Are we free …

Kalimera, ti kanis? – in Greek (Google)

Καλημέρα τι κάνεις; / Καλημέρα πώς είσαι; – meaning the same!

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Anyway I hope you are fine and FREE!!!

Definition of  free;

“Free is defined as without charge. An example of free is being able to ride a roller coaster at an amusement park without paying.”

“The definition of free is enjoying personal freedom and liberties or to have no cost.
  1. An example of free is a place where citizens may speak and act as they please, as long as they respect this right of others.
  2. An example of free is a complimentary piece of chocolate with a wine tasting.”


I AM FREE! I feel, more or less like that! I can go out of my door, to my garden or terrasse anytime I like. I see the sky, I see the sea, I hear the birds, I smell my flowers and and .. Yesss, I am lucky, I feel free!
There are no cafes or tavernas to go to yet.
Here are yesterdays news;

1st of June will open (short version)
Cafes, bars, restaurants who has outside space
Hotells who operates all year

Mid- June, June 15th;
Seasonal tourist accommodations
Organized beaches
Sea traffic to the islands

And much more.

What about charterflights?
Maybe not this year!
Most probably you will have to go via the mainland;
Athens, Thessaloniki or Volos.4

You may see much more at

Roadmap of lockdown lifting in Greece: May 4 – begin of July, 2020

Best wishes, be safe and see you one day …



3 thoughts on “Are we free …”

  1. We have tickets for Skiathos by Ving June 16. and was waiting to hear from them that we have to rebook for a later departure. Instead they says today that we are welcome to add luggage, meals and more. Nothing about trouble to travel with this tickets! ??????? Skopelos, here we come – or not!?!?!?


  2. Freedom is another word…for NOTHING left to loose !!! And she was quite right…Janice Joplin.!
    As long as we’re alive we all have a lot to loose…and thus…there ain’t any freedom…we are all jailbirds !
    Thrive in this jail demands a lot of wisdom earned by failing and learning ! Amen !


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