Still TziknoPemti


«Good TziknoPemti! Good Apokries! and for next year with good health»


I do not make perfect translations, my Greek is not that good, but I learn day by day. I use the dictionaries every day, so maybe one day …

Anyway, nice of Tom Hanks to make averticement for Greece, – he is married to a Greek! As you can see the automatic translation could not translate διαφημίζει, but I can! He advertice Greece!

No new photos today, but I have some nice old ones:


I am soon getting ready for tonights «burned» meat, and …

Cutting time:



Did you hear about all the very big demonstrations going on i n Greece over the name Makadonia? It is Greek and should be only Greek!

The photo is from Sintagma and the X Royal Castle, now Parlament in Athens!!!

Hope you have the Greek feeling tonight and eat a lot of BBQ meat, tzatziki and  …


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