Lilleputs last week

Kαλό χειμώνα

(October 2016)

All has its end –
I have been told!


Lilleputs last plane came from Trondheim 8/10,
more north of Norway, not Oslo as usuall,
and I was so wondering how it would be!
The group was so great and happy,
– even when it was no excursion boat or bus,
the local bus nearly stopped working –
I had put up 3 evenings together and they got
a good taste of the best of Skopelos;

We had fun and was dancing, just great!
Thanks to Dimitris and his team.

Wednesday night;

At Soulas one really feels the Greek hospitality

φιλοξενία – hospitality

Whats for breakfast?

The last night was spent at Molos with great live music and
very good food;


Saturday we went with the “Cat” to Skiathos;

If I had money I would put up a flight from Trondheim
every summer!!!
Some glimpses from Skiathos, I walked back
from the airport;

As usuall when the last plane is about to leave,
I sat at a café and had my wineglass;
Normally I do not drink wine that early in the day,
but it was a very very special day –
the last day of Lilleput, the last transfer …

Then a walk and a bit of shopping;

But this was not the end of my Skiathos visit –
I had lunch with my good friends in my favorite
Skiathos taverna;

Sorry I forgot to photograph my friends,
they were happy and good company,
I got to know some of them here;
Those were the days!
What great holidays we had, mom and me,
with the Greek Connection and their family –
that was great filoksenia!

καλό χειμώνα – good winter

Again I will say
Without you my life would not have been what it is!!!!
Gulliver from 1983 – 1994 both Paphos, Cyprus and here,
6 years here with Lilleput!

Home in Skopelos life goes on;
Sundays lunch was with great music at Molos –
winter has started!

Take care you all and Kalo Chimona!


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