Megali Evdomada

180331 009c
Lovely weather, lovely to be more outside!
Blue sky and sunshine, – perfect Easter weather!

More lovely is that more and more places are opening,
we had lunch today at;


We ate

180402 044c180402 045c

Due to the big lent, there are all this lovely dishes without meet.

We had tea and coffee today at;

180331 026c

It is nice to see that they are working and getting ready at so many places.
But all do not choose to open for Easter, since it is very early,
and after Easter it will be very quiet.

180331 029c

Some glimpses from my day;

180331 041c180331 042c180331 022c180331 025c

Saturday was PalmSaturday and my mom bought this for me;

180331 046c

The only place in the world, I have been told,
that they make these rolls, I love them too!

180331 045c

Time for some flowers;

180331 032c180402 040c180402 035c

That kind of string you see in the middle are the asparagus,
small and so delicious.

Sunday we had to pass by Karidia to listen to music
and have some nice parea;

180402 010c180402 011c

We got a kind of problem! Silje and me ordered 1 small retsina,
oh yes very good, and had some cheese crocettes,
but then one more bottle came on the table,
then one more and then one more …
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You know this is a Greek kind of tradition,
that you order drinks for friends sitting on an other table,
or the musicians or …

Kati allo;
Some friends had bought an ouzo and I love the label;

180402 007c

This is all for now, we are in the “Megalo Evdomada”
the big week of Easter.

You take care and have a nice time!

New page on Friday!


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