A walk in the hills behind town

C354A3B6-7FFA-4556-BAF9-CF221471B56AKalimera, ti kanis? – with a bit of my view

Sunrise was 07.44 & sunset 17.15, days are getting longer and lighter, soooo lovely!

Did you tell me which top photo you liked best yesterday? If not you find them after the bottom of this page!

Over to Iras and my walk on Wednesday between up here and Kambos, a kind of roundwalk, nearly 10 km and very nice, with lots of olivetrees, some kalivis and springs, just have a look:

0A158791-54FC-490E-ABA0-D06E97D7C10A9FC2DE37-792A-4A01-9F47-374F3E008C4F8C135935-4C41-461F-8D0E-A2E10998A26FA1216582-9DD8-4F90-8271-433208C92920It is so sad to see, how this once upon a time had been a nice place to be, and then just left very quickly. In a way it is still beautiful, – but sad!

A bit higher up they had been picking olives:

But we did not see a person, but we saw this guy:

E40278E1-54F1-4D22-B185-779B0C16DDF3He was really blocking us, so we had to take a detour, I am not really used with donkies, – it looked very cut though!

More and more flowers are showing up:

Usually I have seen the 1st Anemone befor Christmas, but not this time!

Of course they are not strawberries, but Arubutus unedo. One can eat one or two, but one of our «gone» doggies Akti, loved them, and got so ill when she one day ate about ten of them! Some here makes liquer or jam of them!


CE500C65-E81D-45FB-96BB-CB1A49BD3371Now when it is not hot, one does not have to bring water while out walking, there is always a springs!

CB525EB1-62D5-4C48-9017-8DBE1F8FDD0C565A0A2A-726B-4D2D-B1FC-DF0E4A24CAB67162BC7E-85CE-46F5-A8A7-F9F19524449B6DE995BF-54B6-4110-BE50-D8C4486CC726The nature is sooo green and beautiful.

Here are some cuttings:

6A7DBA8A-DF6B-4A91-BB97-1EA1B9FBCEA2299E4C5A-C252-4EF0-8112-C95CD547F86ESo lovely to know that amongst them Skiathos is a safe airport!

I wish you all the best!

Rainy day in Skopelos with temp between 8,9 and 14,4 C+ of course!


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