It was a lovely day

C36E04FA-CF95-4C5A-B4C8-C526160EEBB65AB6ED72-AB5D-433C-989C-0DDC82D177FCKalimera, ti kanete? We have had a sunny beautiful day on Skopelos, it has been up to 16,9C and now at 19.30 it is 15,3, just lovely❣️


Why does December have so many «famous» namedays?

Thu Dec 14, Arianos, Arrianos, Ariani, Arrianus, Lefkios, Lefki (source ©:

Fri Dec 15. Anthe, Anthoula, Anthi, Anthea, Elevtherios, Lefteris, Elefterios, Eleftheria, Ria, Silvia, Sosana (source ©:

Maybe because it is nice to do a lot of cellebrations in these «dark» days!


💓💗💓 I love Skopelos 💓💗💓


Around my home:


I love it!


I love my skilakia, I never had a clean breed since I moved here, here one just find a doggy! But I like to show you my favorite breed, I brought one with me when I moved here in 1983:


I am not sure if this lovely family are German Shepards, but that’s the breed I love, and of course the ones up here.

News from the net:

FA677D0B-92B6-4783-99F6-DB7B239D8E7C00758D4B-3D04-4407-8018-A4121998DB19I has no idea of this, very interesting!

Over to some «cuttings»:


Santa is saying to the fox: How many time does I have to tell you that I am not little red ridinghood!!!


All I want for Christmas is a little retsina, jamas!


I left the best for the end, agree?

Have a lovely day and night!


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