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Beaches and more …

Welcome to Skopelos, an island I love!


The sea around the Sporades is just fantatsic and so clear!


A map I made some years ago, – sorry, I only borrowed
the map and put in the names!

My new toy! The «full face mask» that I borrowed onboard Ena, so much better that the normal masks. You may borrow «swimming-feet» as well.

A rainy day April 2019, – most photos are older.

On this page I will take you around the island,
and I start out of Skopelos port to the left:

First stop, just around the “corner” of the town,
an easy 15 minutes walk via Kastro-Milos is
a beach often quiet, – a lot of locals goes there.

On the way down is the lovely old fashioned taverna of Stellas,
and another taverna is on the beach.
You may drive there, but maybe difficult to find parking.
No bus but yes, taxi is possible.

PLEASE NOTE this page is made
according to how it was in the summer of 2018.

190220 254190220 243
NEW IN 2019!!!

It is a nice 1 hours walk via Kastro-Milos, passing up from Glifoneri.
You may drive there, good parking space, but no bus.

I love this old photo, Glisteri is a very quiet beach.

171101 022c
There is a small beach a bit further, VATHIA,
not many people goes there, so not rentals, no nothing!
Sorry did not find any photo,
I have only been there 4 times in my life.


The next place got famous after the Mamma Mia film,
but I was taken there my first summer here 1983,
it has always been a place of visiting for Greeks
and foreigners;

Many touristboats comes here from Skiathos,
but unfortunately it is very difficult to find a boat from here
that will take you there,
but this summer, NO WAY!!!
Maybe one of the sailingboats or Ena, the Mythical Boat.

I have been there with both Ena and Argo.

When you are up at the church look down
and you will see the small nice beaches.
You may drive all the way,
difficult parking,
taxies will take you there.
There is a snack bar with some food, icecream & dinks,
and not to forget WC.

Very close is the hidden beach of SPILIA

Not a good photo, but it is a beautiful quiet spot, easiest reached by boat.


Further one you find the really hidden beaches,
you can walk there from Glossa, but better
drive yourselves. No bus, maybe taxi.




HondriGeorgi, is mostly very quiet and very nice.
You may drive there.

Perivoulio is beautiful and there was
sunbeds and a Katina there in the summer.

Next is Pethameni (means dead woman!!!),
very very difficult to get down there,
so be careful!
Sorry no photo!


We are getting very close to the “end” of our island,
and there is Gourouni with the Faros on.

1709mange 023WPO Φάρος – the lighthouse, – do you see it in the middle of the photo? You may walk out to the light house, there is a dirtroad, you see the markings of Faros on the roadsigns.

The kapetanios Pakis of Gorgona

If you do not know, Skopelos is 96 km2 big,
in other words it is not a big island,
but nice and green and
very beautiful!


Over to the “sunny” side;

1709mange 021WP top

Sometimes the first port the ferry reaches is Glossa,
well actually the port is called Loutraki,
here you see them both, Glossa up on the hill;

1709mange 075c

Here is Loutraki, the port;
A small beach at the end of the breakwater,
– waves may make you wet ;o)

170907 068c
Glossa is worth a visit, nice to stroll along,
and you can find quite a few nice, places to eat.
The local bus takes you there,
and if you drive
it is possible, very narrow, – but where to turn!!!

Now I take you to the mainroad Glossa – Skopelos,
and first stop is ARMENOPETRA,
a beautiful, mostly quiet beach.

151017 073

Difficult drive down, but good parking.
I have never seen any kantina or sunbeds there.


Kalivies, – Elios is behind the bay and behind is Armenopetra.

Just before Elios is the small nice beach of Karakatsouna, you can walk down there, passing some rentalhouse and the small church of Agia Paraskevi.

Next stop is Elios or New Klima
– we just passed the old village of Klima,
who was destroyed in the big earthquakje in 1965.
I recommend a walk into the Old Klima,
very charming, and very, very quiet!
(I know 2 Norwegian families who have houses there!)

The harbor is a very active fishing port, but no ferries goes here.
Nice seaside tavernas and cafes’.

