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Anania round-walk

171018 081c
A wonderful church in the charming
small village of Anania.

A wonderful walk, a bit steep in the beginning,
but oh so beautiful;

171018 109
Nice to have a car so we can start a bit away from home.
It seams that I am the strongest walker in the family.
Pasxa is old and does not like long walks any more,
Ira is young enough but small since we walked
12 km yesterday, she was very tired today.
Ti na kanw?

Keep on walking …


Start and end by the Y cross by Agia Triada,
here is another map;

171018 107c

171018 079c171018 087c



The weather is as a good as a Norwegian summers day!

Ira and I walked for a bit more than an hour,
it seamed longer, – we did not see anybody,
only goats and lots of birds.


Sunday today, hope it as good to you
as it hopefully will be to me!

161226 043 XX

Amarondas Agnondas walk

171008 055c171008 058c171008 061c171008 062c
I parked the car in the crossroad Skopelos-Panormos, Pefkias-Heliport, – and then Ira and I walked passing the goat station and down to close to the top of the Stafilos-Agnondas road. Few meters on the main road and then off to Amarondas. In Agnondas we both drank and I ate tzatziki & kalamari mmm. After a while walking up the mainroad to the car, all in all about 12 km. Pasxa was looking after our home and sleeping.
Here are some more pics;

Saturday night it was Molos Music;

171008 046c
Kjell, Stefan, me, Inger & Reidar


But today, Tuesday, it is only Kjell and me left of these friends,
the others went back to Norway!
See you for Easter!

Over to my home and the faboulous view;

171008 052c171008 049c

171008 085c

I never get tired of “looking out” !

Hope you are having a good time!
Skopelos is now very quiet but soooo great!
Take care!

IMG_0846 logo

Anania round-walk

171002 068c
I love walking! View from behind where I live. The Delphi mountain is out of the pic to the right.

I love walking on Skopelos!

The other day I took the doggies in the car and drowe to the Y cross at the top of the Potami Vally and walked up from there. I wanted both doggies with me, so not for a long walk, Pasxa likes shorter walks. The whole round was only 4,08 km and it took us nearly one hour. Had some photo stops and the doggies drank from the rainwater puddles on the road.

Here are the maps:

Here we started:

171002 098c171002 096c

The path up is rather steap, but beautiful. Lots of autom colors and

171002 076c171002 070c171002 080c

Beautiful view to the “Monastery Hill”, the islets of Ag Georgios and to the very left Alonnisos.

Over to not this walk, – another walk!

Keep on walking …

171002 007c

I think the name of this monastery is Kontronaki, at least the area is called that. It is at the bottom of the “Monastery Hill”, not fare from the small settlement of Mili.

171002 008

This bustimetable is some days old, might be less buses now, I will try to check today!

Typically Norwegian, the last words are about the weather. Woke up to 17,5C, pluss of course and light, partly clouded weather. It is autumn, for sure, but the summer might come back! Last swim I had, it was warmer in the sea than in the air!

❣️🇬🇷🍁🇬🇷❣️Enjoy life as good as possible ❣️🇬🇷🍁🇬🇷❣️
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Monastery night

Skopelos has many monasteries,
most of then un-inhabited, so why not
try to spend a night in one of them?
I invited 3 of my friends, who did not know
“the back side of the Monastery Hill”
– the one facing Skyros –
to come with me.


We drowe up, because of all the things we had to bring,
and then we walked the blue line I have marked.

Here we are;

170711 251c
Selfie; me, Tina, Roger & Ingrid
170711 242c
Fully “packed”
170711 243c
We needed many rests, even if we only walked down the hill!
170711 244c
I am having a wonderful rest!!!


I think the walk took us 45 minutes,
we had a lot to carry; food, drinks, cutlery,
sleepingbags, dogfood and and ..
But not water, there are lovely springs at;

170711 312c170711 315c170711 320c

Then it was time to wait for the full moon
around nine o`clock;

I think it is always magic to see the moon
coming up!

170711 316c
Back in the monastery getting ready for dinner;

170711 259c170711 294c170711 296c170711 297c170711 303c

We all were trying to sleep in what I call
“The Last Supper Room”
– because there is a print of the last supper
on the wall.
I believe nobody slept well,
but it was worth it!

