26th of Dec & a bit more


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

All is very well here, and wonderful weather!

The «big» photos of Skopelos here today are from earlier days!


Just so you will remeber how beautiful this island is and book your tickets!

On Christmas day the woofies and I walked to our friends house just up from Kambos, about 4 km. passing churches and olivegroves. All is so very green:


We had a just fantastic Britith lunch, as always!


Then the turkey with all the extras and ending it up with

058AB616-46B7-4CA1-914B-A3EFAF31D1AFwith BrandyButter, just fabolous!

Mom is doing fine, we were at the HealthSenter again, and will go today, Tuesday, the stiches will be taken out. Her pain in her knees are less, so soon she can be out walking.

I let me «fool» to buy a Christmas bottle at AB Marinopolos Supermarked at the Stafilos road:

D8AE0A19-79CD-48DF-BFAE-25EBF1F4AEB5It was sparkling Spumante in it, we had it for fordrinks!
The very good thing is that the bottle was BLUE and even more beautiful empty! Sorry, the  «Birthday Party» sign on it, is my misstake!

Here the sun is out before 9 morning, and 10,4C. Last 24 hours here has been between 4,7 and 10,4 in 100% shadow.

Have a wonderful day!


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