A very very nice beach, maybe the best on the island is
HOVOLO, – walk down to the beach of Elios
and go left. A bit difficult but worth it.
No beds – no umbrellas, –
that you find if you turn right.



there are several beautiful beaches, small and big,
that you only can reach from the sea.
So if you do not have a boat, buy a beach madras
and put your things on it, and then you can push it
from beach to beach!!!

It is not easy to see the beaches on my photo,
but I promise you, they are there.


Here is one of them and there were

The beaches are named Megali Pefka, Ekatopenindari, Ftelia & Neraki, and of course on Neraki there is freshwater coming up!

Now we get to another spot made famous by the Mamma Mia,
KASTANI, a very beautiful beach with all facilities by the big bar-café.
Good parking. Some tourist buses goes there.
Local bus stops up on the road.


Photos from Dronicle are with permission, visit their Facebook page to see many more great photos.

For me nothing is as nice as Kastani in the winter time,
I just love it! So does my doggies!

MILIA is a long lovely beach with a taverna, snackbar and beachbar.
Mostly you may find a quiet corner too. Rather good parking.


KEEP IN MIND you may walk between Milias and Kastani
through the forest, just go up from the beach a little bit before
the end of Milias (against Glossa) and there you find a path.


 You go right when you get to the beach

when I got here in 1983 there was no hotel, no pool, –
only very very quiet and beautiful.

Two hotels are there now and the beaches has the BLUE flag.


There are some few, reachable, beaches between Andrina and Panormos, LINARAKIA, – just walk off from Panormos. Bring a pick nick!

Next big, full of life beach is

The local bus stoppes by the beach.
There are many cafes and tavernas.
FREE SUNBEDS if you use the taverna behind them.

Closer to town is LIMNONARI
A beautiful beach with 2 tavernas, all facilities and good parking.
You have to walk in from the mainroad, about 15 minutes.
Some few, small touristbuses may take you there, or taxies.

Next is the lovely fishing-port of Agnondas

A beautiful place. Also the second harbor for Skopelos town,
in case of bad weather. It is very sheltered.
3 seaside tavernas, great for seafood, try the «Αστακό Σπαγγέτι» alias Lobster Spaghetti.
Do not miss a SUNSET here,
best in spring and autumn.
The local bus stops by the beach.

Outside of Agnondas is AMARONDAS,
no bus or no taxi will take you there,
but you can walk there on a dirt road, just
after Agnondas, it will take about 15 minutes.
No beach there, you may jump in from the cliffs,
but be careful of sea-urgines.


Amarondas with Evia in the background.

Photo by Nisi alias Nils George W

Next (after Stafilos) is «The hidden beach» of Velanio, new name last summer.
New owners, new things!
To get there you will have to walk all along Stafilos beach and
over the small hill.
On the first part of the beach, before the big stone,
you can keep your clothes on, but after the stone


190220 013

Stafilos Beach, the closest to town, is very popular & beautiful.
Nearly down is a taverna with seaview.
You have to walk down from the mainroad, about 10 minutes.
Parking can be difficult. Taxies will not drive down,
because it is difficult to turn there.
My photo is from an April day, nice and quiet;


It will take you about an hour to walk from town to Stafilos,
and if you take to the left a bit after the first supermarket,
you may follow a nice dirtroad through olivegroves.


There are some few beaches between Velanio and Skopelos town, they are only reachable by boat, BUT on most of them there are danger of stones falling down, mostly due to goats walking  the hills.


2017 – The lowest fare on the bus out of town was 1,60 €
and all the way to Loutraki was 4,80.

Taxi prices was;
8,50 Stafilos, 22,00 Milia and 40,00 Loutraki.

Any dangers here? Yes, here are two of them;

Jellyfish may show up, but very rarely.
In 34 years I have two times heard that they have caught a “dogfish”
– a kind of deep water shark, here.
The one I saw, because a good friend of mine caught it!!!
Nice meat, we had a feast on some of the 200 kilos.


Hope you have enjoyed the island roundtrip with me,
only who is missing now is to tell you that we might get
the beautiful wooden boat ENA
to take us around the island one day …

170628 012c

A doggy just showed up on one of our boat trips:


You may easily go by boat to visit Alonnisos,
our more quiet and beautiful island.


Half of the rainy day is over,
time to make a winter soup!

