A kitten, what to do …

A page only about my cats and dogs!


This was done by my 13,5 years old Pasxa,
who has not done a wrong thing at home since she was a puppy!!!
She had emptied a new bag of cat sand!!!
Luckily it was new and clean!!!

Tuesday 18th Pasxa left me RIP
agapi mou – miss you …
Love you forever!


That`s life!

What to do when a kitten starts following you while out walking our doggies; moms Agapi and my Ira? All down the mountain to moms home, about 3 km.


Ti na kanw;
I had to take her home with me,
if I left her outside of moms, she would have bothered mom,
and I could not put her back on the mountain all alone!!!

Here is her new life;

Strange, why is Pasxa showing her back?
Why did she spread the cat sand out?
Was she telling me, that enough is enough?
Sleep my darling, no more pain!

The kittens name is Ella, because I tried to get rid of her by saying
“Fige” which means go away!!!
Do you get the logic?
Ella means come!!!


More cats;



What to do?

I have ca 20 cats coming to eat around my home.
4 can come in to eat and sleep, but at night all out!
The good thing I do not see any snakes, mouse or rats,
– only dead ones!

Ella is doing very well, and fits well in.
So she will be my new baby!!!

I am a dog person, but cats are easier!
You can leave them as long as somebody feeds them!

Hope you have a good time,
be kind and give a smile to somebody who needs it!

I believe if I smile more, I feel more happy!!!

AND a smile is FREE ;O)

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