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Στην υγειά μας ρε παιδιά!

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Πω, πω, πώ!

Cheers guys!

If you love Greek music,

this is the TV progam to follow!




Στην υγειά μας ρε παιδιά!

με τον Σπύρο Παπαδόπουλο…

By chance I saw that the program came to ΣΚΑΪ TV Saturday night, and I sat up till one in the night just enjoying, so fantatstic, – IF YOU LIKE GREEK MUSIC this is a must ‼️

I do not know how you can see this from abroad, but it is possible. If you know, tell me. Anyway you can go into

Last night the whole program was dedicated to:


Here is a bit of what Wikipedia says about him:

“Dimitrios “Dimitris” Mitropanos (Greek: Δημήτρης Μητροπάνος) (2 April 1948 – 17 April 2012) was a Greek singer. He was renowned for his mastery of Laïkó, a Greek music style.

Mitropanos lived in his native city of Trikala in northwest Thessaly until the age of 16, beginning his musical career in 1964.

He worked with some of the most renowned Greek composers, such as Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Xarhakos, Giorgos Zabetas, Manos Hatzidakis, Marios Tokas, and Thanos Mikroutsikos.

Here is a bit of Greek lesson in some of the titles of his songs:

Πες μου πού πουλάν καρδιές (Pes mou pou poulan kardies, Tell me where they are selling hearts)

Άλλος για Χίο τράβηξε κι άλλος για Μυτιλήνη (Alos yia Chio travixe ki alos yia Mitilini, Someone sailed to Chios and someone else to Mitilini)

Tα Λαδάδικα (Ta Ladadika, The greasy sites (referring to the brothels))

“Mitropanos concluded his concert with a passionate performance of his famous song “Αλίμονο,” with all in attendance giving him a standing ovation as he walked off the stage. As is commonplace among Greeks to show appreciation for a singer’s performance at the conclusion of a concert, chants of “kialo” followed, meaning “more.”

Kialo” actually is “ke allo” meaning and another  and/or more!

What song to listen to? I will suggest Θτς, go to YouTube and search for

Δημήτρης Μητροπάνος-Θες

Another link to the program, you find more now on YouTube

Στέφανος Κορκολής – Σβήσε το φεγγάρι (Στην υγειά μας) {30/9/2017}

Svise to fengari” – Close the moon

🎼 🍁 🇬🇷 🍁 🎼

And now we need some Skopelos here, some photos from earlier in September:


Something to think about:


Over to my favorite summer drink, RETSINA MALAMATINA:

On the 1st photo it says: With a Malamatina in your hand, on the consert of ΔΕΘ – sorry I do not know what that means!  2nd photo: On you Sunday family table, – meaning at you family lunch!

The weather is automn, in the night it was down to +15,3, it is windy, lots of clouds, but very little rain.

Have a “Kalo Evdomada” ❣️

IMG_0846 logo

Ta Kimata – The Waves

160524 012c

I had a nice talk yesterday with Riginos Grypioti,
chef at Ta Kimata alias Angelos Taverna
in the Old Harbor, – a place I often eat.
He is 37 years old and started to help in his families taverna
when he was 7 years old.
So you might say “he grew up in the taverna”!
Those days he and his 3 brothers lived with mom and dad upstairs.
The whole building was redone in 2005 and upstairs now
is Pavlos, a nice bar where you can sit up
at the terrace and admire the view.

The “double” name of the taverna is due to that their father, Angelos,
worked the taverna for many years, and we used to say;
LET`s go to Angelos!

 160523 010cIt is the oldest taverna in town, the brothers
great grandmother started it in 1896.
When I came here in 1983 it was Angelos,
the boys father who was the face outside,
and his brother Takis was the chef.
Unfortunately both has left us.
Photo from 2003, the proud father with his 4 sons,
who all wanted to work at the family taverna.
What a great photo!

Today Riginos and his 3 brothers runs the taverna,
sometimes with help of the younger generation!
Angelos is the name of the 2 male grandchildren
of Angelos, – that’s the tradition.

160524 007cTa Kimata offers real traditional, home cooked meals,
but Riginos can also cook a very special meal for
a wedding or other occasion.
Just go and talk to him or one of his brothers.

160524 009cI really like to go inside to the kitchen and look at the display of food,
my problem is that I can not have one of each dish,
so what to choose?
One of my favorites is Stuffed Squash.

If  you have company you may share your dishes.

 160523 007cRiginos is one of Skopelos best chefs, he has a
Certificate from the French Culinary Institute in New York
and he has worked at the Michelin Restaurant OCEANA in New York,
where he really learned to make great seafood.
Many winters he works at other places like Thessaloniki or Athens
to learn new things and get experience,
– when the taverna here is closed.