maria.

A big thank you to Gloria & Jill and their great team up at
The Skopelos Foundation of Arts,
they ARE SIFFY, but also teachers, mothers, fathers and and …
was engaged. GREAT!

Here is from the SIFFY website;
“SIFFY is a labor of love.  We do this because we want to make Skopelos a better place.  It is funded by many people from the US and abroad.  Luckily there are many people that are willing to dedicate their time and money to SIFFY.  We want to thank all of these people plus others that have not been named for their efforts. SIFFY would not be possible without them.”

See you next year!

What is SIFFY?

170729 059cN

Tonight at 21.00 SIFFY

WELCOME TONITE to the finale of SIFFY 2017

Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth

at the Amphie Theatro on the RingRoad, just down of Peparithos Taverna,
we start at 21.00 hrs.


Είμαι υπερήφανος που συμμετέχω στο SIFFY
και είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος που γνώρισα
όλους αυτούς τους υπέροχους ανθρώπους,
μικρούς και μεγάλους!

I am proad to be a part of SIFFY,
and I am so happy to have met
all this wonderful people, small and big!

Here we are; me, Ioanis, Nikos, Valantis, mikros Riginos, Maria, Leah, Ourania, Alexandra, Roxani & Maria – hope I remembered the names correctly!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!


WELCOME TONITE to the finale of SIFFY 2017

at the Amphie Theatro on the RingRoad,
just down of Peparithos Taverna,
we start at 21.00 hrs.



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Volos, mom & happily home!

So sorry for all the victims of the earthquake
at Kos, Marmaris & more!

170722 040c170722 100170722 043c

We left from Loutraki, and a friend drove us there,
so we could leave Pasxa & Agapi in Mortero.
A storm was coming so I did not want to leave my car in Loutraki!!!
Symi II is a small boat and it was FULL of students.
They behaved nicely and a guitar came out and they were singing us to Volos.
I knew many of the songs, like:
Knocking on heavens door,
Norwegian Wood and
many good Greek songs.

170722 038cI left my great basils in the shelter of the house!

170722 037

LOOK! When a door closes, don’t knock again,
the past is a lighthouse … no harbor..!

170722 079cThe storm was not as hard as predicted luckily,
but it rained from Sunday night and all Monday in Volos.
52 mm came here in my garden,
good for the nature ;o)

170722 076c

I just love it!!!

170722 075c170722 074c170722 090c170722 089c

Monday mom was going for a scan on her intestines and kidnies,
I told them at the frontdesk about all her allegries,
BUT they did not listen well!!!!
She had to be picked up

because she got an allergic shock!!!
We went to the general hospital and got
very good service, although it was rather hectic there.
Her kidneys, who are not well, had reacted!!!
It was so terrible, she was shaking so much,
she could not talk properly.
I was afraid that we were going to loos her!
But by the evening her blood values were good
and we went back to our Home away from Home

The whole hotel is now redone,
and we got our favorite room 201,
it is good to have space when on stays
a lot in the room!
Mom enjoys the big bed with seaview!

We had an appointment with my “new” doc,
the “gastroendeologos” – gastroenterologist
on Monday evening,
but mom was too tired to go, of course!
We got a new appointment the next day
at 11 – this is a specialist, and he had more time for us!!!
Fantastic! He had 1 hour and 20 minutes for us,
and checked mom in all possible ways.
She has some problems, but not cancer,
as she was afraid of!!!
We did not pay extra for not coming
to the appointment on Monday ;o)

170722 095c

Mom was too tired to go home on Tuesday,
so we had time for some shopping.
It was sale all over and
a lot of people out at cafes at the Paralia.
Also the tzipouro places had good business,
Volos is famous for them!

Wednesday we were on our way.

Spiti Mou Spitaki Mou
Spiti is house/home
Spitaki is a small house/home

170722 122c170722 120c170722 123c

We are so happy to have good friends looking after our doggies,
it is important the know that they are in good hands
while we are away!

