Woke up to sun

180303 016c180303 020cIs there anything better than to wake up to sunshine?
I can see out from my bed and today I was late, so the sun was up.
Sooo beautiful. Went out to feed the cats and walk the doggies
before breakfast. Around 9 it was already +16C!!!
Today it came up to 18, and during night the lowest 11,1.
This is great, this is what I love in the Skopelos winter,
summerdays in between …

180303 025

Not my photo, borrowed from FaceBook.

Looking back two years;

180303 028

180303 030

Thessaloniki is a very beautiful and friendly city!
Hope to go there soon!

180303 001c

When looking at this photo I think more of what are they talking about:
I am sure the two guys are a bit jealous or?
I am still thinking of these “Bell Boys”,
they were running up and down for about two days,
at least evenings.
A girl told us that she had been dancing all night!
I want to be back for this without my cold!
When was the last time you danced all night?
When I did?

180303 021c

Some cuttings;

180303 008

I have heard about places in Greece where all dies out,
no tavernas, no shops, because the big hotels takes is all.

Important is also these;

180303 006

180303 026

There is always hope …

180303 005

Google says; “Do your truth when children walking, not when they kill”

Well. ησυχια is quiet
όταν κοιμούνται – when they sleep,
τα σκοτώνουν – they kill them
– so I would say;
“Be quiet while your children are sleeping, not when they kill them”

More to think about;

180303 013

180303 004


Next page will be Tuesday, I take Sunday off (it was Saturday when I make this page, Sunday is music lunch day 🎼🎼🎼)


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