In the rain …

I am so happy, by now Thursday at 13.30
we have got 61 mm of rain, fantastic!

I know it is not what the tourists wants,
but it is what the island needs!
Think of the danger of fires!!!

Sorry I have not been very active here lately,
but my stomach has been bad.

Here are some photos from some days ago;


“Look at that doggy in the window …”
wasen′t that a song with Doris Day?


It always makes me happy when old ruins are getting fixed, and here it seams as they do it the good old fashioned way, – stone by stone!


I often walk the paralia, always something to look at!

What about music, have you heard this:


ANYWAY I have found a much better translation, it will come soon with more on Greek music!

Listen to it on YouTube, search for it and one of the best is by Xaris Alexsiou, just a beautiful song, by a beautiful voice. (John R, I hope you listen!)
I think this is the link;

If you want to listen to a great Greek soft mix, look for this;


Back to my home;


– and my fairylight, I just love them:


And of course we need some pussycats


Time to end this page, as it seams the rain has stoped!

Take care and make sure to laugh a lot!


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