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UPDATED 1/11-2019

The bus goes from Skopelos town via Stafilos, Agnondas, Panormos, Elios to Loutraki, down of Glossa,
 BUT some busses in the high season goes only to the beach,
so read on the front of it!




It was like this in the high season 2018:


Enjoy Skopelos ;o)



It costs € 4,80 in the beginning of 2018
on the bus from Skopelos to Loutraki,
an about 1 hours drive along the length of Skopelos,
ca 35 km ;o)))  Lowest fare 1,60 €

You may take a taxi, they are not too expensive.
You can ask the driver if he will come back for you,
they are mostly reliable, but get his/her card, just in case!

Taxi drivers are often resting at Dokos, across the street, or out walking. If there is taxi parked at the station, the driver is somewhere around.

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Some taxi-drivers numbers;
+30 6944 132143 Andreas
+30 6945 999569 Anthi
+30 6944 843738 Kostis
+30 6945 149342 Thanassis
+30 694 4820468 Panagiotis Sklavos and
+30 697 4872362 – he also may drive in the evening

+30 6975 778547 Stamatis, Elios

+30 6944 734024 Glossa

The taxies of Skopelos should all have a taxameter and they should give you a receipt. It costs extra if you call for a taxi. It is more expensive after 2300 hrs.

If you HAVE TO take a taxi to get home at night, BOOK IN ADVANCE!
Find your private driver …