Walking home …

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I love Skopelos, I love walking
and I try to find different ways around town all the time!
Always I see something worth photographing!

Over to doggies;
171015 019cIra is more or less with me all the time,
she was very afraid of everything,
but is getting better!
Pasxa goes for short walks mostly,
she decides when we turn back.

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Have a lovely day and dream of Skopelos!

161226 043 XX

2 thoughts on “Walking home …”

  1. Καλη μέρα Nana ! Another beautiful photo-collection from your beloved city…….Go on keeping up the good work……..!


  2. I love seeing your posts. I have only been back in England for 2 weeks and miss Skopelos so much, so it is always so nice to see photos from your posts, and the doggies too! I can’t wait to be back. We hope to be staying at the Green Shutters House, in the Chimou road of town. Next year we cant come until June, but it is always worth the wait. In the meantime, look forward to your photos. Thank you.

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