6th of July 2020


A bit late for “Kalo Mina” but the photo from Panormos is so nice!


Both mom, doggies and me 
Keep on walking …
Best you can do to yourselves!


Skopelos is so ALIVE!
Most places open and many with live music.
Karidia has changed music and we love that too!

Walking Pefkia-Potami I saw this

I heard a small noise, and saw the kid, it looked lots,
I could not get to it, so what to do?
Mostly there is a floc there, but …
I went back the nest day to see if it was still there!
Luckily not!

Back to May;


Alonnisos or Alonissos?
My friend Pakis of the blue boat Gorgona,
born and living on Alonnisos,
told me ALONNISIS!


We had a 2 night very nice days at Liadromia,
we got downstairs studios so I could easily walk out with Ira.
We had a great time and we will be back!

All the best to you from a still virus free island, I hope!


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