Why not make the best out of life!


PS I am sorry that I can not make all text blue and in the middle!!!
Somebody in here sabotages me!!!
Well, if you see some text in red, I made that!

161226 043 XX

Agnondas 2017

Agnondas one of my favorite places;

170703 029c
3rd of July 2017


170313 075c

170313 064c170313 065c170313 068c170313 070c170313 072c170313 077c170313 083cIt was sunshine yesterday so we walked from
the ctossroad town-HelioPort-Panormos-Pefkia.
A great walk of about 8 km and all we saw
was the beautiful nature
and plenty of goats!


Love to Roffen i Norge fra Agnondas!

Skopelos is beautiful, I woke up to this today;

170314 001cJust magical!

170313 061c170313 059c

170313 058c
More houses – my work – I am having fun ;o)

170313 003

Have a lovely rest of the week!


Panormos & more


I also love Panormos, specially out of high season!
It is always quiet and beautiful
when I go there ;o)

Tina V. (alias LR) Panormos waits for you!!!

It is a lovely feeling when they open in Panormos,
lunch on the beach, could it be better?

Over to the town side of our lovely island;

160418 018c170416_01c


I will go for a small trip to the mainland now before our Easter!
I will try to post from my iPad, but it is not as easy as on this,
my big HP!

IMG_1354cPasxa will stay with good English/Scottish friends in Kambos,
– they used to have lots of dogs, but at the moment none.
Pasxa will be spoiled!

All ca 20 cats will be fed at home, no problem when one has friends!

My flowers will also be looked after, thanks!

Hope you are having a good time too!


Limnonari and …

160203 022c
A special panoramic photo – I love it!

Limnonari is a beautiful beach just after Agnondas.
There is a road and good parking.
2 tavernas, breakfast. lunch & dinner, so a good place to be.
Now in February it is very quiet and of course nothing open.
160203 021c
Pasxa and me often go there  in the winter and just enjoys the beautifulness, quietness and and … The other day there was 2 seagulls swimming in the bay, and then came 2 cormorants,
it was so nice to follow their way of fishing.

Photo from 2012


Cormorant or shag;
κορμοράνοι ή θαλασσοκοράκων

– the last name I translate to seacrow – sjøkråke

“No consistent distinction exists between cormorants and shags.”
“Sometimes the same species is called a cormorant in
one part of the world and a shag in another.”
– that was from

Skopelos has lots of birds, up here is a hegron, more shags and
this beautiful seagull, the Greek name;


The rain started last night, no problem, but we do not need
any more rain, we 
have more that enough.
Rain and just +8,3C up here, lets dream of summer;



I love this photo!


Since I do not look quite young anymore,
I prefre to show grown ups instead of “pinups” ;o)


Spilia, just before Agios Ioannis (Mamma Mia wedding church), a bay we often visits when we go around the island with Ena, the beautiful old fashioned boat ;o)
Megalo Pefko, between Elios and Kastani


Kalivies next to Armenopetra
150702 035
Keep on sailing …




Last page did not want more …
So here is our picnic place, Linarakia, Panormos.
Why do the food taste even better on the beach?

Linarakia are the beaches on the Glossa side of Panormos,
– all before the Adrines.

We drove home, we do have a private driver …
I walked more than 13 km.

Comment by a friend; All the pictures on your walk to panormos are beautiful! It just puts me there! You really know the island and I think it is fantastic that walk most of the places that you go. It keeps you in shape. Go NANA!!
Thanks ;o) I love Skopelos!

Well at home I did some gardening and fixed a bit
in my outside kitchen. Yesterday I found a sign with
my name on, just had to put it up.
Also put up a beautiful piece of work by Elena “Armoloii”

PS I love BLUE


Beaches 1

Skopelos has many nice beaches …

150429 034

What is my favorite?
That depends on what I am going to do on the beach!!!
I LOVE Kastani!
But I must say I love Agnondas, specially to sit in one of the
tavernas after a swim, enjoying a cool drink and some nice mezès
while watching the world go by!
Fishingboat, sailboats, sometimes ferryboats and
more are coming and going, a very nice sight!

If you want to read my old pages about the beaches of Skopelos,
click here