Mostly animals;

170105 065c
My 2 darlings Pasxa & Ira


170413 003


Something serious first;


The “marbles” – when will they be back?

170605 079
Clooney is not so bad!!!

Over to animals;
170120 009 

170731 043c

P1290977cJust outside my door, – it was very big!

170404 013Sorry tries to drink water!!!

170729 030

A tied up dog we often passes, he would love to take a walk …
170413 109

What is life without a dog, or two and some cats?


I love to find “clever” things on the net,
mostly FaceBook!

170120 010

Oh, what time is it now?
I have just lit the fire and soon I will watch TV,
hope I find something nice!
I like to have a look to relax before I go to bed!

PS I saw «Stin igia mas» on SKAI TV, a nice trip down memory lane, with music mostly from the 80-iest! So great!

Enjoy your day!


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