Cannabis, Skiathos & more …



I saw this on a car in Skiathos!
So what is it?
This is what I found on line;

“Pure Motivation, Pure Fun

Life Element Cannabis is the world’s first motivation drink, specially created for the times of lack of inner stimulation.

Motivating, fresh, different. With Premium fructose or sugar free.  For all who enjoy a modern, creative lifestyle, for healthy conscious people and diabetics.

LE Cannabis, the sparkling unique combination of light hemp extract and crackling fruity temperament of exotics fruits offer an unrivaled taste experience and builds a fully novel segment of functional drinks.

Mineral water, hemp extract, fructose, carbonic acid, acidifying means citric acid and flavor.”

I have no idea about these “things / drug …”
But I hear on the commercials on the Greek radio about
Cannabis Oil!

I have had a nice trip to Skiathos.
I have friends there from back to 1980,
“The Good Old Days”
when I came there as a tourist with Gullivers Reiser.

Here is my travel to Skiathos on the 17th of May,
Norways National Day;

smacap_Bright190518 058coznoroznorsmacap_Bright

Skiathos Town smelled so nice of flower blossom;


Family friend Arne was happy to get
his Blue Mussels in Mustard sauce at Bakaliko:


He called yesterday and is coming back with VING
in a weeks time, very cheap ticket!

I was invited to Skiathos by Lisa
due to her birthday.

(Oddvar I met one of the first times I was on holiday in Skiathos)



Some might remember The Greek Connection who was the agent for Gulliver in the Good Old Days. It was Kostas and his brother Georgios (unfortunately we lost him on 1995) who was the main persons, but they invited us all into their life on the island. Family parties at churches, kalivis, beaches and more.
Always nice food and drinks, and lots of music.
What parties! Just fantastic, and in the Greek way with all ages.
Those were the days …

The party was at the very good Agnandio Restaurant, high up with a beautiful view. It is runned by nice Giannis (also a part of the Greek Connection) and his brother. Excelent food and service.

See it at Tripadvisor:

Lisa had made a fantastic cake:


I am always reading signs;


I believe it was a barbers sign!

I also met with Hanne, the Norwegian hairdresser on Skiathos,
and my old friend Thanassis Paradias who now works at Prima Vera close to the big church up from the old harbor.
Great to meet good old friends.

Going home;

smacap_Brightoznoroznoroznor190518 115csmacap_Brightoznoroznorsmacap_Bright

And now close to the end, a “friend” I try to photograph every month:


One cutting and a very big RIP!

190518 132

Keep on walking …
That was from  Johnny Walker,
last night I saw this


More drinks;


EZA is a Greek beer who has a very nice commercial when they send Game of Thrones.



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