Roger was first up and slowly we all got ready
to meet the sun;
170711 310c

Back down to the monastery,
it lays a kind of in the end corner of a valley,
so not a good view from there,
– we had breakfast & packed our bags.

But first we wrote in the guestbook,
and there I found some old “memories”;

The drawing is not mine, but I had to copy it,
it is so very nice!
Then we started on the climb up before 8 o`clock,
– it was a hard walk up, up & up, and very hot.
We used more than one hour,
many stops and old Pasxa got very tired.

It was a wonderful 26 hours monastery-panselinos-sunrise-experience!

All my photos are taken with my phone,
Tina & Roger had proper cameras,
but Tina said the ones she took with her
phone was better!

170711 235
Being single, having 2 dogs, many cats and good friends is great!
170711 239
I wait 4 U!!!


Later that day I went sunset kayaking with some other friends,
so I am a sun worshipper!!!
Even more Panselinos worshipper ;o)

IMG_0846 logo

Another walk – another day …

170425 042
An old photo from Agnondas,
isn’t it beautiful?

From Sundays walk who ended up in

170425 026c

The doggies and I walked from home via Diakopi, Skliri & Mortero

170425 023

On the asphalt a bit down to Diakopi, onto the short path, crossing the Potami road, and then over Agios Ioannis to Skliri, so beautiful and peaceful. Did not see a single person.

Heather P & her team has cleared so many of the paths,
and I guess the one up from Diakopi via Skliri to Mortero as well, thanks a lot.
Lots of damages after the snow in January.
Here are some of the scenery;

170425 015c
Had to put this kalivi again from Skliri, – I am always looking
at it when I pass. So sad to see it more and more falling apart.

170425 024c

After a lovely cup of tea we drove down to Panormos,
only 2 persons at the taverna;

170425 029c

“The other” Heather D and her husband

170425 032c

Η παρέα μου – my friends, my company

What a lovely day, what a lovely lunch at Asterias,
then came
170425 030c

luckily it did not stop, we had such a peaceful time!

170425 034c

The excursion boat came to town,
it came from the mainland and had a lot of East Europeans onboard,
Good work for the cafees!
Elisabet Cruises are stationed on Amaliàpoli and
makes excursions to Skiathos, Skopelos & Alonnisos.
They write; With us metaxa, sun, dance and having good time are guaranteed!

Amaliàpoli is on the mainland, outside of Volos,
not very fare from the airport there.

More pics from the last days;

I work on old a HP PC to fix photos, make pages here, for some account things,
– I prefer to have a big keyboard and see all big!!!
But the other day this came up;
170425 055

Oh me of my!!! I switched off, on and …
This has never happened to me before,
and how many years have I worked with Windows …
It was this “icon” and nothing else!
Thanks a lot Stratos at Electrorama
who fixed it ;o)

Here are some good ones from FaceBook,
– you know all does not have FaceBook,
and that I understand very well,
FaceBook is good – FaceBook is bad
and it takes to much time!

170425 043
170425 053
170425 054

170425 041


All the best for the rest of the week
from sunny beautiful Skopelos & me


8/2 Kastani – Milia

I just had to put this first!
Most of us does not think of Greece as a a ski country,
but there is skiing in Greece, many resorts
also ski-lifts and and …
The girl up here is from Rhodes, as fare as I know,
but her mom is Norwegian and the great thing
is that she will do cross country skiing in
The World Championships in Lachti for Greece,
so look out for Melina Magulas.
Kali tixhi!!!


Over to a nice walk you can do when you are here!
I love Kastani, but not when it is full of people and high music!
In the summer it is great to visit Kastani in the morning
and take a good swim before having breakfast at the cafè.
If you want more quiet time walk over to Milias;

If you look at the map to the right
you may make a longer round-walk.
To walk Kastani – Milias took me 7 minutes, only 0,41 km
with photo stops.
The roundtrip to the right one hour, 3,57 km, but with many stops.
1 – means start at Kastani, from the beach over the rocks
or at the first big bend up from the beach.
There is a nice, narrow path true the forest.
2 – is where you get on up from Milias,
do not try to get down there, somebody tries to close it;
Slowly you get on to a small dirt road and soon at 3 you can get onto Milias.

