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Born in Oslo but moved to Skopelos in 1983. I live on top of the hill of Raches with my dog Ira, and about 20 cats, - I just love Skopelos. Here I will present photos and comments about my life here. Greek it, or leave it ❣

Old photos …


Kalimera, ti kanis?
Hope you are well and
dreaming about Skopelos …
All is more or less fine here,
very quiet – very strange.

Sorry for no new posts but I give up,


I will post photos on FaceBook
if you are there.

Wish you all the best and one day …
We will meet on the Paralia …



Rain & 17th of May

Kalimera from this beautiful Skopelos island!
21 mm of rain last night, nature so happy!

All is fine here, a bit more activity in town, more faces to see.
No virus as fare as I know!

BUT we all worry what will happen when there will be allowed for “strangers” to travel here. Until now only people who are connected to the island can come.

1st party up here on the 17th of May, Norways National Day.
So great to share food and drinks with old friends again,
talk and be happy together.

I am trying to transfer photo from my phone to my laptop,
and it is not working. Why?
I have been doing that for a while now!
I do not understand why it does not work now!
HiSuite is trying to interfare!!!

I get back to here as soon as I get my photos.

You take care, be safe!!!


Kalimera 15th of May

Kalimera sas this lovely Friday morning!
Skopelos is still doing fine and the summer is slowly coming
So strange, no tourists!!!
And there is nothing we can do about it!

The 1st word my mom learned when we were going
to buy a house here years ago was

υπομονή“ipomoni” – patience

A good friend actually named her house that,
it took her many years to find it!

Things are happening in town, – slowly waking up.

We cant wait to see cafes and tavernas to open!!!

The beach has been cleaned and


Connecting us with Volos & Manthoudi
but she is only allowed to take 52 passengers,
so many had to stay over in Volos!
Soon she will take over 200 passengers, I was told.


We have been up to the “new/old” path Palouki-Taxiarches
2 more times.
Last time we went the whole round in ca 3 hours
it is a bit less than 5 km.
BUT we did not find the last part down to the monastery,
we went again down the very steep “revma”
We hope to find it, one day …
This path is just for VERY FIT PERSONS!


Many of us are fascinated by the poppies,
they brighten up everywhere!
I read that there are white cross poppies too,
but I never seen one.


My one blue iris is still in blossom,
8 flowers it has had on the one stam,


The dirtroad Pefkias – Vromoneri/Potami
has been cleaned, very roughly!
We complained that the road by Vromoneri was worse than ever,
and they fixed it, so now you can pass there
without getting wet feet!


We are all fine, hope you are too!
Have a good weekend and
Xronia Polla to Norway on Sunday!


Skopelos Trails


Kalimera from lovely sunshine and windy.
Not really warm yet, or actually the wind is cold!

FIRST TIME I ever joined Heather, Skopelos Trails, to help clearing a path!
I have walked down to the Taxiarches Monasteries many times, even stayed overnight some times when it was full moon, – just AMAZING!
So we were on the “backside” of Palouki, starting to open another path down to the monastery.

Photo Heather
Selfie by Maria
Another selfie by Maria


Marias phone app gave us this map.

Here is my by my phone


The views were stunning, blue blue sea …



This path is marked on some old maps, but it is impossible to pass now. We cleared about 1 km and it took 3 strong women 3 hours!!! Cutting, cutting, cutting …
Hope to do more, maybe finish next week!

At the bottom of a shrub I saw this;


Today I feel ok and I stay with a happy memory, – and maybe one day somebody will tell me how great it was to walk a roundtrip to the monastery!


In a garden in an OliveGrove I saw this;

The cross poppy is rare, but I always see one or more every year.
This was very big and beautiful!

Over to my home;


Hope you are doing well, we are!
Today we are more free, the quaranteen is losening a bit up!
BE CAREFUL and one day we meet again …


Are we free …

Kalimera, ti kanis? – in Greek (Google)

Καλημέρα τι κάνεις; / Καλημέρα πώς είσαι; – meaning the same!

top 200429


Anyway I hope you are fine and FREE!!!

Definition of  free;

“Free is defined as without charge. An example of free is being able to ride a roller coaster at an amusement park without paying.”

“The definition of free is enjoying personal freedom and liberties or to have no cost.
  1. An example of free is a place where citizens may speak and act as they please, as long as they respect this right of others.
  2. An example of free is a complimentary piece of chocolate with a wine tasting.”


I AM FREE! I feel, more or less like that! I can go out of my door, to my garden or terrasse anytime I like. I see the sky, I see the sea, I hear the birds, I smell my flowers and and .. Yesss, I am lucky, I feel free!
There are no cafes or tavernas to go to yet.
Here are yesterdays news;

1st of June will open (short version)
Cafes, bars, restaurants who has outside space
Hotells who operates all year

Mid- June, June 15th;
Seasonal tourist accommodations
Organized beaches
Sea traffic to the islands

And much more.

What about charterflights?
Maybe not this year!
Most probably you will have to go via the mainland;
Athens, Thessaloniki or Volos.4

You may see much more at

Roadmap of lockdown lifting in Greece: May 4 – begin of July, 2020

Best wishes, be safe and see you one day …



Easter 2020

Thanks to LIVE transmissions the Greeks got their Easter ceremonies.
I got a message from Xristos at the Skopelos Supermarked, he had made a group and was sending live from the church of  Faneromeni.

