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IRA and …

You know my new dogs name is Ira,

(color of the page is red, I always use red in the X-mas month)

– she came with that name and she is about 2,5 years old.
Suddenly I started to wonder,
what does the name mean?
It has nothing to do with
The Irish Republican Army (IRA).
I am ashamed to say it, but I did not connect it with Hera!
Here is what I found on the net;


The Greek here, – I thought Ira means peace!


Eιρήνη / Irini in Greek means peace!

So now I know!

Did you read my post about Ira as a deer-hunter?
We saw the deer (fallow deer, I think) yesterday  again,
and Ira went crazy,
luckily she was on the lead!
3 deers got out of the farm just down from here,
when we had the big flood
– tsunami, as we call it – in September 2015 and
are living as free since then.

Good luck – hope no hunters will find you!

Over to Skopelos 12/12-2016


BARDON is a café in the winter, by the old olive factory, just behind La Costa, – they have the restaurant Zoupa in the summer. Wood burner at Bardon, always warm and very nice service.
I am not sure what is was, maybe a hawk or a buzzard, not easy to “catch” it with my phone and 2 doggie-leads in my hand!

We did not get enough time in Volos, due to change of the ferry timetable,
so I did not get a new electric blanket!
What happened, they had it at the big supermarket of AB here,
amazing, even made in Greece!
My 1st blanket I got as a Christmas present from mom about 20 years ago, and honestly, I did not know that I needed it!!! When I got back to Skopelos then on a very cold February day, I put it in my bed, – and that night I fell in love!!!
Since it is over 20 years old, it was time to change it!

Life at home with 2 doggies, many cats and a fireplace is great!
We also have central heating, and we need that wintertime in Skopelos.
Better to be well prepared.
In my old home downtown I had an electric oil heather,
it was very good.

I am baking and always I learn new words;


I do not make 7 different X-mas cookies, as used to be tradition in Norway,
I just make “Pepper-nøtter” kind of Ginger nuts
and a fruity cake, – love them both!
I bought “Pepperkakor” – Ginger Thins – at IKEA,
they are also I must for Christmas.

Some few clips from the net;

I will end todays page with some photos I played with;

Did you see the garlic?


A page for animal lovers …

Who are my darlings?
Just guess!


Pasxa is my no 1, she was born early spring 2005
and has been with me since the 1st of May then.
Found her left in the bed of the road just opposite
Agios Reginos. Tried to give her away, but …

She left me today 18th of December 2018 due to cancer in the liver, I am so sorry. RIP Pasxa mou, – no more pain. Love you Baby ;0(



Do I like cats? I have to, because they just come to me!!!
In 2008 I found Mikris mother half dead in the street,
I knew her and had been feeding her,
so I took her home, and nursed her to life.
Suddenly one morning I heard a week mjau, mjau –
Mikri was born. Ti na kano?
She and her mom was moved up to the OliveGrove
and lived there together, the mother disappeared,
but Mikri managed to live by herself.
I fed her every day!
When I move up to Raches in 2010 I took Mikri
with me, – she lives alone outside somewhere,
but knocks the window nearly every day for food!

So how did I get more cats?
They just showed up!!!
1 year up here came 2 small kittens, so cute;

They live outside my home, but comes in a lot,
– and stays the night if it is very cold or wet.
Very nice clean cats.
Then came and came and came;


At the moment October 2016 I am feeding about
20 cats around the house, just take a look;:

– but I got a new dog;

We do have some friends, here they are;

Here in red is small Agapi, moms terrier,
and a very good friend.
Pasxa boyfriend is;

From me and my animals is only to say
“Kalo Chimona” – Good Winter


Poppy, Wisteria, snakes & a moth

160414 011c
— on a gray day!

I love spring, I love flowers, I love Skopelos

What is my favorite flower?
Difficult to answer …
A Blue iris, my Caribbean rose or a Skopelos wild flower?
But there are nothing like the POPPY
160414 015c

and when I found a whole field of them just around the corner, it was amazing!

In Mortero, one of my favorite places on the island,
you know to the right, just before/behind Panormos,
I shot this yesterday;

But there is always a s…. in the paradise;

160414 028c
What is this? It was big, more than one meter long,
it moved very slow over the road.
I got the answer from Liz and Brian Ridout,
who are categorizing incest and more her.
They have published two books about the wildlife here.
Here is the mail I got after sending them the snake photo;

“Brian is very jealous. It looks like a typical four lined snake which isn’t supposed to be hear – only the blotched four lined snake. Anyway it grows to 2.5m and eats rats!! A lovely find – thank you for telling us and the pictures.

