Welcome October


As you might know, my mom has been collecting owls for many years! I did when I had The Owl Bar here in the outside of Skopelos town in the eighties, but not any more!

I collect blue bottles, because I love BLUE and what is in the bottles!!!

So October is here, what will it bring?


Skopelos is getting very quiet, many of the Norwegian “longtimestayers” left this morning, so we are not many back. Some will come today, we have some Swedish and Danish freinds aroud, together with Brithish and other nations.

All excursions boats has stopped, but there are nice sailingboats with skipper for rent, you find them in the harbor. A daytrip I think is 60,- € a person.


Tavernas has closed but still open last night was, starting from the Old Harbor:

Ta Kimata/Angelos, Kyratsos Kitchen, Klimataria, O Nostos, International Café, Finikas, Gorgones (maybe), Alexander, To Rodi (maybe), Magali, Olivo, Apolafsis& Mouses

Hope I have remembered all!

I had the wonderful To Rodi salat, just fantatsic! Lefteris, the owner, rememberd me that it was ten years ago that he started.


Across the street of To Rodi you find Liz, and all her beautiful work.

So more than enough places for the few tourists around.

And and they are open in Agnondas and Panormos, there are sunbeds, and I think that is the only beaches now with sunbeds.


Here it is our freind Aage who gets his boat out of the sea in Agnondas.

Some pics from our walks the last days;


My big dog, Pasxa, has not joined us on many long walks in the summer, but now she has “woken” up and have no problem with an hours walk, I am so happy about that. Little Ira walk as much as I do, no problem. She is getting more confindent and jumps on the lap of many of my friends.

The little of rain we had has done well, but the winds are making many olives falling off the trees, so will it be a good harvest?


Have you paid your ENFIA?


It should be paid by the end of September, the amount is depending on the size of your propert and I have seen it vary from ca 60,- to 250,-€. If you did not pay on time there is a small penalty fee for each month.


Ira is with me if I go out at night. She behaves so nice, but are still afraid of noice.


Sometimes I will end my oage with some music, here is another excample of what my favorite singer can do, go to Caruso with Dalaras and MarionFrangoulis:



❣️🎼❣️ I love Greek music ❣️🎼❣️

I can not get the link to work, so just copy it and put it in your browser, it is really worth listening to!

I go crazy, it has taken me more than 2,5 hour to make this page. I made it on my iPad,   but it get stuck when I try to save the page here, or when I load photos. I know it always goes slow when the weather is bad. Now preeview is impossible!!! Τι να κάνω;

Anyway hope you will enjoy it and October!

All the best from Skopelos❣️

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