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Καλo Πaσχα

Easter – the biggest holiday and celebration in Greece
(some might say that the 15th of August is bigger)
– a must for all “GrekoFile” – friends of Greece,
but most of all a celebration where
more or less all Greeks participate.

170422 004

I just had to borrow Costa Andreos Easterphoto 2017!

Do you know that here in Greece there is great fireworks at midningt on Easter eve, just like NewYearsEve in Norway? It came to a surprise to a Norwegian friend at her first Easter here, she thought it distroyed the athmosphere! But it is a tradition, – ti na kanoume?

Looking back to Good Friday 2007;

Anybody recognize the two boys in white more or less in the middle? Xristos and Themis, sons of Mado and Lambros “Finikas”


Sorry I do not have any photos from last night,
I stayed home ;o(

Here is one of, for me, the best Easterphotos
I have taken;

Easter Saturday night outside the Panagia tou Papameletiou church
in Giftorema in 2004. A magic moment!


At Eastertime the blossom is at its best,
and this year I feel it is better than ever!

Tonight, Saturday, we will eat our easter soup
at Ta Kimata, as usual and all night we will say;

150429 053

Καλή Ανάσταση!
Kali Anastasi!
Kalee Anastasee!
God oppstandelse!
(Hilser man hverandre med frem til Påskeaften kveld)
Good resurrection!
(Is the greeting the days before Saturday night!)
Χριστός Ανέστη!
Xristås anesti!
Hreestos anestee!
Xristus er oppstanden!
(Sier man ved midnatt påskeaften)
Xristos is risen!
(one says after midnight at Easter Saturday)
Αληθώς Ανέστη!
Alithås anesti!
Aleethos anestee!
Virkelig oppstanden!
(er svaret)
Really/true risen!
(is the answer)

1PHave to get a new photo where Ira is with us as well!


Sunday the biggest day of the year where
thousands of kids and lambs will be grilled;

Photo from 2015 from the house in the OliveGrove!

The big lent is over and time to celebrate!

🇬🇷🐣❣️ Χρόνια Πολλά ❣️🐣🇬🇷

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170413 134top170413 135top
The decoration of the eggs should be made on Thursday,
and we did! It is always so funny,
and exciting, one never  knows how good the eggs will look!
But mostly we are lucky!
Thanks to Silje for the inspiration and guiding.
Thanks to Mimi who learned me to use the outside of red onions on the eggs, then rap them in foil and boil them. They get a kind of marble pattern.
All eggs in the end was polished with olive oil.

We were lots of girls, 5 dogs and only 2 men ;o)

170413 119c170413 132c170413 116c170413 112c170413 110c170413 129c170413 120c170413 117c170413 130c

Thanks friends for joining me on this beautiful day!

Some other pics from the last days;
170413 011c170413 052c170413 039c170413 035c170413 014c170413 034c170413 033c

“The traditional customary gift for Easter is the “Lambada” (Easter candle) which is lit on the midnight service of Easter Saturday. The exquisitely unique Lambada is a gift given by  godparents to their godchildren.”

My Norwegian friend Tine always gives me a Lambada,
tuuusen takk!

Friday night for the epitafios parade one has just very plain candles.

170413 120c

Lazarus Saturday

Xronia Polla Lazarus

Here is from the old;

170401 068cIMG_0428IMG_0429IMG_0430IMG_0431


Here is 2017 and Lazarus Saturday! A friend tried to by Lazarus bread in Skiathos, but they had no idea about it. So it is very special for Skopelos!

My 3 Lazarusses was just delivered by a good friend, and they will decorate my home. I love them ❣❣❣ Here is one of them;


🐣 Have a lovely Saturday, the sun is shining on Skopelos 🐣


May 2016

160505 002I just had to borrow this GREAT photo from Easter midnight by Zahos Stamoulis

160505 001

Do you remember that one Sunday lunch in the winter I wrote that
the church bells made it to 12 o`clock midnight when I left Molos?
10 hours lunch!
It was much due to this 2 persons and their good music
and “vibration”! So I will go to Molos this weekend
– even if I have to walk home again!