The best ever:


They escaped from a farm here during the flood, 2015 I think,
and manages very well, it seams.
Dama Dama – Doe dear – Dådyr

I am sure many here went to their Kalivies and had a party. I could hear them!
The announcement came late, that nobody was allowed to drive Easter Sunday and Monday!!! I saw many cars and bikes,
and by sending a message to 13003 you get permission. I checked with the police here, – because there was a big penalty if cought!
I could drive over to see Mom and “walk” her and Agapi;


Mom got the brilliant idea that she wanted one more foldable walking stick, so now she has Martin and Stokken!!! – kind of Norwegian joke in that name, mr Martin Stokken was a great Norwegian cross country skier! Stokken = stick
Thanks to it came in a weeks time.

Monday the 20th I woke up to this:
Amazing, but no problem to drive, I saw what I needed to!

EASTER celebration?
Here are some photos:



It was a very strange Easter, sooo quiet!
More on that another day!


More flowers, always:

More animals:


I have an electric blow up air madrass and when the storm came I took Mom and Agapi up here to sleep over. Mom has very bad heating if no electricity!
My animals fell in love with the madrass.


Red road, due to “seeds” from the pine trees who blew off!

One cutting:

from Skopelos on this a bit cold Tuesday morning



Happy Easter or not …


Kalimera from Skopelos on a sunny day!
The Easters are often at different dates, to explain it very simple; it is due to the calendar used. The orthodox uses the old Julian calendar from year 46 while most of the world uses the newer Gregorian calendar from 1582.

Every year on Palm Saturday we buy Lazarus bread.
Just love it!

Life on Skopelos is going very well, no VIRUS
as fare as we know. Very quiet, strange,
because the Easter week is normally when Skopelos wakes up.
We still have no tavernas open!!!
Fast food yes, but no cafes, no where to sit for a “cupof”.
When the weather is a s good as it is now,
we normally go to sit at the cafes and look at life go by!


Can you see him standing next to the tree waiting 4 U?

We can buy all the food we like.
We have the Express Skiathos ferry coming ca 3 times a week,
I saw the “petrol-boat” came in yesterday.
We get our mail, but it takes much longer time.


What to do?
I send the code 2 4 6 most days to 13033 to ask permission to shop, visit a person in need (my mom) and go for a walk. Very fast the answer comes:
I also carry my passport and my permission to stay here.


I do some “wood-work” – after 10 years some of the wood outside needs a new coat of paint, and I use the opportunity to change to BLUE!!!


One can ask, what does 6 means going for a walk, yes, but how fare, how long I do not know. But I walk with our doggies, I walk with mom and then sometimes with a friend. I am so happy to get my exercise.
So life on Skopelos is going on but without all of you out there!!!!

The nature is just beautiful, the beaches are empty …

My darling companion:


Some cuttings:



Ti na kanoume?


One sunny day we meet again …


Rain and/or spring?





We will wait for as long as it takes!
Anyway all happening here is


I started to measure rain in Skopelos in 2007,
and never have I measured this much rain in April,
137 mm, – and it is only the 5th today!!!
You find my “Rain page” to the right here!

BUT we are LUCKY, no virus on the Sporades.
2 cases in Volos, but that are all in the Magnesia.

What to do! Walk!
Like Johnny Walker said

Last Sundays walk:


Silje brought 2 small “airplane” bottles with something golden in them, actually EMPEROR point, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand.
Looong travelling bottles!!! Jamas!!!

IMG_20200403_140906c2IMG_20200329_140556A townwalk:


So quiet wherever we walk!

Do we have flowers?

Soooo many! Just wonderful, –  in the RAIN!


Greek lessons:



Great news or?

My friends at home

Be safe and have “IPOMONI” – patience!

PS Greek Easter is next week, sooo what will happen????


Huff huff!

Oh oh oh!!! All OK with Skopelos and us, but I can not manage to download my photos from my phone!!! I have done it many times, for many years …
PS Got help, made it, thanks to Silje! 🧿

Fed up by rain but one day soon the summer will be here, and hopefully you too!

So here are some old photos;

IMG_4159Over here is Alonnisos, – Leftos Gialos, I think!










Wish you all the best, stay safe and have patience!


Lock down, a tower walk & …

Please start with a great Greek song;
The Pray of the World by Vangelis
(The world needs this!!!)

Kalispera sas, ti kanete?
Not easy to answer, but I believe that most people able to read this, are OK!
I wish you to be OK, I wish you to be SAFE!!!
Every day now I tell my Ira and the cats how lucky we are, living on beautiful Skopelos! No virus here, as fare as we know. 2 cases in Volos.

25th was the National day of Greece, no celebration but I picked up some nice photos;



In town one could hear music from balconies, but up here quet!

We have a LOCK DOWN since 06.00 Monday morning.
Ira and I walk around up here, up and down, around and more up and down!
I hear cars driving on the road, but no people around.
Thursday now 4th day of lock-down. I have been to Moms, walked her Agapi,
and driven a friend to the bank and some shopping.
We need a form filled out when we go out, but since my printer do not work, I wrote on a paper, who I am, what I will be doing and why, and prox time, and have my passport and permission to stay card on me.
I was not stopped but saw 1  police car.
Very quiet on the island.


Sunday, there were many people out.
Ira & I walked from home, via the beautiful Potami valley and nearly to Loutsa. we were  picked up by Silje. I was going to show her the tower at Loutsa, she had never been there. I knew from Heather, Skopelos Trails, that they had cleaned the path, bravo sas! Thanks a lot!

Picks from our nice walk, not fare,a bit more than 1 km up and down, but steap and a bit difficult in between;

And the maps;

The tower is ca inside my orange circle. One can drive in but it is a bit difficult to explain, – there are the arrows of Skopelos Trails.
The view is fantastic but it was a cloudy day! Next time!

Thank you Jeff!



Some photos from other days;


Some cats, Greek lesson – cuttings;


With this and that all understands why Noa took only animals on the arc …




Take care of yourself, no one else will do it for you!!
Good night…