Some few glimpses from the last few days in Skopelos;

170722 115c170722 139c170722 150c170722 140c

Boats are coming and going all the time,
this brought a friend;

170722 155c170722 157c170722 158c170722 159c

Just some cuts from the Hellenic Seaways magazine;

170722 102c

Others who feels like me!

170722 102


And 2 FB ones;

170722 119170722 142170722 145

The last one is Per, my half-brother, me & my step sister Marianne,
ca 1960 close to Mærrapanna, utenfor Slevik,
– good memories!

This is all for now!
We have lovely weather with some cooling breeze
and around +27C ;o)

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Kayaking & Molos

170711 004c170711 016cFor sure once every summer I have to go
kayaking with Neal, it is so great.

170711 005c
One of the most beautiful beaches of Skopelos, difficult to reach, but you can from Elios.

170711 001c170711 047c170711 084c170711 062c170711 012c

This time we had lovely weather and we could go
also on the back side of the island of Dassia
where there is a tunnel/cave we went through,
great, but lots of seaurgines.

170711 068c170711 067c170711 083c

What a lovely afternoon, from 18.00 to 21.00
– that will change, because all is acording to
what time the sunset is! You should try it!

Thursday last week, we had a great night at Molos,
and there is the always smiling, happy Magda to meet us:

The highlight of the evening was the 3 boys
(the Molos twins and their cousin)
playing and singing with Georgios and Kostas:


Sorry not good quality of the photo, but just to give you an idea!


I love Greek food, you know that, but to have something else,
every now and then, is wonderful!

Mom and I have been to Volos for 3 days, it started with mom getting a terribly allergic shock to some medisin due to a scan, ending up at the hospital, oh me oh my, I was so worried. But we ended up with icecream on the paralia, and The Flying Cat home on the 3rd day. All is fine, I am so happy for that!!!!!
More on this next time!

Have a great rest of the week!

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Monastery night

Skopelos has many monasteries,
most of then un-inhabited, so why not
try to spend a night in one of them?
I invited 3 of my friends, who did not know
“the back side of the Monastery Hill”
– the one facing Skyros –
to come with me.


We drowe up, because of all the things we had to bring,
and then we walked the blue line I have marked.

Here we are;

170711 251c
Selfie; me, Tina, Roger & Ingrid
170711 242c
Fully “packed”
170711 243c
We needed many rests, even if we only walked down the hill!
170711 244c
I am having a wonderful rest!!!


I think the walk took us 45 minutes,
we had a lot to carry; food, drinks, cutlery,
sleepingbags, dogfood and and ..
But not water, there are lovely springs at;

170711 312c170711 315c170711 320c

Then it was time to wait for the full moon
around nine o`clock;

I think it is always magic to see the moon
coming up!

170711 316c
Back in the monastery getting ready for dinner;

170711 259c170711 294c170711 296c170711 297c170711 303c

We all were trying to sleep in what I call
“The Last Supper Room”
– because there is a print of the last supper
on the wall.
I believe nobody slept well,
but it was worth it!

Roger was first up and slowly we all got ready
to meet the sun;
170711 310c

Back down to the monastery,
it lays a kind of in the end corner of a valley,
so not a good view from there,
– we had breakfast & packed our bags.

But first we wrote in the guestbook,
and there I found some old “memories”;

The drawing is not mine, but I had to copy it,
it is so very nice!
Then we started on the climb up before 8 o`clock,
– it was a hard walk up, up & up, and very hot.
We used more than one hour,
many stops and old Pasxa got very tired.

It was a wonderful 26 hours monastery-panselinos-sunrise-experience!

All my photos are taken with my phone,
Tina & Roger had proper cameras,
but Tina said the ones she took with her
phone was better!

170711 235
Being single, having 2 dogs, many cats and good friends is great!
170711 239
I wait 4 U!!!


Later that day I went sunset kayaking with some other friends,
so I am a sun worshipper!!!
Even more Panselinos worshipper ;o)

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Smak & Behag

Tinas mat - og annet snadder

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