Thanks a lot!
An autumn some years ago I shot this snake;

Liz and Brian told me it was a leopard snake, and also that is not supposed to be here;


“We saw a small live snake today,
about 35 cm long, thin like a pencil and very “slow”
– it was not sunny and warm.
Think it is a;
“hus-slange” –

The leopard snake is a beautiful indigenous reptile that lives
in vegetated areas and sometimes visits gardens.

In Maltese, the leopard snake is known as lifgħa. It can grow up to one metre in length and hunts small animals such as young birds, reptiles, frogs, mice and even small snakes. But it is not poisonous.

In the Acts of the Apostles, it is written that Paul of Tarsus was shipwrecked in what we believe are the Maltese islands in AD60 and that while he was warming himself near a fire he was bitten by a viper but he did not die.
This gave rise to the belief that, as a result of this,
all snakes in Malta lost their poison.”

So when in Skopelos, do not worry about snakes,
only one is poisonous, the viper, and I have never heard of anybody being bitten,
and Brian said he never saw one alive, – and he looks out for wildlife all the time.

Talking about leopards;
Also this not common in Skopelos!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Limnonari and …

160203 022c
A special panoramic photo – I love it!

Limnonari is a beautiful beach just after Agnondas.
There is a road and good parking.
2 tavernas, breakfast. lunch & dinner, so a good place to be.
Now in February it is very quiet and of course nothing open.
160203 021c
Pasxa and me often go there  in the winter and just enjoys the beautifulness, quietness and and … The other day there was 2 seagulls swimming in the bay, and then came 2 cormorants,
it was so nice to follow their way of fishing.

Photo from 2012


Cormorant or shag;
κορμοράνοι ή θαλασσοκοράκων

– the last name I translate to seacrow – sjøkråke

“No consistent distinction exists between cormorants and shags.”
“Sometimes the same species is called a cormorant in
one part of the world and a shag in another.”
– that was from

Skopelos has lots of birds, up here is a hegron, more shags and
this beautiful seagull, the Greek name;


The rain started last night, no problem, but we do not need
any more rain, we 
have more that enough.
Rain and just +8,3C up here, lets dream of summer;



I love this photo!


Since I do not look quite young anymore,
I prefre to show grown ups instead of “pinups” ;o)


Spilia, just before Agios Ioannis (Mamma Mia wedding church), a bay we often visits when we go around the island with Ena, the beautiful old fashioned boat ;o)
Megalo Pefko, between Elios and Kastani


Kalivies next to Armenopetra
150702 035
Keep on sailing …



Snow, cats & dogs

On our morning walk; Raches, Pefkias, Potami, Diakopi
and home, I saw ice on puddles and a dash of snow on one roof,
– so we did not really had snow!
The days are a bit cold, just around 6 up here
and ca. 10 in town but
it helps a lot when the sun is out.

Over to my animals and some others;

My cats loves my woodshed ;o)

I have one dog, Pasxa and about 15 cats.
I did not want so many cats, but they just heard the
rumors of this stupid woman who leaves food outside
up at Raches. For those who does not know,
Raches is up from Glifoneri/Agios Konastantinos,
just out of Skopelos town, 210 meters above the sea.


Rainy Day

151127 062c
Cleaning up my photo-gallery, and found this cat photo.
A bit late for God Jul – but I admirer the way cats
bundles together when it gets cold,
and though I would show it to you.
I was/am not a cat persons – I thought!
I used to have one and now around 15!
They just show up!!!
I do love my dog, Pasxa!

WP 151229 028
My Pasxa with the OliveGrove friend Hedda.
They are both dogs found …

Gray and rainy but beautiful as always on Skopelos!
It was about +10C in the morning, but now in the
afternoon it is down to only +6!
Some says we will have snow for the New Year!
Anyway here is a pic from yesterday;WP 151229 036
Some friends came so here will be party-time too!

Before I close, another Xmas pic from Mortero;

151228 049c
My 87 year old mom Kate and a good friends SC,
sharing a Christmas cracker!