On the top …

Keep on walking …

Sunday I took the doggies in my car and drove off, – to where?
I was so sorry that I did not bring a camera with a proper zoom,
the day was so clear, the island so green, the sky so blue …
Anyway the phone did not too bad,
have a look;

171029 036c
Potami, the valley down in front. Hillside opposite; Raches, Diakopi and Pefkias all the way to the right. What a view! What a wonderful clear day!

171029 018c171029 013c171029 011c

171029 008c
The church of Ag Ioanis to Skliri up to the left

171029 007c171029 014c
Did you know the name of the little top in the middle?
That is were the Donnas Villa in Mamma Mia was supposed to be,
they did some filming there, but the villas was in Pinewood Studios, UK.
 Down to the left of it is Glisteri Beach.

171029 037c
Norwegian wood, – no way!

171029 039cSkopelos is just green and beautiful!
Look at that old kalivi, what has happened there …

Sometimes I look down as well;
171029 003c171029 004c171029 005c

I love to play with my camera!!!

Here is my bougainvillea;
171029 002c

Kali Evdomada!

161226 043 XX

2 thoughts on “On the top …”

  1. Every time I see your great photos from the most beautifull Island Skopelos, I feel home sick! All the 45 years I was comming for holiday and was permanent living on Skopelos, I dont want to miss one day! ingrid


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