I was lucky …


Invitation to «Apokreas» – «Karnavalli»!

Συγκεκριμένα το 2018 η Τσικνοπέμπτη πέφτει στις 8 Φεβρουαρίου.                      8th of February is «TziknoPempti»

Sunday 11th of February the «Trata»

Sunday 18th the big Fake Wedding Parade

«Greece’s Carnival season, known as «Apokries,» is a period which traditionally begins ten weeks before Greek Orthodox Easter and culminates on the weekend before «Clean Monday,» (Ash Monday) the first day of Lent, which is on March 3 this year. This coming weekend, on March 1-2, carnival celebrations in Greece reach their climax, a feast of fun celebrated all over the country with masquerades and parties. The Greek name Apokries means abstention from meat, because after that, the period of Easter Lent begins.»  from http://athenscentre.gr/?p=4006

WRONG DATES up here! The last day of carnival is the 18th, Clean Monday the 19th of February and Easter Sunday 8th of April

Do you want to see what happened here in 2016, Just click at Apokreas-Karneval in the blue colomn to the right here.


I had such a very, very nice Sunday and the carnival is getting on!!!! We kind of started yesterday at a looooong music lunch at Karidia, – again, – I was shocked when I was driven home and it was 23.05, we had an 8 hours lunch!

Here are some photos, not all good quality, but we had a fantatsic time:


❣️💃🏻🐶🕺🏽❣️ Oh yesss I am ready, life is also to have fun  ❣️👻🤡👹❣️


«Soulas» Kostas – he is a good singer so he was called up to the orcestra for some songs:


Kyria Sklavos is an amazing lady and a very good dancer.



We had as usuall lot of different dishes, all very nice.

It was lots of people out, nearly full house, but siga siga it was few left, and the musicians moved to our table and I got Nikos bouzoukiplayer next to me, guess if I was happy?



To sit around a table with friends singing lovely Greek songs is sooooo good, and every now and then taking a dance, what a lovely way to enjoy a Sunday!


Young Xirogiannis came with his bouzouki, so we had two, –  just fantatstic!

Heather D. you left too early!

Here are the rest of my music-lunch-photos:


Photo by Kosta P


Over to today Monday, I am sorry for tomorrow we will have to try to move this big Oleander


Saturday when I had a shower suddenly the water did not run away, so I mooped and mopped and … Luckily clean water this time. Today the plumbers came, again, and this time they opened a hole just to the right behind the oleander, and me oh my, the roots of the oliander had detroyed the pipes from my bathroom and made the blockage!!! No wonder it looked so great!!!!                So poor oleander has to go, I will cut it as much as poss and try to move it.

Some more glipzes of the outside:

Fouskito, Tigrato & Sorry
Tigra & Gråpus


Heard on the Greek radio:


Isen’t that cute?

Some cuttings:


I agree! Pitty nobody has found mine yet!

Another good and winey one:


«Farmaka, farmaka!»

Wish you all a nice rest of the week and be happy



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