21st of June 2020


We went to the Taxiarchis Monastery,
up behind the hill of Palouki,
view to Skyros and more south-east.

The monastery is so beautiful and peaceful.
Nobody lives there, but many people visits.
There are springs there, with freshwater,
so no need to bring water.
We brought lots of things and I brought candles
and even a string of fairy-lights.



It is now possible to walk an ca 5 km round walk
to the monastery,

earlier we opened the old path from close to
the 2 tall masts and down. It is marked with orange ribbons
from SkopelosTrails by  Heather.
BUT keep in mind this is a walk for very fit people.
The last part down to the monastery is very steep.
There is said to be another path, but we did not find it.
The “normal” path down is ok for everybody,
but it is a bit rough to get uphill again!


We had a peaceful evening
and we saw soooo many stars.

We saw a few but they did not come close to us.


I have named the room The Last Supper
“Ο Μυστικóς Δεíπνος”

– because that hangs on the wall.


The sunrise came, we were up for it, but clouds in the east!


The view a bit up from the monastery is so great.

Time for breakfast. I had a small laugh when I got this


“Rekeost” is a very typical spread in Norway. Silje had brought fantastic homemade “Knekkebrød” – hard bread/crackers.
BUT no coffee or tea, we should have brought
a small “gas-cooker” – next time.

Later we started to climb up to the car,
we drove up because we had to carry with us everything!
End of a very relaxing stay.

Forgot to mention all the goats who came to drink,
and looked curiously at us!

Back in town

IMG_20200618_131743cIMG_20200618_131606_1cManolis was so happy to see us, they are getting ready.

There are people on the town-beaches every day,
not many, and I guess all are locals.

A white visitor in my garden;


My favorite Norwegian food is what you see on the photo,
and due to good friends I have had all winter,
but now I have only 8 sausages left.
Soon 6, I will have two for lunch today.
So I hope that one day friends will come back
and maybe bring me some …

Wish you all the very best, BE SAFE & CAREFUL!
Skopelos is still virus free, as fare as I know …


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