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I learned the name “kalderimi” (καλντερίμι
or καλντιρίμι
plural kalderimia)
early in my Skopelos life

– and I have walked many of them!
In the old days, before cars and more, these paths was made for
walkers and mostly transports with mules and other 4 legged.
All villages was connected.
Where does the name come from?
Mostly says from former Ottoman countries (Turkey)
but some believe it comes from the Greek
καλός δρόμος ‘good road’.

I have a dog, Pasxa, you see her on the top photo, and all winter we walk a lot.
I have been and will be recording our walks so if you like you may “see” our walks here, σιγά-σιγά, siga siga, slowy slowly!

To see more walks go to the WALKS on the left hand side her.



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