Sunday 22/10-2017


My photo from Soulas Pension showed up the other day, and I like to share it with you again, it is just fantastic! He is braking walnuts. Here we use walnuts in deserts, salads, other foods and very spesial is when they kind of make the walnus as a sweet, tastes fantastic, and you would not think it is a walnut!


Those were the days…  Easter many years ago in a garden who does not exsists any more! Just outside of the Kochilis bakery! It is Sideris «Armoloi», me and Babbis «52».

Last night (Saturday) I «met» to me a new Greek, and it was a great meeting at SKAI TV in my favourite program Stin Igia Mas. He was born the year I moved to Skopelos, so for sure he is a young man, but what a voice! Hope you can find him online.


Then some cuts from FaceBook:


Let’s check my Greek, – the translation shoud be «When you have ordered and hear a motorbike».

Μπορείτε να έχετε μια υπέροχη εβδομάδα για όλους!

161226 043 XXn

2 thoughts on “Sunday 22/10-2017”

  1. Nana, would it be possible to resend me your Skopelitssa from the other day when you were taking the dogs on a walk to Limonari (Probably misspelled), but you know what I mean. I was looking at it on my phone and it just disappeared! I couldn’t find it anywhere on computer!! Thank you so much, if you can’t I understand, but I was so looking forward to seeing that walk!

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    1. Kalispera! That’s easy, just open my site and shroll 3 pages down or search “Another Day” – for sure it is there!
      Hope all is well with you?
      Here we just got some few raindrops but we need lots more!
      All the best from Skopelos


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