What is a trata?


Trata is a “boat” that is newly build, with simple ways,
who will be decorated with all kinds of things,
and will be carried around town by boys,
with lots of noise and booze!!!
There could be 3 -6 tratas, it depends!!!
Anybody can make it, but always there is a group
for each trata and they have their own Kapetanios!
They will do many stops, very naughty songs will be song,
and the trata has a very smoky “engine”!

Siljes photos from 3/3-2019;


Ladies of the town will come out with trays of sweets and more booze!
At the end, the tratas will be put to sea at the town beach.
They can not float!!!

Bilderesultat for skopelos trata
Bilderesultat for skopelos trata

I came down too late so I just joined my friends
at Ta Kimta for some nice music;


I love you girls!

Here is my vidaki from “The Trata” taken some years ago;

The last day of the Apokreas, –  the last Sunday;


This will happen the coming Sunday,
a fake wedding with lots of fun!


Oh so cute!


Lenten food;


Here is the bread made only for Kathara Defthera;


get the recipt from Greek

In Greek: λαγάνα, pronounce lah-GHAH-nah

Did you lose anything?


Wish you all the best and happy Apokreas!




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