Another day …


Very nice dinner at Pavlos in Agnondas Friday night,
celebration of 21 years since the boys met,
congratulations to Kjell & Frode!
The light was a bit bright so the photo is not perfect!
Who is?


I am so happy that my Skopelitissa is up working,
and for the nice messages I have got from some of you.
Always good with feed back, thanks! 

I never get tired of my view,
I can not believe that I am so lucky to live up here!
I always go outside in the morning,
feeding cats and checking flowers, but most of all looking out!!!
Very quiet on the sea, mostly a few fishing boats,
a sailing boat or two, and some fast small ones. 


Sorry I did not take any photos from Dimitrakis.
We had a very nice meal there the other day.
Giannis promised to have also a gluten free menu next time.

As you have seen we are out eating a lot!
We need a change, been cooking at home too much!

The salad is sooooo gooood!

Papou Madro Travel proudly out waking with “Jårgakis”!


2 pics from my garden;

I have had the “Rådi” / pomegranate tree some years,
every year it lost the fruits due to wind,
last year I moved it to a bit shelter,
and now I have ca 10 fruits!

Hope you are doing well!
Be safe!


5 thoughts on “Another day …”

  1. Dear Nana, we are very happy to hear fom you again.
    We are coming due to the Corona beginning of September, but my daughter Michaela and husband are coming 5th of July.
    Keep safe – also yr mom,
    Monica and Hans from Raches – and ARI!


  2. Så kjekt å lese fra skopelos og sjå bilder og drømme om folket og øya. Flott bilde av Georgios, madro travel☀️☀️. Vi har sol og sommer i Ålesund også☀️☀️


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