A week in March


New top photo of the most beautiful place in the world,
– for me! BUT I also like Skyros!

Here are Lilleputs trips there ca 22/9 this year and
for the fantastic Apokreas next year:

190326 116190326 117
Jeg reiser med glede tilbake!


Skopelos, the island in my heart;


Sorry, the cat, in the sunrise!

Spring is here and the nature is so great;

Flowers all over, sooo great!

oznorAnd always goats somewhere!

Karidia had 3 different music programs for the last weekend,
I tried them all! And I must say,
I love the “usual” boys Nikos and Thanasis the most!
Here are some glimps;

cofcofrpt190326 027

Mylos update;

They are doing some work there,
but it need a BIG work!

Another night;


Good news;

190326 023

An ambulance fast boat, great!

Some cuttings;

190326 034190326 026190326 025190326 028190326 035

How to translate this?
I am not sure, something like
How you sleep, when you have quarreled with your own???

Some of my animals;


Ella is very alive and playful, “attacking” all!
Yesterday Pekki had enough and put her down,
but a bit later they all slept together!

Wish you a lovely rest of the week.

I read this in a magazine;

“If you feel you go through hell –
keep on walking!”

180226 201

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