International – Διεθνeς

180704 039c
Διεθνές – yes it was international last night,
we had a very good time with Beatles, Rolling Stones,
and many more! It was fun!

180704 030c
Thanks Pål for even do a Erik Bye – Høvdingen

180704 033c


Vi er to små fiiine damer …
A line from a Norwegian song;
“We are two small niiiice ladies …”

A bit late, but so beautiful;

180704 040

More blue;

180602 080c180602 078c

A part of Platanos;

180602 065c

Garden sale just on the main road out of town;

180704 020c

Liz is so great at renewing her work;

180704 006c

Outside the backdoor of Alexanders I saw this;

180704 005c

On my walk a bit more up, at a shortcut I used to take a lot;

180704 004c

180602 060c
The hotel was sold, and totally renewed. I met Eleni, the former owner, and she was happy at holidays, staying at the not officially opened Agnanti.

180602 062c180704 016c
Amazingly good, people getting off at the same time as people getting on,
never seen that here before!!!


180704 012c180704 051

That’s all for today, and as you might know,
we really have good weather now ;o)


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