I got WiFi again, thanks!

Kalimera, ti kanis?


We got a surprise visit of the famous, in Norway, «travel guru» Jens Riisnaes. He was on his way to his house on Alonnisos, after traveling to many places. It took him 2 days to get from Skiathos to Alonnisos, because the boat from Skiathos to Alonnisos was canselled. Next day there was only a boat to Glossa. So he had time to visit us. We met and worked together in the good old Gulliver. Next to Jens is lovely Berit, who I also met then, she was travelling with Gulliver. We all have been friends since the eatrly 80-ies!


Very quiet on Skopelos now, here is from


I love when the beaches gets quiet again, so the doggies and I can enjoy them alone! I do carry «poo-poo» bags and I do pick up garbage, spesially lots of blue bottle tops and sigarett filters! 



This small beautiful, colorful flowers greets me every day, so many of them all over. Here it fights its way out of a small wall by a church.


We had a lovely meal at Mylos up at the new taverna, just down of the Kastro, the castle ruins. At Mylos they will try to be open all year. There are 4 – 5 tables inside and some few outside. They do «take-away» as well.

Our good friend Kjell, was so happy when he got


Then the barrels were empty, but still lots of home made icecream left!

I will try to post at least once a week from now on.

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Have a lovely rest of the week and be kind!

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