some Greek boats

As you might know, I am having a break here on Skopelitissa,

but today I copied something that I kind of knew,

and think thay you might have wondred about, here is some of my pics and what I found online:

170628 012c

You know that ENA is my favorite boat, and she is a trihantiri;


170628 050c170628 065c

Evy & Lykourgos takes very good care of their passenges, both mom, Agapi, Ira and me loves to be out with them, on Ena, the Mythical Boat ❣️🇬🇷❣️

You might have heard the word kaiiki – probably the most used boat in our waters, here is more about it:


Lets see if I have a photo of a kaiiki – I spell it with double i so you will know where the stress on the word is!

170812 058

Yes here it is, the boats mostly used for fishing.

Next and last out is the Karavoskaros:


Thanks Richard Shrubb for this interesting reading!

I borowed a photo:


Do you remember Okeanis, the boat of Vassilies and his dog Odysseas? Unfortunately they left us years ago, but I still dream of all the trips we took, spesially the overnight stays at Planitis on Kyra Panagia, – those were the days … I will end with some more photos from last weeks trip out on Ena:


Agapi & Ira was also out with us, but they get tired of so much fresh sea air and the bath they had when we missed getting on board again, – after a trip on shore to do “bussiness” ⁉️

I just have to put on what I found when seraching for Okeanis;


Have a lovely rest of September, we have wonderful warm weather and it was 26,5C in the sea last week. I be back i  October!


Next pic is from another trip with Ena, wonderful, isent it?

170812 087cIMG_0846 logo


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