“Tsiknopempti (Greek: Τσικνοπέμπτη), literally Smelly Thursday,
or even Charred, Smoky, or Barbeque Thursday
“because of the smell of the grilled meat in the air”,
is part of the traditional celebrations for Carnival
(in Greek: Αποκριά) season in Greece and Cyprus.” Wikipedia

Carnavalli & Αποκριά both means without meat!

I was told that there will be music at Mylos from one o`clock,
when I came at 2, there was no guests, no music,
but in the Greek way “siga siga” this happened;

cofsdr_HDRBcofoznor190228 221crhdrrhdrrptcofoznor

Trata is a kind of boat who will be used for the parade on Sunday,
hope the weather will stay nice!

We have had so much rain, wind and stormy weather,
so to wake up to this was just fantastic;


In the blue ring is a bird, a crow, I think,
but I see bigger birds up in the sky a lot.

Some of my animals;

The price to pay, if you want to be one of my animals,
is “no babies”!

Apokreas is time for laughter!

190228 003

So nice to have Silje back, she knows how to laugh!

Wish you a very good time ;o)


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