Skyros Apokreas 2018

1802Skyros 069c1802Skyros 071c

What a suuuuper long weekend we have had!
We left here Friday at 12.00 from Loutraki going Mathoudi on Evia.

1802Skyros 012c
Bus to Chalkida, lunchstop, then bus to Kimi
and the Skyros ferry Axilleas out to Linaria.

1802Skyros 020c

There taxidriver Georgios waited us and he became “our” private driver.
I asked him until what time of night he was driving, and he said 24 hours a day!!!
I wish the Skopelos drivers could say the same!

He took us to the 

a very. very nice apartment complex down at the beach of Molos.

Photo from the net, not that many flowers out yet!

My 1st mornings walk, mostly to the loooong beach of Molos:

1802Skyros 027c1802Skyros 034c1802Skyros 036c1802Skyros 038c1802Skyros 032cThe wild flowers of Skyros had got further than here, even the poppies are out.

The main reason for our longweekend was the «Apokreas» alias carnavalli, so Saturday around 16.00 it started up at the monastery of Agios Georgios,
and the most interesting, fraightening was «Oi Geroi» and they look like this:

1802Skyros 084c1802Skyros 089c1802Skyros 125c1802Skyros 122c1802Skyros 141c1802Skyros 172c1802Skyros 293c1802Skyros 299

I was told that they are between 8 and 80 years of age, the bells around their waste can waight up to 50 kilos and the maskes are made of stillborn kids (goats). The costumes are a kind of family treasure. 

These guys were running through town all the time, very noisy, and since they did not see much through the mask, one had to be very carefull when one heard them coming! Some run alone, other had a “bride” behind them or other “creatures”!

1802Skyros 177c1802Skyros 142c1802Skyros 130c1802Skyros 328c1802Skyros 323c1802Skyros 326c

The sandales are very spesial with a sole of old car tires.

It was so nice to see that many of the Skyrian people was dressed up, mostly in their islands costumes. People were very happy and everybody had fun.
Some was dancing all night!!!

The people of Skyros were very friendly and the prices for meals were cheap.
We never paid more than 15,- euros pr person for a big meal with lots of wine.

I have a lot of more photos but they will come siga siga!
We had lots of fun and dressed up a bit,
just wait and see tomorrow!

Bravo, Norway seams to lead the Olympics!

Wish you the very best and LOL from Skopelos!


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