“Mother is only one!!!”

As many knows, mine was 92 the other day!


Here is her day;
Well, it was improvised, she did not want anything!
She was invited for lunch by our friends,
but said she had not the power for it!
So what to do?
I made gluten free waffles into a cake and went down for breakfast;

She put some jam on and loved it!

Then time for presents;


Little Ella does not have any money, but she found some on the road and could buy mom a Greek nail-file with owls on. Ira & Agapi had found a door mat with owls on on Amazon! Arnaki sent a Jordan – vet hvordan – owl tooth bruch with an owl on.
So “The Old Owl” got more for her big owl collection.
I have given up to count!

Then we went


Amazingly to find a baloon there,
mom thought I had put it there!!!

Afterwards we went home to mom and had lunch.
Then she said; I would love some ice cream!
I drove away and came back with 2 kilos of icecream!
Happy Birthday Kate!

Photos from the same day:


The spring is the best, nature is at its greatest!

Here comes the highlight of my “normal” week;


We just had a full moon;


Some cuttings;




Weather has been mostly nice the last days,
temps around 12 -14, +C of course.

I wish you a lovely weekend!
Remember to “Give a smile”!


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