SIFFY 2016

160729 029DO NOT MISS THIS!

The coming Tuesday 2/8 at 21.00 at
the Elementary Schools Amphitheatre.
70 young students from all over the world is being
instructed by producers from Turkey, Korea, Russia
and more, – really very international –
and a great joy and pride for Skopelos!
Bravo Jill, Daphne and all others behind this!

As days go by …

More memories of Skiathos 1981;

The fantastic church on Tzougria.
2 of the Sarris brothers and
Eeuwe from Holland who adopted a boxer dog.
Does anybody know Eeuwe?

Over to last days Skopelos;

Some animals from up here;

Basil time;

I just love them and

The moon in Greek has many names
, σελήνη, πανσέληνος
– the last one meaning full moon.


Once upon a time …

160716 033c
Once upon a time …

– my boss, Frode Schiøtz 79,
funder of Gullivers Reiser and Lilleput Reiser,
sat on an airplane between Athens and Thessaloniki
he looked down and what did he see?

160716 003c

A small island with lots of beautiful beaches and
the sparkling azure-blue sea!
When he landed he asked our agent,
what was that beautiful island that I saw?
That was the beginning of Skiathos for the Scandinavian marked.
Gulliver started there is 1980, mom and me were some of
the very pleased Norwegian tourists visiting there,
again and again!
The travel was long; plane to Salonika, bus to Volos,
some hours wait there in the middle of the night,
and the morning ferry “Skopelos”
– made in Langesunds verft, Norway –
and finally, worn out, we met “The Greek Connection”!
We stayed at the very simple Skiathos House,
owned by the Sarris family,
– and we became a part of that family –
I still feel I am!

The airport opened for charters 1984, I think in May.

160716 028c
We got to know the brothers Kostas and Georgios, mostly,
but also brother Stavros and the sisters Koula and Vasiliki,
and of course Mamma & Pappa Sarris
– and in the Greek way all their family and friends.
We became a part of The Greek Connection too!
I even had to take a transfer to Thessaloniki
to send and pick up Gullivers travelers.

Unfortunately Georgios, Stavros and Pappa are no longer with us.

In 1981 we got to know

Memories, very, very good memories,
5 great holidays mom and me had on Skiathos,
and then we moved here in 1983.
I became guide for Gulliver and stayed on even after mr Gulliver sold.
When he came here in 2010 and asked me
if I wanted to join the Lilleput team,
I was very happy!

because of YOU I am here in my Greek paradise!

Mr Gulliver & me

PS Saturday 16th of July I picked up 73 tourists in Skiathos going on holiday on Skopelos, more than half of our SAS plane! We are doing very well at the moment!



160709 016c

I am sorry because my brother and other good friends left me,
but I am happy that I have such great view!
Here are some pics from the last week;

Look at the “star” photo of  the flower, I had to touch it to make sure it was real!

I have been to and from Skiathos on Saturday,
as usuall;

Have a good rest of this Sunday
and a great coming week!


My Norwegian Family

160630 156c160630 154c

“Barna” reiste lørdag mens de to andre blir en uke til,
så herlig å være alle sammen sammen!!!
Sorry ENGLISH please!
I am so happy to have my family visiting,
the “children” left Saturday
but my brother and girlfriend stays another week.
We had a great goodbye dinner at Alexanders on Friday.
Her are some more closeups;

Tuuuusen takk for besøket!

Thanks a lot for coming!

A day on ENA

On FaceBook;
Please click on the link to see more photos!

160630 051c160630 065c
 Ena is magic and the luxury of being only 12 persons,
incl captain and crew,
and moms dog Agapi, is sooo great!
It was a great day and we did my favorite trip;
Around Skopelos, jiippee!
160630 021c160630 024c160630 055c

160630 112c160630 079c

Then we went around by Gourouni and the lighthouse
and went to Spilia
160630 141c160630 138c160630 130c160630 131c
Thanks Evy and Likourgos on Ena for another
great trip ;o)

Jippy & La Costa

160626 001c160626 002c160626 006c

160626 007c
Niece Silva, brother Per, me & nephew Herman! Sorry for the K in La Costa!!!


When I walked down to town at ca 19.30
the road was still closed!!!
But when I was lucky to find a taxi later the driver
told me that the road was opened,
2,5 km to drive to town not 10 as it was going over Pefkia.


160625 004cSkopelitiki avli / backyard, close to the small, nice Anelli Hotel

15 mm of rain last night in Skopelos and a great thunderstorm!
160625 041c160625 040c

160625 047
All the 4 blue boats are car ferries! Here are so many boat arrivals, 1 Flying Dolphin, 2 Flying Cats and the car ferries; Proteus, Ex.Skiathos, Apollon, Myrtidiotissa & Achileas, that says 8 different ones, fantastic! You find timetable at

160625 011c160625 028c160625 001c
In my neighborhood
160625 058c160625 009c160625 035c160625 043c160625 046c160625 044c
Please read the last sentence up here,
so what kind of honey were I served in Skiathos?
— and they call themselves
– is Spain a part of Makedonia?
I just wonder!

Have a very nice week!


Sad! Strange! is gone …


Hostgator has helped me to re-direct all who search for
the "old" Skopelitissa to the "new" Skopelitissa!
Sadly it is not possible to reach any of the old pages, like SHE is dead!!!
I plan to try to wake her up again when the season is over ...

Mr Lilleput alias mr Gulliver, my boss, & me …



But I still have her!!!

Luckily all pages and photos are stored, so one day she will be back!
She has 2170 files and 9998 photos ;o)
I am happy that I get to know WordPress, but I miss the freedom
I had when I made my “old” pages …

Smak & Behag

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