Skopelos Scandinavian Quiz


Before the quiz I just had to show you some of the beauty of Skopelos!

In deep consentration Stefan, Inger & Aud
Gunnar, Berit og Sweedish Ingrid
Reidar & Swedish Danneo
She did a great jobb, not barking at all! Diplomat, I think!

My Norwegian friends has had many «quizzes» during the last years, but I just joined a little bit some two weeks ago. Then I was stupid enough to say yes to the  challenge of making the next quiz. Πω, πω, πώ! I was working hard, had one week to make it. The great was that my «brilliant» brain worked while I was asleep! I made the 60 questions and answeres, all based one way or the other on Greece. I thought the questions was easy, but nobody had full score! I was happy to get some feed back later from some of my friends, that they learned a lot. It was things about Greece that a «Greek-o-fil» should know! I had invited 4 Sweeds & 2 Danish, but only 2 Sweeds came. Normally it had been only Norwegians, but there were so fee left! Now it is only 5 «long-time-stayers» left!



Also open are Kyratsos Kitchen, Gialos, Gorgones, Finikas, Magali, Apolafsis and maybe some more, – we always find place where they serve food, any time of year. Skopelos is quiet wintertime, but we are not deserted!

0D99E072-5718-4498-BE25-C0D488F658A4Do you you remember Delina? It was a nice taverna with a friendly athmosphere and beautiful views. Many years ago it was also a place with live music! It was sold some years ago, now the whole place was kicked down and they are building a villa or more, there, as fare as I heard!

Those where the days … 

We walk a lot, both August and September was our best months this year, daily avarage 9 km, not bad! Pasxa is not with us on all, because she is now an old lady of 12,5 years, she desides herself if she wants to come or not!


Life goes on on the island. We have beautiful weather again, and there are some few people on the beaches. In Agnondas and Panormos there are still tavernas open, and sunbeds for rent. Indian summer, or?

IMG_0846 logo

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