3 beaches

180315 009c180315 010cSo nice and quiet on all beaches, I love them!

I wonder what we will see next?

180315 005c180315 003cLast time I was there, all was gone like buildings, furnitures, deck and and …
Now they have started to build a new deck, but nothing more, yet!

180315 006cThe sea looked tempting, but only Pasxa went in to dip her toes

Next was our lunch stop

180315 015c180315 017cCan you see mom sitting a bit to the right of the middle?
See her light blue hat?

180315 019c

imageI love this dish, and it is very healthy!
You can find the receipt here;


This one could have been me;

180310 043

180310 044Isn’t it cute?


180315 001c180315 022c
In Cyprus I learned that the Swedish name of this flower
is Afrodites Sjaerna/Aphrodites Star,
but as fare as I found it is a white asphodel.

“In Ancient Greece, white asphodel was associated with mourning and death.
Its presence was held to facilitate the transition of the dead to Elysium,
and it is a feature of the Asphodel Meadows.” Wikipedia

Kalispera, Thursday afternoon here now.
Kind of the blue hour, the sun has left us up here, 
but the stars are not up yet.
Today we had between +11,8 & 17,5C and
now at 18.45 it is 13,6 and I think I have to
light the fire.
It has been another beautiful day!

Take care and be careful!


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