Party time …


– this was at my terrace!

A perfect place for a party is;


Birthday girl;


Here are some of the Norwegians;



The once who had a concert here on the 17th of May.

I walked there with my Ira;

cofIt was one of the first days when it was really warm and very nice!

Driving home


Flowers on our way, Rock Roses;




190510 044

Poem time;


A poem that is like me;
“If the world ends of tomorrow,
you can wait with the vacuum cleaning till another day.
You have to love now.
What is worth waiting for, does not wait!”

Bravo Dimitri;

190510 042c

The Flying Dolphin changes timetable;

190510 041

Some cuttings;

Thessaloniki is a very nice city,
stay downtown and you might walk to most places.

190510 015


Anyway, I love dogs! 

All the best from Skopelos,
keep on smiling …



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