About Skopelitissa

Skopelitissa – dedicated to Georgios Sarris & Sayyid Rifat,
both unfortunately not with us any more!

wordpressThis photo is from a very proud moment of my life,
I was allowed to try the Skopelos wedding dress.

Ira & me April 2020 on my terrace
by my newly blue-painted doors!
Photo Silje, thank you!

190429 171sign

Thank you Stefan S. for taking this photo April 2019.

Photo of me from Antegoni on Skyros, September 2019,
was taken by Anne Julie Kalvøy;


My name is Nana Kobro, I am Norwegian, and has lived here on Skopelos
more or less since May 1983.


his quote you often see here on my site, it is from a super song Alone
by my namesister Nana Mouskouri,
a song for me of Skopelos … what else?
See and listen to it;

Skopelitissa.wordpress.com was born on
the 21st of December 2015.
The name Skopelitissa was given me by Georgios Sarris
from Skiathos, many years ago, and to me
it was obvious that my web site should have that name.
Sayyid thought me how to make my 1st site
http://www.skopelitissa.com in 2003,
birthdate 21/3-2003.

Unfortunately that site is not accessible at the moment,
it was made in FrontPage and that does not exist any more.

I need help to «open» it up again. Happy if you have any serious advice, I have tried a lot: WordPress, Hostgator and …

I still own skopelitissa.com

My X home, The Blue Bottle


💙💎💙 My favorite color is BLUE 💙💎💙

I lived 26 years in town, Giftorema, but on the 1st of August 2010
I moved up to Raches, to

150615 026cB

I call my home, my kalivi, – because I was dreaming about a kalivi
(hut in the country), but when a good friend offered me
an new apartment in his house, I could not resist.
I am so lucky, I was allowed to choose tiles and colors and …
Even the place of my toilet, – it too has sea-view!!!

180502 058c
Yes, this is taken while I am sitting on my loo!!!

I have the most fantastic sea-view!

160222 143c

Some new pics from 2017;

I worked all my life at travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and more,
and moved here in 1983 to be a rep for Gullivers Reiser,
a Norwegian tour company who
does not exist any more.
I worked for Lilleput Reiser from May 2011
until October 2016 with charter groups to Sporades,
had the same boss as in Gulliver.

BUT I still do work for Lilleput,
but only on small trips, no charter.
Apokreas/Carnival  2019 we were on Skyros,
just great, has to be seen,
and we had a fantastic 10 days trip on the 22nd of September.
Next Skyros trips will be on the 23rd of September.
For these trips we meet our guests in Athens or on Skyros
and make all the land arrangements.
The guests arranges their own plane tickets.
More at http://www.lilleput.no

  I love to walk around Skopelos, taking lots of photos,
I love boat trips and the sea

170630 163

I love Greek food, music & dance

and much more!


My aim in life is ALL FOR SKOPELOS and PEACE ON EARTH!

❄️☃️❄️ So much snow, no living person can remember anything like this ❄️⛄️❄️


Please feel free to contact me if you have
any questions or suggestions!

Here are some of my 4-legged friends;

I found her as a puppy lost in the forest
and just had to take her home!
She was born ca March in 2005,❣
Cancer took her away from me 18th of Dec 2018,
I miss you baby! Kalo Taxidi, Agapi Mou ❣️❣️❣️

One week before Pasxa left me, this one just started to follow us out walking, I said «figge, figge» – go away, but she did not give up.

Mjau mjau, my name is Ella, – means come, not figge!!!
Ella and Ira, good friends!

🐕 🐶 🐕

5th of October 2016 came a new dog;


🐶 Ira alias Hera, a small dog given to me by Nina the vet, 🐕
– somebody left her there and never came back!
She was born ca 2012, and is a happy, friendly but a very frighten dog,
she enjoys life with us!  🦌🦌🦌 Her “new” name is Ira, the deer hunter!
I was going to the mainland, and I took the doggies for a walk behind our home first. Ira was free, she saw a deer (a Dama Dama from a farm here) and took off!
I had to leave to get on the ferry, I was so desperate!
Luckily my friends found her a bit later outside my gate,
and looked after her.


🦌🦌🦌 who would dream of deer-hunting on Skopelos?

160105 077c


I also have many cats, 4 that comes inside to eat special food for nutered cats, and often stays for a while, – cute cats!


I feeding about 16 more cats outside and some hedgehogs!

I hope you like what I am doing, – I enjoy it!




15 thoughts on “About Skopelitissa”

  1. Hei Nana,
    Endelig fant jeg tilbake til dine sider. Så mye å ta igjen. Masse hyggelig lesning Vi gleder oss – kommer tilbake i august for hele 3 uker – i samme leilighet som i fjor ( nabo med Rolf – håper alt er vel med han ).
    Nå er det påske og jeg er på vei til Brasil ( på jobb). Riktig God Påske til deg Nana og ikke minst også til din kjære mamma. Beste hilsener fra Elizabeth & Frode Bakken. (Elizabeth@alexandra.no)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tusen takk, hyggelig høre fra deg og velkommen tilbake til Skopelos!
      Pluttselig 18/12-2015 kom jeg ikke inn på min gamle Skopelitissa, FrontPage fra Microsoft sluttet å virke – jeg visste at programmet var ute på dato, men trodde jeg kunne fortsette!!!
      Skulle så gjerne vært inne og forandret forsiden mm – har fått tilbud om hjelp, men det er dyrt! Derfor fant jeg WordPress.
      God tur til Brasil og fortsatt God Påske! Hils til Frode.
      Vi sees på Skopelos!


  2. I was interested to read that Gergios Sarris gave you your nickname Ihave happy memories of him and his brother Kostas.I know that Gergios died a while back but would love to make contact with Kostas and Oddvar again


  3. Dear Skopelitissa,
    I’m living in Skopelos with my husband and a big greek sheppard since appr. 40 years in Raches. The house with the big wall. We are closed friends of Kosta and Voula Kalafatis.
    I am so happy every morning when I open your website to hear and see from Skopelos. Great. Thank you very much. It is for me as a newspaper!!!

    Kind regards, Monica + Hans

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for your message!
      I will try to make a new SNOW page now, this is fun! My dog often “talks” to your dog when we pass, he seams so nice.
      Take care and all the best from Nana
      I will see you soon, then!


      1. Dear Nana,

        also the best whishes for you, your mum and the animals for the newe year.
        Phantastic snow photos!!!

        But today – what happens with Skopelos!!??


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Skopelos is still here, but I can not get my car out, so we will now try to walk, but I do not think we can get to your house! I will post photos if I make any! All the best from Nana


    1. Are you at Raches now? I saw footprints on the road so somebody walked to town. Now with more snow it will be even more difficult. I still have enough in the house so we will survive.
      All the best from Nana


  4. I am in Germany, but friends are looking every day at the house and the dog.
    Take care in the snow



  5. Hallo, Nana,

    our dog Ari is lost. He jumped over the big wall and our friends try to find him.
    Please, if you have any idea or news call Kostas or Voula.
    Many thanks, Monica

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi from snowy Skopelos! Sorry to hear about your dog, I have not seen him. I spoke with Voula and will keep her informed. He is a big strong dog so I hope he is ok. Saw very many “free” dogs yesterday, obvisily many people just let their dogs out alone, they did not bother to go out with them!


      1. Yes I was told by Adonis, Nina “vets” husband. The mort important I had to buy yesterday was catfood!
        Did you see my photo of the road up to your house?


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