One day – no photos

160612 015

Soon summer, Easter first …


180226 136c


I have been working in my garden today Wednesday
walked the doggies and and …
I did not take one photo due to dirty hands,
so all you see
are not new;

151206 153160507 052160518 032160518 036160518N 006c

Skopelos today, yesterday or tomorrow

170729 023170404 015160715SC 036c160603 054c160603 049c160603 032c160603 001c160105 135160105 116c160105 115c160105 099c160105 088c160729 019

Sorry the cat was feeling great!

Here are some cuttings;

151116 084
151116 065

151116 069
Todays Greek lesson in my translation;
“How are you my baby?”
“I am in bed thinking of you…
You darling?”
“I am at the bouzoukia…
and sitting exactly behind you!!”

Take care and try to be happy!
For sure my day has been happy
and my garden looks green and
flowery with less weeds!

180226 177

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