Problem solved!!!

I used to be quick,
fixed problems …
So irritating that it takes longer time now,
I am getting older!!!
This time, in a strange way, Window managed to fu.. up my downloading of photos. I did not want to renew, – did I need Windows? I have all on my phone, without any Windows! Anyway I bought a month of Windows and then things are working … I do need my laptop for making Skopelitissa, the phone is too small for me to use. I have ordered a “pad” for it, then we will see if thats all I need!!!

The rainbows were nice but the light was difficult!
View from upstairs where I live!

Here are some new photos;


She was 70 years old, so we made a surprise party.
LIVE “finally” at Molos – LOVE it!


So lovely that we can go out and eat,
we enjoy it a lot, guess you can see that!!!

Flower time;

The island is so beautiful now,
but so strangely quiet!

2 more photos;
3 boats arriving most days, these 2 car ferries and the faster passenger ship Erato, the Flying Dolpin. They connect us with Skiathos, Alonnisos, Volos & Manthoudi (on Evia island, short way to Athens). Maybe Agios Konstantinos later. You can see the schedules at

Life is good on Skopelos, no virus at all,
but new people are arriving every day …




4 thoughts on “Problem solved!!!”

  1. Wonderful…amazing…beautiful life at northern Sporades…!!! By the way…does anybody happen to know…where on the map I can find southern Sporades…???….


  2. It makes me very happy to see all those nice fotos from Skopelos and at the same time it makes me sad that I cannot be there as usually this time of the year. Keep on posting fotos for the sad people.

    Liked by 1 person

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