My road is still closed but I read good news;
160505 005
“My” road is the one mentioned as Glifoneri – Raches.
Now I have to drive all over to the “new” road and
pass by Agios Reginos monastery, more than twice as long.

160505 009cOurania and Georgios from Antonios Studios.

Sunday 1st of May was Easterday, 2nd of May was the nameday
of amongst others Agios Georgios
– all those who had their nameday during lent,
had to wait to celebrate until after Easter, of course!
SO 1st of May was celebrated on the 3rd of May.
What a great looong weekend, and there was
a lot of Greeks coming,
most have a connection to Skopelos one way or the other.

160505 004Oddvar and Kostas, good old friends at Skiathos celebrating the 1st of May.

160505 011c
Nice equipage on Skopelos

Mountain flowers

We went on a sight seeing the other day;

and then
160505 037c

We had a great Easter trip on the mainland, for me the highlight was Vergina,
south-west if Thessaloniki.

If you love Greece, it is a must to visit!!!

160502 041c

To Dixti in Thessaloniki was so nice so we went
there both evening.

You see us;
Leifen, Svanhild, me, Christina & Vigdis up here.
I got a blue mustache from the chair I was sitting on!!!
Nice souvenir who I will find a place for somewhere here at home!

For me to get on the ferry in Volos was also great,
in Norwegian we have a saying like;
Being away is good but home is better!!!

My good friends was waiting for me ;o)


Pasxa – Easter – Påske

Καλο Πάσχα!

We did our eggs on Thursday
The Greek Easter color is red, but we did other colors as well.
The result was so great. We did about 80 eggs, so all could take some with them home.

160429 påske 006c
Big thanks to Silje for her artistic skills!

In 2017 all Easters are together

Easter Sunday 16th of April, – plan your trip now!!!

160429 påske 106160429 påske 107160429 påske 108

Easter Friday is a sad day, but we had a great time walking with Peggy “Gold” around to the 4 main churches of Skopelos town; Xristos, Agios Ioannis/Tris Archies, Panagia Papameletiou and Faneromeni. Papa Nikolaos of the Xristos Church is the head of 26 churches in that area.
Totally in town there are 162 churches, Peggy told us.
Every time I do this walk with Peggy, I learn something new.

Later at about 22.30 we were down at the waterfront
to see all the 4 parades from the churches,
most of the village people were walking behind their church,
– always a great site;
160429 påske 099

Tonight Saturday everybody will go to church and at midnight all candles will be lit from the holy flame who will arrive by plane and boat tonight from Jerusalem.

Everybody will great each other with
Χριστός Ανέστη! “Xristos Anesti” – Xristos is risen!
& the answer is  Αληθώς Ανέστη!
–  Aleethos anestee – Really/true risen!

Then the ones who has a home here will walk home and
make a soth cross over their doorway in order to bless
the house for the coming year.
AND then the fast will be broken by eating an egg and the Majeritsa soup,
well, first we “play” with the eggs – everybody take an egg in their hand
and we try to knock and break each others eggs.
The one who has a whole egg in his hand is sure to be blessed the coming year.

If you want to read and see more photos of Skopelos Easter go to my old site

2016 Påsketur 001
Out walking my dog …



Happy Easter – God Påske


GREEKå EASTER (Orthodox)
is at the end of April 2016,

Easter Sunday is on the 1st of May.


Hvorfor forskjellige påske tider?
 Why different Easter times?


A Simple Formula, Complicated Interpretations

The formula for Easter—”The first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox”—is identical for both Western and Orthodox Easters, but the churches base the dates on different calendars: Western churches use the Gregorian calendar, the standard calendar for much of the world, and Orthodox churches use the older, Julian calendar.

That much is straightforward. But actually calculating these dates involves a bewildering array of ecclesiastical moons and paschal full moons, the astronomical equinox, and the fixed equinox— and that’s in addition to the two different calendar systems.

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