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16/1 – and still dripping


If you want to see the SNOW just browse down here, it came an amazing amout of snow on Skopelos 7th to 10th of January 2017. Ca 80 mm I guess, my rain measure was broken by the heavy snow!!!

Best photo of today?

How long have we had snow?
I woke up to a white world on the 7th of January,
the biggest snowfall came on the 8th,
it was snowing all the day!
How much? 1 meter for sure!
How to measure?
My rain-measure-thing is still under snow!!!

PS it was broken by the heavy snow ❗️

I walked around town today as well, here are some more pics;

Skopelitissa is a shop who sells delicious homemade sweets,
and the part to the right is rather new.

Nød lærer nøken kvinne å spinne …
Norwegian saying who says something like;
Poverty learns naked woman to make a tread or …

I will end todays page with some pics from this afternoons walk;
170116-021c170116-025c170116-026c170116-016cSo many damages, but of course a tree will grow up again!

What was the temperature during this snow fall?
Well, the lowest I had on my thermometer was -0.8C,
some said they had -5, – but all this depends where you are living!
I had to go to the “electronic” shop in the “Post-office-Street”
today, and the nice young man promised to fix my moms TV!
In the shop I found a small weather station, so I bought it,
and here I can prove that the one I have is more or less correct;

Mom called and was so happy, her TV is ok.
It was the snow that had moved the disc a little bit.
Thanks you for excellent service!


14/1 Drip, drip, dripetydrip!!!

After the snow!!!

Dripping from the rooftops, DANGEROUS,
icesticles falling down, and they are heavy!

icssticles – what does that mean?
I thought it was these thing hanging from the roofs;
170108-016cbut when I looked it up, this is what comes;
icesticles definition. a term usually used to describe the condition
of ones t*st*cl*s while working outside in bone chilling cold.
Bravo mou!!!

We have no more fun, than we laugh ourselves!!!

I give my compliments to all the help we have got
from helicopters, boats, trucks and and …
but most of all to all the people who were engaged,
working to help us all!

Eυχαριστώ πολύ

Anyway here what’s happened yesterday;

It did not come for us, we were safe!

To finally know that we have a road, was just fantastic!
Last time the car was out was exactly one week ago!


I got a phone call about 12.30 yesterday
and one of my “snowed-in” friends in Mortero said
I was so happy to hear his voice.
I do not know more, but they were in town
and did their shopping, bravo!
Their road was finally cleaned!

When I was a kid we had a summerhouse on the coast
and there we had to heath water and and …
And I was very proud when I managed to make the wood-fire!

Getting to town we had to drive over Pefkias,
because down of here it is very slippery.
But we made it to town, bravo!!!
Lots of shopping …

191013-024c191013-028c191013-034cI went to Karavia to see Rolf, the 5th Norwegian
who lives here, we have not see each other for 8 days,
but kept contact with messages.
and I had 3 SMALL BEERS!!!!
I who hardly every drink at daytime!!!
Then I walked over to moms;
Mom were fine, but she was a bit fed up over being locked up inside.
She can not get out, the road up to her
home can only be reach on foot, in snow and
ice up to your ankles. Not easy,
so she has to wait for a few more days,

Lots of people out in town, very many cars,
and it was a kind of happy mood.
The snow were over, we could get OUT!!!


I had a lovely walk with my doggies late afternoon again,
and the road was clean, but a bit wet,
so dangerous at night, it could be icy.
We do not have winter tires for our cars here,
and very few has snow changes.
My car is still parked up here
with a lot of snow on top,
I will try to get him out today!!!
But I will not drive before I know it is completely safe!

Have a good day, SUN is shining on Skopelos ;o)

Some cuts from FaceBook;

I LOVE my doggies!!!


13/1 we got a road!!!

Thursday was so beautiful and what a great change!

Best news first;
They cleaned all the road around Pefkia – Raches,
and I guess all the way down to Kastro-Milos.
I do not think my small car can make it today,
but Spiros upstairs has a 4 wheel drive,
so we go shopping together!

My big worry now is my friends in Mortero,
no phone contact since the 10th.
I know they have a wood fire, I know they have
lots of jam and chutney, but food?
I have to find out.
People was saved by helicopter yesterday!!!

Robert one of my friends in Mortero,

just called and said that their road is Ok and

they are safe, bravissimou ❄️⛄️❄️

My big white wild cat Mikri is missing,
she lives by herself behind here,
she might not have been able
the get out, I hope she shows up today!


She came after 7 days out in the snow, she ate a lot, slept on a carpet and went back to her home somewhere behind here. She never lived with us, but use to come and eat inside every day. I was so happy to see her. I have had her since the day she was born in my home in town. I rescued her mom after male cats being bad to her, and big was my surprice when one morning I was woken by some mjau from a weak voice! One very small, ugly kitten was born! Now a very beautiful white cat with a big fur. There was no way I could go and look for her, I do not know where she lives, because she disapairs behind a fenced in an olive grove.

More from the beautiful day;

170112-002c170112-006c170112-008c170112-010cTHANKS A BIG LOT;
without boats coming and going we would not survive!

Just 2 more pics;

So many saw my vidaki, thanks a lot!

It is a beautiful morning,
I will have breakfast and then
start digging our driveway!!!


12/1 I do not love snow!

170111sne-096c170111sne-098cI woke up to this today, it was so FANTAISTIC!!!
To have about 6 days with snow is amazing,
and we still have a lot!
I feel like I am up in the highmountains of Norway,
like Geilo and Ustaoset, where I used to work!!!
We were luck to have the electricity for a long time,
but it was away for 26 hours and came back
yesterday at 14.30 – guess if we were happy?
Poor Alonnisos they have been without for a much longer time.
Now we do not have water,  but we DO have snow!

