Getting here!

Here I will try to tell you all different ways
to get to Skopelos, – you might combine your
travel with more of Greece.

Updated 4/12-2019

I am not sure, but I think it is like this;
3 boats, Proteus, Express Skiathos and Erato – The Flying Dolphin are working Alonnisos, Skopelos, Skiathos and Volos now.
Proteus also goes to Mantoudi on Evia, some times a week
with bus connection to Athens.
PS Not sure if Proteus is on, have not seen her for some days! She have a break every off-season, to get a service.

Check at


The boat timetables are not out, – sorry to say, but they are always late!

Every year we are wondering if there will be a route
to and from Thessaloniki, so lets hope!

NEW 2019 (only summertime);
“A new service between Skiathos and Skopelos [ Loutraki ] has been started by Seacab, a brand new high speed boat carrying up to 8 passengers, departing from Skiathos Tuesdays and Fridays, from 10 am every hour until 8 pm, and returning on the half hour from Skopelos from 09 30 am until 19. 30 pm, the cost is 25 euros a person each way. All other days private hire to Skopelos Loutraki or Elios 150 euros. Anywhere else is 22 euros per mile, might be of use for some folks in a hurry to get across to Skopelos or back ?” – that was from Skiathos Forum, thanks.
Phone +3069 34343 287

Any suggestions or questions, please contact me!

1709mange 021WP top
Panorama of Skopelos from the ferry

On my photo there is a cut from Alone, a song by Nana Mouskouri.
First time I heard it I was sure that she was singing about Skopelos!!!
I was in a music shop on Carl Johan in Oslo,
and longed home to Skopelos
– Alone between the sky and the sea
and island reaching out to me …

I simply love this island ;o)

You find ferry timetable here 

1709mange 023WP

In order to get to Skopelos you need to travel with a boat,
unless you have a helicopter, that you find here;

We do have a landing platform for that!


In the wintertime the ferries here go to Volos, Mathoudi on Evia,
Skiathos and Alonnisos.
In the summer also Skyros, Kimi on Evia, Agios Konstantinos, closer to Athens,
and maybe Thessaloniki.

You find ferry timetable here 

KTEL has good bus connections to and from
Thessaloniki and Athens all year.

170115 034c

TAXIBOATs on Skiathos can take you to & from here,
Glossa, Elios, Agnondas or Skopelos town.
Dimitris phone no is +306980200200
The price was from 200,- for up to 10 persons,
and from 250,- for up to 15, going Skiathos – Glossa or Elios.

Ferryboat Proteus also goes to Mathoudi on Evia
with bus connection to Athens, all year.

MAT is Mathoudi

We have 3 ports for ferries on Skopelos:
Skopelos town, Glossa on the north-east side
(port called Loutraki)
(- when Proteus goes to or from Glossa
there is nearly always a bus included to Skopelos town.)


and Agnondas, on the west side 15 min off the town with a car,
– remember that when you search for a connection.


160407 051cX

Inside of Mathoudi, on the mainland, is Agios Konstantinos.

1802Skyros 012c

In the summertime we also have service;
to and from Skyros, timetable at

Busses to and from Kimi & Atens, and on Evia;

If traveling to Skyros with KTEL make sure you say Mathoudi
(stop actually called Kymasi)
when you leave your luggage on the bus,
then they take you all the way to the port.
The port has nearly nothing, so do not be hungry!!!

On most KTEL bus websites you can book your trip online,
but you have to «check in» at the station and get your tickets.


You can travel to Athens, fly to Skyros, stay some days on the beautiful island,
and then take the boat to Alonnisos or Skopelos.
In the end you can fly home from Skiathos.
Islandhopping, in other words!

Hellenic Seaways has boats to and from Volos and Agios Konstantinos,
– the last linked with a bus to and from Athens.

There are no boats from Athens to Sporades.

In the high season you should prebook,
specially your return.
Ferries could be full on departure.

Madro Travel on Skopelos can help you with travels
and accommodation in the Sporades:

+302424022145 or 22300

Boats to and from Skopelos might in case of bad weather
come and go from Agnondas.


SKIATHOS, – Skopelos and Alonnisos not,
but all has helicopter platforms.
Regular flight Skiathos – Athens.

SKYROS a big, military airport, there are regular flight to and from Athens.

VOLOS on the mainland inside of Skiathos has a big airport.

THESSALONIKI north of us, a big international airport.
There is a good bus service from the airport
through town to the KTEL bus station.

ATHENS – there are flights Skiathos-Athens with Olympic Air,
Aegean and Sky Express.
Hellenic Seaways has a bus who connects with
boats out from Agios Konstantinos.

Many countries has charter-flights to Skiathos,
this you have to find yourself.
On some flight you might buy Flight Only.

From Norway there are Apollo on Saturdays from Oslo and Stavanger & Ving on Tuesdays operating, and for sure Apollo from Denmark and Sweden.

or would you like to try to be one?
Fly to Thessaloniki, stay for some days,
rent a car and drive slowly down to Volos.

Stop at Vergina where you can visit the amazing grave of Philip II,
father of Alexander the great, see it here;

Then on to Meteora,

the unique place where old monasteries hangs on to the top of the cliffs
– you have to see it, to believe it.
See it here;

Both these places are on UNESCOS World Heritage List.

The seaside town of Volos is also worth a day or two,
get up to Makrinitsa and see the fantastic view and and …

By now you will be tired so come to Skopelos
and enjoy yourself!!!


I can help you planning a «long» trip to Skopelos!

If you need any help, contact me ;o)

161226 043 XX

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