What is happiness …


Happiness is a lot of things, here are some of my moments the last 36 hours;

  • Waking up to sunshine
  • Having a walk on Skopelos
  • Seeing all the spring flowers
  • Getting THE music lunch at Karidia
  • Found a taxi to drive me home, thanks Kostis
  • Sleeping like a log
  • Sunshine morning again
  • Getting the replay of the Biathlon and Cross Country Skiing on TV
  • Getting messages and photos from an old boyfriend 


The couple who we loved so much, – he made my wooden rowing boat, he took me out fishing, they looked after me when mom was not there – once upon a time in “another life” on another island, south in Norway.

Life is short, enjoy it while you can!

Here are som photos;

Here is the map;

I love this walk, spesially the dirt-road down the Pefkia Valley.





It was just fantastic! Because there were not a lot of guests, the music sat down next to us, and I had the feeling that they played for me!!!! I could have sit there all night, but I knew the later it gets, the more difficult to get a taxi!

Some cuttings;




Norwegian lesson; I do not know a lot about birds, but I could see immedeately who is the wife on this photo!


“Tits and juice should be fresh/natural.”

Happiness is … To enjoy the small happenings in life …

Wish you a great week! Keep on smiling …


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