Lock down, a tower walk & …

Please start with a great Greek song;
The Pray of the World by Vangelis
(The world needs this!!!)

Kalispera sas, ti kanete?
Not easy to answer, but I believe that most people able to read this, are OK!
I wish you to be OK, I wish you to be SAFE!!!
Every day now I tell my Ira and the cats how lucky we are, living on beautiful Skopelos! No virus here, as fare as we know. 2 cases in Volos.

25th was the National day of Greece, no celebration but I picked up some nice photos;



In town one could hear music from balconies, but up here quet!

We have a LOCK DOWN since 06.00 Monday morning.
Ira and I walk around up here, up and down, around and more up and down!
I hear cars driving on the road, but no people around.
Thursday now 4th day of lock-down. I have been to Moms, walked her Agapi,
and driven a friend to the bank and some shopping.
We need a form filled out when we go out, but since my printer do not work, I wrote on a paper, who I am, what I will be doing and why, and prox time, and have my passport and permission to stay card on me.
I was not stopped but saw 1  police car.
Very quiet on the island.


Sunday, there were many people out.
Ira & I walked from home, via the beautiful Potami valley and nearly to Loutsa. we were  picked up by Silje. I was going to show her the tower at Loutsa, she had never been there. I knew from Heather, Skopelos Trails, that they had cleaned the path, bravo sas! Thanks a lot!

Picks from our nice walk, not fare,a bit more than 1 km up and down, but steap and a bit difficult in between;

And the maps;


The tower is ca inside my orange circle. One can drive in but it is a bit difficult to explain, – there are the arrows of Skopelos Trails.
The view is fantastic but it was a cloudy day! Next time!


Thank you Jeff!



Some photos from other days;


Some cats, Greek lesson – cuttings;


With this and that all understands why Noa took only animals on the arc …




Take care of yourself, no one else will do it for you!!
Good night…


6 thoughts on “Lock down, a tower walk & …”

  1. Flott Nana , så fint å følge med dagene dine på,Skopelos , Kate og det fine skjerfet , fine farger til henne , hils så masse fra Rolf og meg ❤️❤️❤️ , kommer til å savne våren på Skopelos i år 😢🇬🇷😢 stor klem herfra ❤️❤️

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