Rebetika music & Skopelos

ERT1 – the biggest national TV station in Greece
was sending Sunday noon a great music program
including the Xintaris family  from Skopelos
who has

The Ouzeri up at Kastro anno 1982.
I do not go there much because I am not
a “nightbird”, but the times I have been there
it has been great.
PS Georgios Anagnostos was also playing bouzouki.

When I pass at daytime I always finds photo motifs;

Sooo much BLUE …


Skopelos is famous for its good musicians and
at the moment full of places with live music,
I will try to mention them all in town;
Anatoli, Mylos, Karidia, Molos, Kyratsos Kitchen,
Apolafsis and


In all/most music places in Skopelos
other musicians are welcome to
join in,
so you never know what will happen!
I love it!
The photos are from Wednesday afternoon,
perfect with lunch-music!
Plenty of time to get early to bed!!!

We got to taste the very nice Skopelos white wine

Life is not all music, but I could not live without it!
Skopelos is beauty and;

Axilleas connects us with Kimi on Evia and Skyros.
More at

She left after Wednesdays live music happening.
Safe journey! – She is back in quarantine in Nesodden
outside Oslo. But one day soon she will be back!


Some cuttings & Greek lessons





I am scared!

BE SAFE & very careful!!!

Skopelos is still virus free …


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  1. Hej Nana. Vi har sendt dig en email, men er tvivl om det er den rigtige:
    er du sød og sende din emailadresse. Klemzz Conny

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