Yesterday we walked to town to see mom and
back again, 12,5 km. The worst part was to “dive” into the snow
and get out to the main-road down from here.
Some places I was in snow up to my chest!!!
I sent the doggies first but they did not sink as deep as I!!!

Here are our walk and what we saw;


The truck pours out saltwater in order to melt the ice and snow. Lots of vehicles out trying to help, bravo! I saw firetrucks, policecars and and …  Thank you!



When we got home, I was dead!!!

MY HEROES of yesterday;
Vangelis D who drove a bottle of gas for my moms gas heater.
Lambro Finikas who helped me carry it up to her home.
Spiros P who cleaned a path in to “our” house,
I was SO happy for that, because I was very, very tired
after the walk. My back hurt a lot, so I put on a cream
and a sheep skin. We went early to bed and the
electric blanket was on, ohhh so lovely!

Thanks a lot!

Sunshine outside now, +3,9C, melting a lot,
woodfire on and time for breakfast!


9/1-2017 Winter

I have lived in the Norwegian mountains for many a winter,
so I was prepared for this snow!
But I do not have high boots so I improvised!
I was rapped in here and there, and went out
with the doggies. We did not get fare, just
up and down the track we walked yesterday
several times!!!
I came in perfectly dry!
No complaints, we have plenty of wood, food and drinks,
and with cats and dogs I have very good company,
and nobody is complaining!

How cold?

Good question! My thermometer has been down to -0,8C
(sorry I wrote earlier no frost, but I did not see the minus
on my thermometer!!!)
We had frost in the night.
My ice-stickles were dripping before but now
at 11.48 we have -05C, so what
will the night bring?


I just took a brown bread out of my baking machine,
so now a slice with Norwegian goat cheese.
Geitost bragt av gode venner, tusen takk!

I am very very happy that we still
have electricity!!!!


Here are some FaceBooks photos,
since I am not able to get down to take them myself.
Sorry that not all writes their names on them
but I hope I am allowed to use them anyway;


Most of them are from yesterday the 8th of January 2017!

We do have real winter!!!

So why not dream of green grass?


Snow 7/1-2017

Let it snow, let it snow

Woke up to snow today, white beautiful snow!
It was +0,5C outside and no electricity.
I lit candles and the fire and had a great breakfast.
I cook in gas – so no problem ;o)
I am prepared for it all!

170105-077c170107-031cJust yesterday we rapped in my lemon tree,
it had its first 2 lemons ever, so fun;
last year I told the tree that if there was no lemons
I will cut it down!!!

Inside life today;

170107-050c170105-083c170105-080c170107-048cSome very few of the cats are allowed inside,
and they love it!
The others have plenty of space in my woodshed
so nobody needs to suffer. There they sleep all
in a bundle!

Have a lovely evening!


2016 SNOW

30th of December we had a dash of snow
Up here at Raches it was 1 cm high and lasted for 1 hour,
but up in the mountains it stayed a bit more.
Mortero had much more than us!


Over to 19th of January 2016


Sne 075c

Kalispera! I just could not wait until Friday to put of my snow picks! Up here in Raches we lost the electricity Monday in the morning, and got it back Tuesday around 14.00. It was OK, but when Vodafone, that I have for my mobile and WiFi, stopped working, I was not so happy. Need to talk to mom twice a day, luckily I have friends with an OTE landline.


The snowing started Monday morning, but it was not frost here,
lowest was +2,4C. All day it was snowing.

We do have snowmen in Greece too!
This was close to Agia Polemistra

Sne 009c

190116_28cThe electric and phone lines was full of snow, as you can see up here,  & we had to be very carfull not walking under them, because it was icy what fell down from them.
1st time in life for that!

Sne 028cAt Agia Paraskevi the pergola had fallen down, due to heavy snow.
Sne 027c
And a tree was fallen.

The snow was white, beautiful and silent!

My cats loves the fireplace ;o)


PS, it started raining Tuesday evening, and still is now
Wednesday morning, and +4,4C was the lowest in the night and now 5,5, so no frost. No frost is good for driving, in Norway we use special winter tires, who works on sleet and ice, here we use the same tires all year.





Snow – some years ago

2008 outside Dokos Bar Cafè – PS it is a color photo!

Around Raches 2012

I was told in 1983 that it might come snow every
7th year on Skopelos. Well I know it does not come every year,
more often I see white on the mountain tops.

Snow 2004

All photos from my X-home in town, Giftorema,
except the small church of Agios Pandon, Aloupi.

We had a friend who was coming to his new house in Papadima,
it is up behind the cemetery.
There was no way we could drive up in order to make the road,
so a friend helped me and our
2 doggies, and we walked up and down 2 – 3 times a day
so that when our friend came it was an open path.
I remember there was so much snow that it went over
my high boots, and that I mad angels in the snow,
like I did when I was a child.


Snow, cats & dogs

On our morning walk; Raches, Pefkias, Potami, Diakopi
and home, I saw ice on puddles and a dash of snow on one roof,
– so we did not really had snow!
The days are a bit cold, just around 6 up here
and ca. 10 in town but
it helps a lot when the sun is out.

Over to my animals and some others;

My cats loves my woodshed ;o)

I have one dog, Pasxa and about 15 cats.
I did not want so many cats, but they just heard the
rumors of this stupid woman who leaves food outside
up at Raches. For those who does not know,
Raches is up from Glifoneri/Agios Konastantinos,
just out of Skopelos town, 210 meters above the sea.