I love walking Kastani – Milias, this day all we met was some
seagulls, 2 shags and a male dog (has owner), who lives there.
I love listening to the nature and just enjoy …

New to me is;


Check it out at

Here are some of the things we made;

None is ready yet!

They are also very much involved in SIFFY
Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY)

SIFFY would not mind if you made a donation!

What is Skopelitissa without an animal photo or two;

Have lovely weekend – we will watch Biathlon!!!
At the moment we have very gray weather, rain in the air
and up here only 7,5C.
And celebrate mom Kates 89 on Saturday!


Blacksmith & lunch

My woodstoves door-lock was stuck,
what to do?
We have several blacksmiths here and I met and talked to one of them,
he said; Just bring the door and I fix it!

Guess if we were happy?
We all love the fire!

Yesterday we walked to and from a lovely lunch;


It was so nice with “different” food  – not Greek!
I love Greek food – but not every day!
All winter we cook for each other just to eat
something with another taste!
I walk to and from with my 2 doggies and
I had to take some church-photos;
Look at that beautiful roof!
A bit further is this church;

As you might know I am very fascinated by the Greek churches,
specially the small privet ones.
All are so beautiful!

Gray weather today Thursday,
last 24 hours had between 12,7 & 15,4 C+.
I do not care, on a sunny day we go to the beach,
maybe, – but for sure every day a good walk!


τριφύλλι λιβάδι – kløvereng
In Greek they say “threefhillo” – 3 leaves –
in Norwegian we call is 4-clover!
Firkløver – and that is also a very nice Norwegian chocolate!

A good friend in Sweden sent me an e mail yesterday
telling me she is so happy that I post Skopelitissa
nearly every day!
Thanks Christina ;o)

It might be that November will be the best month
for “the new” Skopelitissa –
and that makes me wanting to make more new pages ;o)



Tzilali walk & roadworks

I love walking and so do my doggies,
the other day we walked this;

More from the walk through the valley up from Glisteri;

We always take a small de-tour to:
I love this place and the good news is:


We live up on the hill of Raches:

Road-works, bravo:

They are working on the road down in the Potami valley as well,
so good to see, I will photograph another day.
Some more pics;

Fun to see a Greek word with “normal” letters! TYROKOMIKA means cheese/cheese-making. This was the rapping-paper I got when I bought my Emmental!
At you school is there any foreigners? – asked the man, the little girl replies “No, at our school there are only children!”

Ribbe is a very traditional Christmas dinner in Norway!
This was very nice and it had a lot of “crisps” too!

My little friend;




Efstratios walk & Molos

Roundwalk, – not possible!

We wanted to walk a roundtrip, but due to the flood last year, I guess, the dirt road we wanted to take off to the left just before the monastery was closed by a fence. We entered anyway, thought it was only for the goats, but no, a bit down, it was no way to pass for us.
Anyway we had a nice walk in the lovely weather.

We have winds from south and then it always gets warm,
it has been up to 24,8!
I love the Skopelos winter – it has it all!

After the walk we went Molos,
Sunday Molos lunch is great;

I walked both down & up, here are some photos;


Here comes IRA;

I would like to say a big THANK YOU
– the hits on Skopelitissa has been very good lately,
so I can see it helps that I put up pages more often!



Agnondas walk

Agnondas – one of my favorite places

This is were the big fire was in 24/3-2008


I drove to this junction at the end of Pefkias,
and we walked the road down to Agnondas,
still on the main road up and nearly by the top we took the dirt road
off to the left, passing the goat station.
Next passing point was the goat station on the top
just where the 1st photo was taken.

And here it is, the one and only AGNONDAS;

Like I just wrote,
Here are some more glimpses from our walk;

I saw some very big mushrooms,
but since they were not picked, I guess they were no good!
I do not dare to pick mushrooms …

Over to town;

International Cafè
– but here are others open;
Karavia, Skopelos, Avgo, Dokos og Gikas
and maybe more that I am not updated on!

Sunday at Molos;

Thank you for the music Panagiotis Asteriadis & Georgios Falkos


Another day I made one of my favorites;


Friday 28th soon so Xronia Polla Ellada

Congratulations, the new Skopelitissa has passed 100.000 hits!
It is going slow, but if I work harder …
Thanks to you all ;O)