Lilleput is back on Skyros again! This time with 39 guests.
They traveled with regular planes to Athens,
bus to Kimi and then the ferry out here.

Here are some pics from my first days;


I am so happy to be back at Antegoni Studios,
just look at det nice welcome present I got!

We also have Perigiali Hotel and Deidamia,
all places very nice, clean and friendly.

My view is beautiful, I have the sunrise, just like home:


There is a long beach just down of us, takes nearly an hour to walk all of it,
or maybe more? It goes all the way as long as you see on my photo.


There are several nice places open in our area


In the backvround you se Taverna Stefanos, where we have been two times already. The Korfari Bar in front, is very worth visiting, said one of our guests.

I fell in love while visiting «2» – a small taverna in an old Skyros home:


Who I fell in love with? I would rather say what:


Just this plate! I asked the owner Nikos, if I could buy it, he took it away from he (help, what is happening) and found a clean plate that I could take home.

The tzatziki was very good, on another beautiful plate.


I did not ask for that too!

If you know me, you know I love blue and white! Green could be nice as well!


Last photo is from this mornings walk. The statue of Rupert Brook, the english poet that died here in 1915.

Hope you are doing well, wherever you are!

Ira and me loves it here, she setteled in so well.

Arnaki, a family friend, is looking after my mom, so we all are doing just fine ;o)






2 thoughts on “Skyros”

  1. skyros looks so beautiful,,Rupert Brookes was an idealist who loved life and beauty,and im sure he would have loved the the beauty and nature of Skyros,his poetry made us think about war, but also about peace and love.


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