21st of December 2017 still


*Good morning*

Here comes Googles translation: «Give Love generously to those who love a lightning is life never forget it !!» Did you get it? If I should put it in my words, I would make the ending more like : – life is short as a lightning, do not forget that! Anyway hope you have a good morning❣️


Nice lunch at Dimitrakis! I had to put up both photos because of «blinking» ladies!!!


She is a very lovely girl!


When the weather is cold and gray, and the waves are growing, it is good to see that the boats still are coming and going:


Today it has been between 6 and 6,9C up here, not really warm! 34,5 mm of rain the last 36 hours.

I am lucky to have a very nice and warm home, and plenty of wood!

Just a «summer-like» photo:


That’s all of my photos from today, let us have some cuttings:


This sounds good!

Look at these eyes:



Remember that!


Lovely doggies in the stable ❣️


96807D69-7BCA-4EFA-9228-69AF9EEF31F1They are so great, I used one in the summer, so much better than the old ones, I think! So keep on diving …

🎄 🎅🏽🎅🏻🎅🏿🎅🏻🎅🏽 🎄

177402C9-452D-4AC2-ADBB-988308507BE6All I want for Christmas is a rosé Malamatina, giamas!

E996AFA1-9DE7-45E0-82D1-34F5C8A3E416If a friendship lasts more than 7 years, you are no longer friends, but family.

With my pictures I talk! Με τις εικόνες μου μιλώ!

Wish you all the best and Xronia Polla!



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